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  1. I literally just walked past a man with a giant blue face tattoo walking his dog and telling his mate that if there's a crash he'll buy a house. Make of that what you will.
  2. I believe they used the giant flood to start afresh. 'South Brixton' didn't poll so well.
  3. How's South Eastern for punctuality? https://www.southeasternrailway.co.uk/about-us/performance-results perhaps it's not a problem if you're not in a rush. As for Dulwich house prices - rich people generally remain rich, no matter what happens.
  4. There is no housing shortage. That's just a line we've been sold. There are plenty of empty houses not being used, but the govt and house builders want us to support the constant throwing up of sub-standard cookie cutter boxes, and overpriced 'luxury' flats/houses. I personally don't wish for economic disaster. A long slow levelling out of house prices is far better. But if we crash out I don't see how housing investment (and money is essentially a faith-based endeavour) would remain static.
  5. Australia is petit America, in politics and culture. Red-faced yeeha, bloody struth rootin tootin.
  6. don't forget that it takes ages to travel anywhere, blowflies the size of Fiat 500s, poisonous deadly everything, INSANE house prices, and that weird thing where whole towns have identical looking residents... Apparently the coffee is good though and the hipsters run nice Sunday markets.
  7. Not holding my breath that our beloved leaders will stop their meddling tbh
  8. An analysis released this week by the property firm Savills spelled out just one of the reasons why. A property downturncould, it estimated, reduce the number of affordable homes being built by a quarter. When prices fall, developers’ profits shrink and they retreat from the market. And when developers stop building, promises to stop future buyers being locked out of the market by building 300,000 new homes a year aren’t worth the manifestos they were written on. Oh no, not the house builders profits. Anything but them. We simply must save them at all costs. 8| It would be just awful if we made better use of current housing stock instead of pumping tax money into subsidising Help to Buy and boosting developers bonus packets.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/nov/30/if-house-price-crash-sounds-like-good-news-think-again Dire warnings of a no-deal Brexit could be seen as helpful to first-time buyers. But a downturn would hurt those who can least afford it the most Sounds like Gaby’s been lurking here...
  10. I did 2 years of Putney - Waterloo and can assure you that to get into London peak time for 9am you are standing, and very likely taking a stopping train because the semi fast is too full. The new build density in Putney has intensified since I lived there, and even SW railway’s extended platforms has only mitigated the stress marginally. Never been to Leytonstone but I’m sure it’s tickety boo. In general, I find commuting to London during peak hours an utter goblin toss.
  11. Commuting to London is the pits. Long commute with a seat? Costs a shedload and you lose years of life staring at a screen in a germbox filled with other grey-faced hollow-eyed drones. Short commute? Welcome to standing and sweating while surrounded by armpits. Here’s a good link: https://www.totallymoney.com/commuter-hotspots/tool/
  12. You're only counting Work as a category. There are also Study, Asylum, and Family Migration categories for non-EU migration to UK. Technically they're all 'controlled', same as now. Except we don't really track down and kick out overstayers from any non-EU country at the moment anyway, and I don't see how that will change unless we go down the USA ICE route.
  13. Well the long history of gammons being kidnapped and forced into slavery does make this a difficult topic *eyeroll*
  14. Bang on. If you really listen to people, they felt overwhelmed and voted to stop it. Our infrastructure and services did not keep up with the inundation of people using them.
  15. Here are some photos of twins - one smoker, one not... https://health.good.is/articles/twin-smokes and the study it relates to https://www.metroatlantaotolaryngology.org/journal/feb14/Smoking and aging.pdf
  16. Up close he resembles a taxidermied badger dipped in dandruff vaseline. He does have the right accent and bearing to trigger a sort of deep-seated longing to be told what to do in certain people though, same as Farage. He connotes 'headmaster knows best' very well.
  17. So who was your ideal BOE gov of the last 20 years? Who steered the great ship without any incident?
  18. Didn't know that. Makes sense to draw on commonwealth countries to fill the EU migrant shortage. I believe their average number of children is around 6 per family. Hope we can find some brexit cash for school places (or perhaps increase class size to 50?) So many good solutions available
  19. Capitalism demands increasing numbers of workers. Can't have this > http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ without any negatives. Who would have thought that a world with almost 8 billion people on it in 2018 would be different from a world with 2.5 billion in the 50s! [exploding NIMBY heads.gif]
  20. I very much look forward to seeing photos of fields filled with Ugandan and Kenyan farm workers. Priceless.
  21. EU net migration to UK falls to lowest level in almost six years The number of EU nationals in the year to June 2018 was 74,000 – the lowest since September 2012, when net migration was 65,000. Non-EU net migration was at its highest since 2004, with 248,000 more non-EU citizens arriving than departing, the ONS data shows. All we’re doing is swapping who comes in.
  22. So hands up who here would buy seafront/riverside property now, given the means? Its one thing to claim this won’t happen and another to put your money where your mouth is.
  23. Ghost towers and empty spas… London housing is ridiculous But rather than lowering the price to attract other buyers, developers have chosen to take the unsold flats off the market and keep them empty, claiming the offers they’ve received are “detached from reality”. They can’t keep them empty forever...
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