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  1. Two questions, why do you expect remain voters to work for something they hate? And what exactly does 'make it work' entail? I'm at a loss about how anything anyone does makes an impact on the process at all.
  2. Best perfume ad for an actual real perfume Alan Cumming made.
  3. Interesting side note is that the area has an eruv ("an urban area enclosed by a wire boundary which symbolically extends the private domain of Jewish households into public areas, permitting activities within it that are normally forbidden in public on the Sabbath.") https://nwlondoneruv.org/about-the-eruv/where-is-the-eruv/ I also imagine the market there is very specific and open to fluctuations in the demographic. https://edition.cnn.com/2018/08/17/uk/uk-anti-semitism-intl/index.html
  4. If you're at all suspicious of how large groups of people have their minds seemingly changed on major issues in countries all over the world it's worth reading the research from @DFRLab https://medium.com/dfrlab Here's their stuff on France recently: https://medium.com/dfrlab/trolltracker-glimpse-into-a-french-operation-f78dcae78924
  5. Since most Brits have short term fixed mortgages and most Yanks have 30-year fixes, I'm guessing when we change the rate it has a quicker impact on housing?
  6. 19% of all UK prisoners are sex offenders. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/702297/omsq-q4-2017.pdf
  7. I for one welcome our future Michelin-starred Bognor Regis restaurants (preferred currency US$), easily accessed via our high speed bullet train network linking the skyscrapers of Skegness with the pristine beauty of our freshly burned grouse moors.
  8. UK, home of mad cow disease, TB badger culls and foot and mouth outbreaks - yes I’m sure a cursory glance at our exports will be sufficient
  9. It requires dealing with the doctrine of unlimited growth in a finite environment (be that one country or one planet). But yes, people don’t like having large demographic changes thrust upon them by govts chasing growth at the cost of happiness. The feeling of being displaced in your homeland is easily leveraged into reactionary behaviour (whether it’s real or imagined).
  10. *whispers* The underlying problem is huge demographic changes wrought by population growth and climate change resulting in regional instability across many parts of Africa, Asia and the ME.
  11. Hope/Fear and all other sweeping binary generalisations aren’t productive. We need the EU to help us more than they need us to help them. And swapping to become America’s lickspittal is no emancipation at all.
  12. I don’t care what he said and I’m bored shirtless of Tory spinners pumping out distractions. Next they’ll try release a photo of him eating a sandwich. The masses are constantly manipulated. No wonder no one trusts politicians.
  13. But surely there's a duty of care for the NHS to support any and all medication, surgery & therapy to ensure that individuals aren't negatively affected by presenting one way and feeling another? This also goes towards the debate on IVF (uterus transplants etc). I do genuinely want people to be happy with themselves but our resources are finite. The 4000% increase is concerning in terms of young people regretting these immense decisions made at an impressionable age.
  14. Hold off a bit, you might be able to get it down to £20,000 pm Anyway this is on same street 6 Elm Park Road, London SW3 6BB https://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/6-elm-park-road/london/sw3-6bb/23140265 OO MAMA
  15. Lawdy it's a chonky boi https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/43989441?search_identifier=a0c3ff2343a84a0c3dc4bb1ed9b3c90d
  16. Oh yes - when was the last time you got out on the street in protest? When did you last burn a car? Done much looting? What kind of people do that sort of thing? Here's what they've cost their country. https://www.thelocal.fr/20181217/yellow-vests-how-much-will-the-protest-movement-cost-france I'd like to think we can manage our politics without resorting to rampaging across the capital.
  17. We think we're a 10 but we're a 6.5 at best (and that's including false eyelashes and those Bridget Jones pants)
  18. Discussed here https://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/233760-foreign-landlords-leave-uk-over-taxes-and-weak-pound/&page=1
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