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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/mar/02/will-these-be-the-worst-new-rabbit-hutch-flats-in-britain
  2. They were talking very quickly but the interviewer repeatedly seemed (I may have misconstrued his idea) to suggest that landlords should have their properties expropriated. I grasp that countries grab land for national projects but to suggest a rebalancing of power by taking housing is a disturbingly authoritarian concept. Colonialism aside, the threat of force from the government to citizens is half the reason Americans won't stop hoarding guns.
  3. Leaving toxic social media/forums is a healthy mindset and I wish you well. The anonymous online world pushes easily swayed minds towards extremism in ever more subtle ways. Extremism generates content generates profit. The leap from Gamergater to PUA to MRA to incel to terrorist is but a few clicks away. Oh the t-word! How merry and 2016! Do accuse me of being cuck*d next, that would just be a jolly full house of bitterness. Honestly, I do find it utterly fascinating how the same words get spouted from the same type of people all over the internet, the quasi-religious duplication of ideology is great pattern recognition fun. Look, extremism doesn't do it for me but I do understand that for many people it's rather alluring. Hate all X, blame all Y etc etc. So much simpler. As for your cloned egg girls (I assume as a scifi writer you have read the Charnock) I don't see why they should 'do something useful for a living' when they can laze around in the woods with the sexbots for company. And it's Pool Man, actually. (This is a Plebs reference, for anyone that watched it.) Really like Belgium. The fact they ran the country perfectly well for 2 years without a majority government speaks volumes.
  4. Taylor Wimpey reports £811m in profits boosted by help-to-buy
  5. I've mentioned this book before (in terms of social media) but it does also talk about AI in clear terms. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Arguments-Deleting-Social-Media-Accounts/dp/1847925391 There's such vast quantities of money being poured into AI that the next 10-20 years will see big advances (ditto for quantum computing). The race is on. For drones we'll need anti-drones, for AI attacks we'll need AI defence. Do you remember this?
  6. Maybe surveyors have learned their lessons from overvaluing last time... How to sue your surveyor if the valuation is wrong
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/feb/25/sale-of-portable-cabins-booms-in-new-zealand-amid-housing-crisis
  8. No links? Since men earn more than women I'd guess children raised in motherless homes have higher welfare standards than the reverse. I assume you'd also want to sex-select for only boy children, seeing as raising future women would go against your principles? Costa Rica
  9. Reminds me of Anne Charnock's Dreams Before the Start of Time. I have a few questions regarding this future scenario. Will the sexbot will help raise the printed egg child in the woods shack? Or would you need to (using the money earned from your...woods job?) buy a nannybot as well? How pleasant will it be for a printed egg woods shack child to grow up without a mother? Fatherlessness is seemingly a problem in modern life with plenty of men abandoning their offspring or having them removed from their lives. Is motherlessness more palatable for children? Why not simply purchase a childbot, or if DNA replication is that important, offshore child rearing to a third-party provider in the developing world? In a wider context if men refuse to marry house-obsessed women, and thereby avoid being sucked into the vortex of womenomics, house prices will surely fall and there will be no need to live in the woods. Goodness, I can't wait for the future. It sounds wonderful.
  10. Just to add that bus drivers aren't always men. There's a couple of women drivers on my route. If they don't want to fire a women driver for getting pregnant and needing the loo more often then they have to provide toilets.
  11. Grass is always greener. I've lived in a few countries across the world and with every increase in one metric you have to suffer a decrease in another. Only billionaires get to have it all, insulated from catastrophe by money.
  12. The other classic response is, “Why don’t they just live in [X] where I have a mansion with room for 5 Bentleys.” People make their choices and have to live with them eh. *shrug*
  13. Rightmove - London - filter for house, min 2 max 2, 650k https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/map.html?locationIdentifier=REGION^93814&maxBedrooms=2&minBedrooms=2&maxPrice=650000&minPrice=500000&numberOfPropertiesPerPage=499&propertyTypes=detached%2Csemi-detached%2Cterraced&primaryDisplayPropertyType=houses&includeSSTC=false&viewType=MAP Peckham's a good bet.
  14. Depends on what you mean by decent. You can get a done up 2 bed terrace zone 2/3 easily.
  15. I think we talked about odds back in Jan. I should've done it then, you're right. When you tie 3 bulls to a tree stump and they all pull in different directions no one gets what they want. Good shout on Hammond, he seems to be slithering around unscathed.
  16. What do you reckon GD? My gut is telling me there's no way out of this deadlock. I'm not a natural gambler but when we run out of cheddar and cat food in a couple of months I'd like a winning stub to point to.
  17. Yes no one else has ever posted anything irrelevant to house prices and the economy on the great house price crash forum before Sorry if I get under your skin but you know, it's the internet. disobedient media indeed lol
  18. I should've bet on no deal a month ago. Def crashing out. 50% incompetence, 50% deliberate sabotage.
  19. What is this 'disobedient media'? Something like Infowars? Here's an article from USA TODAY. Indictment: Russians also tried to help Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein presidential campaigns Russian bots were pro Sanders in 2016. Being found innocent of collusion is a different matter entirely. It's also not over. They're at it again for 2020 But this time against Sanders. Poor old dude can't win! ‘Sustained and ongoing’ disinformation assault targets Dem presidential candidates
  20. Does council BTL have different rules to council housing? ie could they benefit from being able to evict bad tenants faster?
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