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  1. Goodbye Oddbins. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47085479
  2. I voted remain but I'm interested in the disconnect between my London bubble and the reality of the rest of the country. There's a Gary Yonge piece today about how people voted against their own benefit - https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/feb/01/poorer-brexiters-worse-off-working-class-leavers which got me thinking. Making arguments about the financial return on immigrants holds no water with people who voted leave because of immigration. They don't care about being poorer, I honestly think they're willing to be poorer in order to achieve the social change they want to see - which is a reduction in the total number of foreigners in the UK. Again, I don't think their approach is fine-toothed enough to say 'Oh not these ones, not those ones because they contribute more than they take out,' it is simply they want to stop feeling usurped. I don't have children but can easily imagine the frustration of people being told there are no school places (because of demand), or that I can't join an NHS dentist (because of demand), and that the rent has gone up (because of demand). And where is this demand coming from? Of course, it's external. I benefit from immigration hugely. Immigrants make my flat white and wash my car. If I want they'll clean my house. They fill the jobs I don't want to do. But all this benefit to me has prevented me from seeing how others may feel marginalised and forgotten.
  3. Some interesting analysis. Everyone on both sides knows it was about immigration. http://csi.nuff.ox.ac.uk/?p=1153
  4. Surrre. He’s also an antivaxxer, flatearther and wants everyone to know the truth about chemtrails (soros is behind them)
  5. Yes Tenant Deposit Scheme. She has 14 days to submit evidence, then tenants can review it and rebutt. Clearly not. She earned over £50,000 gross from them on a 2 year contract.
  6. All you have to do is read one of those money diaries; see how many thoughtless lattes people chug, how many ubers they take, how they’re always planning the next destination holiday or buying more cocaine. Meanwhile my friend who is a teacher has to buy food and socks for some of his pupils.
  7. Heard this today. Doesn't surprise me but it did inspire me to google 'life in Japanese prison' which led to this enlightening documentary. It's incredibly strict.
  8. No. I'm asking questions in the hope that you will ask yourself the same questions and come to a new answer. It's an old (ancient? method but I'm rather fond of it. Poverty is not related to the price of food. I'm saying that even if we made food free there would still be poor people because we have structured our society to create poor people.
  9. Hm well I can't say I don't have empathy for them. I'd hate to have my house invaded - but it does seem a rather common ruse these days. One might almost start to wonder if there's a pattern? AirBnB invasion: Hundreds of drug-fuelled partygoers take over a US divorcee's £2.5million Kensington flat after she rented it out to a woman for a 'baby shower' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6636403/AirBnB-invasion-Hundreds-drug-fuelled-partygoers-2-5million-Kensington-flat.html Tax-avoiding Airbnb manages to reap the rewards while holding none of the risk. Airbnb contributes to poor housing markets, research says There are no rules regulating Airbnb and companies like it, allowing the company to upend local markets, push prices skyward and contribute to poverty, writes Mariana Valverde https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/analysis-and-features/airbnb-housing-market-rental-prices-poverty-tourism-toronto-city-council-canada-a8738726.html We don't talk about it on here but Airbnb has played a major part in pushing up rents in popular parts of the UK (London particularly). They're a scummy landlord, pure and simple.
  10. I’m not arguing anyone should starve. I’m suggesting that forcing food prices lower won’t solve food poverty because food poverty is not related to food prices in the way you imagine. Food is cheap in the UK and has been getting cheaper. (That is why many people donate it to food banks, whereas they don’t donate say, housing). What then has changed that people are resorting to food banks? Not the price of food but other factors. What other factors can you suggest that would be taking priority over buying food? Debt servicing? Overpriced shelter? Expensive transport? Reduced income? Reduced hours? Now what I want to hear is how Brexit will resolve those issues.
  11. So 2 separate points there. 1. People are going hungry and the assumption is it's to do with the cost of food. Are there hungry people in the rest of Europe? Is it because of the cost of food? Should all food be free in order to eliminate hunger, or can we somehow identify a variety of other factors that may play a part in why people don't have the money they need for food? 2. Some people can't shop around because they are immobile. Are people in other parts of the world also in this situation? How do they fix it? I assume they don't renegotiate customs tariffs. The mentality of seeking ever cheaper food comes at a cost - to the producers and to the environment.
  12. Bolton's notes were photographed at a press conference: 5000 troops to Colombia. Oil. Boomers love the stuff more than the lives of their own children.
  13. Are you suggesting our food is expensive? We have incredibly cheap food already. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45559594
  14. Trump and his pet war hawk Bolton. Bolton has openly said it's about oil.
  15. “humans seem very very poor at recognising their own mortality.“ Hence why despite oceans of clear scientific evidence most of humankind is completely unconcerned about climate chaos, and most of the rest are actively denying it. Even the evidence of our own memories (the ‘I remember it used to snow every year when I was a child’) is overwritten with optimism. Boomers have presided over the 6th mass extinction. We now have plastic in our food chains and in our water. Entire countries have no clean air (there is nowhere in India with acceptable levels of air pollution). Even now, they’re making noises about a new oil grab in Venezuala.
  16. Oh that twitter nutbag who seems to spend his entire life quote bullying people and dog-whistling about white supremacy? Yeah, probs not gonna listen to anything he has to say haha
  17. Well, it's going to TDS for adjudication. She backed down on curtains but still wanted £950 on the basis that they cracked the corner of the hob (agreed, they did, it still works) and she wants them to pay her the new value of it (it's 5 years old and no longer made). She refused to agree that any money paid for the hob would actually go towards replacing the hob because it's in working order, just wants the money as a way of punishing them. When they disagreed on this she told the agents the renters were stupid and she would now claim for £2600 because f them.
  18. Someone once took a [email protected] on my doorstep. Fortunately at that time I was renting a garden flat from the landlords who owned the rest of the house and they cleaned it up. I like to think it wasn't anyone I know, but can't be sure.
  19. Valuable assistance for those less fortunate OR Propping up the failing market ?? Mortgages without Mum and Dad’s help • Join the debate – email [email protected]
  20. Wow you should totally tell the military not to stress out (I guess they don't have very good planners?) UK begins stockpiling at military bases to prepare for no-deal BrexitMilitary chiefs have spent at least £23m on what is being described as "forward-purchased" goods, Sky News understands.
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