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  1. And yet here we are: UK will miss almost all its 2020 nature targets, says official report
  2. Calm down dear, no one is suggesting the Precious is under threat from an e-petition. It's just rather funny to see how much a number on a screen can send people into spasms.
  3. Yeah I've seen this joke a few times today already. Oh I found them. Leavers all sound the same, don't they? https://twitter.com/search?q=when it passes 17.4 million&src=typd
  4. Well I had a quick google and I wasn't able to find any articles about Starbucks, Google, Apple suing councils - but Uber, which also have a very similar model to Airbnb (exploit private ownership, exploit tax loopholes, no one's an employee etc) have sued NYC over a licence cap.
  5. Persimmon homebuyers can withhold money until faults fixed Not very much.
  6. So whinging about vehicle noise is acceptable but whinging about vehicle pollution is not. Got it. I mean if it helps I'm sure they could provide you a compressed canister of diesel exhaust fumes to huff on every time an electric car drives past? Just so you don't miss out on the delightful health benefits of airborne particulates. Test your job here: https://willrobotstakemyjob.com/
  7. I see that this is what's behind the headline. Danish billionaires plan to rewild large swath of Scottish Highlands Ah yes I'm sure my suggestions will be implemented immediately haha. Tell me, how is it that Skye is so popular with tourists and generates so much money (to the point where accommodation is hard to find at peak times and not easy even off season)? What have they done that could be emulated? I don't particularly subscribe to the capitalist ideology that all of nature must bow to the economic requirements of mankind. The concept that land is worthless and useless unless economic advantage can be extracted from it is myopic dead-endism. There are enough livestock in the world and enough pastures for them already. Rewilding, reintroducing lost forests and heritage animals (imagine wolves back in Scotland! imagine how much people would pay to see that!) sounds like a workable, liveable, breathable, life-giving plan.
  8. Not a new phenomenon. ‘Death threats every single day’: MPs on effect of Brexit vote
  9. Any company that can push costs elsewhere will do it. Not that many industries decimate cities and condemn renters to higher prices and/or inferior areas though. Airbnb is taking over London – and this data proves it
  10. I think we can come up with better ways for people to earn money than burning heather to enable maximum rich bloke bird killing.
  11. The previous CV should've warned us: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_Office_under_Theresa_May And of course Home Office under fire over 'lost' paedophile dossier the conveniently 'lost' 114 files. TBH it's a miracle she's even got this far.
  12. It's a house price crash forum so I guess killing the market is kind of the aim...? (Personally I hope for a long slow stagnation that allows everyone to play catch up with anyone being made homeless by repossession). Canada has a lot more land to play with and fill with houses. For our market I think stamp duty is working better than ever - discouraging people from buying multiple properties.
  13. It will be interesting to see how climate change will alter things. Land returning to those who live close to it can only be a good thing IMO. The world doesn’t need more grouse.
  14. Global tax avoidance which helps to push up rental prices. https://www.wired.com/story/inside-airbnbs-guerrilla-war-against-local-governments
  15. Sorry to hear that. There's no blanket statement about cancer of course. Children get it (I found reading The Emperor of All Maladies very enlightening). There are also people who live to 100, smoking 40 a day. But for the moment the prevailing medical advice is that diet and exercise can play a part in prevention so I'd rather actively manage those areas of my life than give up and wait for my inevitable diagnosis.
  16. How Brexit is affecting London house prices:recent Commons vote means no end to the political uncertainty deterring buyers
  17. Good work. We're losing too many people to this epidemic. Being in nature and outdoors is a powerful antidote to the materialism we're steeped in daily. 200,000 years of being close to nature and we've only forgotten about it in the last couple hundred.
  18. Anyway here's an actual news article about the original topic Europe too fearful to break up internet giants
  19. How do you know they're happening if they haven't been reported on..? Everyone I know is fully aware of the protests. They know about the fires and they've seen the close up zooms of bloodied faces (and the gofundme links) and the burned out cars and the blocked up streets. There's no point dedicating vast swathes of our news cycle to people overseas yelling about the price of diesel when we already have more than enough news that actually affects the UK.
  20. Chasing clicks, chasing eyeballs, competing with netflix and youtube and podcasts, sensationalising, soundbites more important than ethics. Everyone with short attention spans, ready to be outraged, excited in turn TO outrage, extreme is mainstream. The media is a bed of weeds all suffocating in the same rotten ground.
  21. I was on safari once and the ranger told me they trialled electric 4x4s but had to swap them back. I asked if they weren't strong enough and he laughed, no they were perfect vehicles for the short distances involved, great power and manoeuvrability, all the rangers loved them, but the animals were used to the sound of combustion engines approaching and didn't appreciate being sneaked up on.
  22. Sure but Here's How Facebook Tracks You When You're Not On Facebook GOOGLE TRACKS YOU EVEN IF LOCATION HISTORY'S OFF. HERE'S HOW TO STOP IT The thing is they don't openly tell you what they know about you. https://duckduckgo.com/ is a decent alternative but nothing's ever really clean.
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