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  1. Hold off a bit, you might be able to get it down to £20,000 pm Anyway this is on same street 6 Elm Park Road, London SW3 6BB https://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/6-elm-park-road/london/sw3-6bb/23140265 OO MAMA
  2. Lawdy it's a chonky boi https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/43989441?search_identifier=a0c3ff2343a84a0c3dc4bb1ed9b3c90d
  3. Oh yes - when was the last time you got out on the street in protest? When did you last burn a car? Done much looting? What kind of people do that sort of thing? Here's what they've cost their country. https://www.thelocal.fr/20181217/yellow-vests-how-much-will-the-protest-movement-cost-france I'd like to think we can manage our politics without resorting to rampaging across the capital.
  4. We think we're a 10 but we're a 6.5 at best (and that's including false eyelashes and those Bridget Jones pants)
  5. Discussed here https://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/233760-foreign-landlords-leave-uk-over-taxes-and-weak-pound/&page=1
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/dec/18/cabinet-stand-off-over-30000-threshold-for-skilled-migrants Yes, and all the retraining in the world will not result in Brits picking crops or mopping vomit or any of the numerous other horrible jobs that low-skilled EU workers currently do.
  7. No matter how gung-ho she acts (storming into triggering A50, spouting spin lines “brexit means”) she is a fundamentally weak leader. She doesn’t debate well, she has a stooped, cowardly, subservient posture, she smiles placatingly. She dances. Full kudos to the woman for weathering the past two years. She is clearly thick-skinned and able to play for power internally, however, on a world stage she is less stern head mistress and more spinster home ec teacher. Jam-maker chief Corbyn at least has the aura of a man of the people but he’s surrounded by goons.
  8. Some people want to rent. It just needs to be better regulated. All landlords should be licenced at a national (not council) level. And tax evasion is huge in the sector.
  9. For all our sakes, I hope so. But this chaos is breeding such extreme animosity and simultaneous deep apathy - unravelling it will take great and selfless leadership. Something I haven’t seen offered by either party.
  10. The question I ask myself is: Do I trust this government to do as well or better for the country in every micro deal, and every negotiation? And the answer of course, is No. I do not trust them not to put their own interests first. I do not trust them to understand the economic complexities they’re faced with (no matter how many underlings patiently brief them). And above all, I do not trust them to negotiate well.
  11. If the only web presence a business has is a facebook page I tend to ignore them as a business. A Wix site or similar isn’t difficult and projects a far more serious image. Interesting article on the weird products flogged via facebook and instagram. And how they harvest our details. https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2018/01/the-strange-brands-in-your-instagram-feed/550136/
  12. How do you know someone’s quit facebook? They tell you they’ve quit facebook. I quit years ago and don’t miss that stalker site one iota. All social media changes human behaviour. Everything becomes Performative, even distress, sadness, anger. Matt Haig’s made a career out of Admitting He’s Sad. Other people are hell, and allowing other people’s projections into your waking thoughts is asking for problems.
  13. Well you know I'm a hysterical ecogedden prepper so when I go off-grid I don't expect Harrods vans will even reach me. And yes, they will try to keep the system going by adding more and more people to it.
  14. Alas, am trying to shed some pounds. Perhaps the cat wants a new snakeskin diamante collar.
  15. FOREIGN BUYERS OF ISRAELI PROPERTIES: ARE THE GOOD TIMES OVER? https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Foreign-buyers-of-Israeli-properties-Are-the-good-times-over-549505 Israeli govt cracking down on the tiny 5% of foreign property owners.
  16. Ah yes, flogging our finite resource of land to foreign interests. Now That's What I Call Taking Back Control 2018 Perhaps he can grab a newspaper and a football team while he's at it.
  17. I tried searching but it eggtimered out. MODS can delete?
  18. The concept of welfare has been distorted. It used to be for working people who've paid in their whole lives, or for those down on their luck temporarily. Increasing average lifespan combined with importing vast numbers of people to permanently use the system has broken it. The rich continue to get richer because heaven forbid we actually tax our masters, and the poor are ground down on housing waiting lists and sanctions. Meanwhile the government has continually ignored the complaints of UK citizens until they erupted in Brexit fury. I've never had to claim UK benefits and voted remain, but if you actually stop and talk to average Brits outside of London there is a dogged 'we'll teach em' sentiment which I do not underestimate for a moment.
  19. The eternal question. Why do we have 120,000 children without permanent homes in the UK in 2018? Humans are really astonishingly fecund and many are unable or unwilling to imagine or plan for the future. (NOW is good so why bother about THEN?) The generally accepted answer is to focus on educating women and giving them access to contraception - which they already have here. So there is no answer.
  20. For a long while now I've suspected that priced-out workers are just blowing their disposable income because no matter what they save it's a drop in the ocean. Can you really save for a deposit by ditching coffee and avocado toast? I tried to find out How reliant is our economy on young workers not bothering to save? Their main investments seem to be brunch, pugs, personal trainers, holidays, botox, yoga detox, alcohol, drugs, coffee, ubers, and iphones. BTW this woman got MAULED for being this honest.
  21. Think I’ve reached “peak stuff”. Got a Harrods gift voucher from work and there’s nowt I want with it. It’s all just overpriced tat for Middle East and Chinese tourists.
  22. “from 26 per cent to 10.5“ So at one stage London had 26% foreign landlords?! Dangnabit that’s high.
  23. Yeah but Amazon sucks now. Free Prime shipping is the only thing keeping me using them and then only in extremis. Beyond all the tax avoidance and dodgy labour practices - it’s simply very badly designed. Marketplace sellers know how to game it, and Amazon makes money directing customers to sponsored products. Meanwhile reviews are fake and most things are Chinese tat. It’s a hell website and needs burning.
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