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  1. Right so Trumpisms aside, BY WHOM? You don't blame a dog for weeing in the house, you blame the owner for not housetraining the animal. Yeah imagine having to pay £50k for the same thing one generation ago got for free. And that generation and all the ones above it telling you you're worthless and weak. Again, WHO SET UP THIS SYSTEM? You don't blame a toddler for falling down the steps, you blame the negligent PARENT. OK so But HOW did they get that way? Could it be... ... that the people who benefited from post-war rebuilding, who walked into jobs straight after leaving school, who stayed employed for 25 years and retired to final salary pensions, who had free further education at uni or technical college, who inflated away their meagre debt, who rode every boom and pulled up the ladder after them etc etc... maybe really sucked at raising kids. There's a reason why young people are becoming more right wing/pro-fascism and IMO a lot of it's to do with not having strong parental figures, not having boundaries established, combined with feeling like bottom-rung zero-hours serfs. Then they either tend towards full commie leftism or heil heil fascism (this is again partly to do with the social media diet of algorithms feeding people towards extremes).
  2. We live in the social media age. It's The Great Equaliser. ALL headlines can grab eyeballs. ALL clickbait can lead to ad sales. Our eyeballs are monetised, the information we think we feed on is actively FED TO US. So when you say all these grassroots campaigns are swamping the real news what you're actually saying is the way we obtain news has been equalised by algorithms that want to suck you into whatever clickhole will generate the most ad revenue for them. If an issue makes people FEEL STRONGLY then it'll do well in the news. Boring? It'll fade away in a day, no matter how important. I read this book last year and it changed my perspective on the whole process: https://www.foyles.co.uk/witem/computing-it/ten-arguments-for-deleting-your,jaron-lanier-9781847925398
  3. Interesting. It seems people are unhappy about it too. Private landlords to the rescue: One of the government's ideas for jump-starting the housing market is to offer tax incentives to investors. According to the plan, private investors would be able to write-off up to 5 percent of the acquisition and construction costs of new apartment buildings. Coupled with existing annual write-offs of 2 percent, that adds up to some 28 percent in the first four years. The write-offs, however, would only apply to apartments that are let for 10 years. The new law has no provisions for a rent cap. And: Germany's conservative chancellor, Angela Merkel, reaffirmed the government's commitment to build 1.5 million housing units within the current legislative period. "We desperately need more housing in Germany https://m.dw.com/en/germanys-soaring-housing-prices-spark-calls-for-reform/a-45595777
  4. 21 is a surprise to me. People on here seem to cite Germany as a housing market example, free of bubbles because of their rental rules...
  5. Found this via link from Aussie house price crash article. Quite useful bingo card.
  6. Maybe more people are starting to realise that consumerism isn’t satisfying for long.
  7. Hackney’s big. There are nice parts (yes, I like gentrification, I like nice pubs and good coffee and that pleasant not-being-stabbed feeling) and there are plenty of #classichackney places still, usually only 2 blocks away. Anyway, back to topic: why do we have so many people who need temp housing? What’s gone wrong? What’s the breakdown of who these people are?
  8. Houses in Elizabeth 20 years ago were extremely cheap, even by Adelaide standards. Still are. Ex-council, I’d guess $60,000 ish.
  9. Here’s the thing. It’s all baked in already. Climate chaos. Huge overpopulation. Droughts. Mass migrations. Wars. We can try and slow it, buy some time, but eventually we will break the natural systems. I’m mainly dispondent about losing so many beautiful animals.
  10. https://gulfnews.com/opinion/op-eds/the-chaos-thats-set-to-unfold-in-uk-1 Come 11:01pm on March 29, 2019, every truck arriving from the UK into any EU port will need to be inspected. And that will involve physically opening those trucks, making sure that the paperwork matches the load, accessing the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) list of tariffs, applying the appropriate rate — most but not all are at the 8 per cent-mark.
  11. Scanned the article. Vice do love to leave out entire words, don't they. Ah yes. But the store can go under. Maybe I'm just bored of hearing the same people tell us all 'the answer'.
  12. Property service charges soar to average £2,777 per year for new-builds https://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/mar/09/service-charges-soar-to-average-2777-per-year-for-new-build-flats The new build market is a scam, supported by our govt ie the taxpayer.
  13. Friend of friend etc had to do some filming in her house a few years back. She spent a lot of the time yelling full volume at her husband. At least the kids are entirely raised by nannies, there’s a chance they’ll be able to pronounce fireplace properly.
  14. Today, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, a research group based in London, calculates that the poorest graduates will leave college with total debt of £57,000, or nearly $80,000, once maintenance loans, allowances that cover the cost of living, are added in. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/articles/2018-03-26/debate-builds-over-mounting-student-loan-debt-in-the-uk Twenty years after a center-left Labour government first installed tuition at most British universities, it remains a contentious political issue, particularly now that annual fees at English schools have soared to £9,250, or about $12,950) – the highest of any country worldwide, including the U.S., where the yearly average is $8,700. At last, we’re number one.
  15. Young chap was telling me yesterday he has no option but to support the Greens now. Corbyn has burned bridges.
  16. Oh and since we’re all agreed that billionaire philanthropist genius Bill Gates has the right idea. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/0/gates-warns-turning-point-africa-population-booms/ uh oh Bill must be freaking out ?
  17. Lol. I’ve lived in two African countries ? How many have you lived in? No freaking here, promise. How about we just have no borders hmm? The concept of private land and sovereignty is soooo outdated innit. If someone wants to live here, who are we to say no?
  18. In 50-odd years: By 2070, the bulk of the world's population growth is predicted to take place in Africa: of the additional 2.4 billion people projected between 2015 and 2050, 1.3 billion will be added in Africa, 0.9 billion in Asia and only 0.2 billion in the rest of the world. Africa's share of global population is projected to grow from 16% in 2015 to 25% in 2050 and 39% by 2100, while the share of Asia will fall from 60% in 2015 to 54% in 2050 and 44% in 2100.[4]:3 The strong growth of the African population will happen regardless of the rate of decrease of fertility, because of the exceptional proportion of young people already living today. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Projections_of_population_growth Not sure how we’ll find a way to accommodate everyone who fancies living here but I’m sure we’ll work it out without too much disruption to the native UK population ?
  19. I'll use whatever site shows the most properties with the best UX. Ideally I'd like to be able to untick/exclude seeing properties marketed by certain agents (ie Foxtons). Right now Zoopla has the edge for being able to search specific tags ('30s, fireplace'). Last time I checked RM also made money by routing calls to agents through their own phone system. Has Tepilo gone the way of the dodo yet?
  20. I mean, the thing is...if anyone from anywhere flies in and doesn't leave - what do we even do about it?
  21. I've just noticed that Amazon and eBay (Paypal Credit) offer monthly payments for some purchases. Amazing.
  22. Boxing Day sales draw fewer UK shoppers Number of visitors to shopping centres, high streets and retail parks down 4.2% year on year The number of shoppers visiting retailers on Boxing Day has fallen for the third year in a row as worries about the economy and the rise of internet shopping takes its toll on high streets. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/dec/26/boxing-day-sales-uk-shoppers-high-streets-retail Tick tick tick... Even the tourists who have travelled thousands of miles to shop in our depreciated currency tax free aren’t buying. Batten down the hatches. Storm’s coming.
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