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  1. IMO a leader should LEAD and I only see him following. It's passive, not active. It's weak, not strong. It's all very well suggesting that the Tories will fail and he'll scoop the dividend but if a charismatic LEADER emerges from either party I expect people would be tempted to give them a shot first. Am I in the minority? Maybe. Perhaps most people want chaos and indecision. I don't know.
  2. See in MY DAY we had to breathe ground coal for breakfast, THEN walk 10 miles to get to the asbestos mine where we learned how to read, write and develop cancerous lesions. Kids these days don't know how good they've got it! They should be THANKING the diesel trucks for the nice fumes they give for free.
  3. Quite right. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/feb/05/uk-parents-worryingly-unaware-of-damage-air-pollution-is-doing-children .
  4. Now, more than any other time we could have done with a strong opposition leader and team. Instead most people are backing the liars and backstabbers already in power, rather than risk things with the floppy whingers in Labour.
  5. It is. A landlord asks for £800pw and a tenant signs the lease, taking it off the market. They then illegally sublet the flat on Airbnb for £600 a night. Strangers are coming and going, people are having parties, the neighbours complain but nothing happens. Then the tenant signs another lease, and another. She signs 12 leases. That's 12 properties that people living and working in the area cannot have because tourists are using them instead of hotels. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6538987/Italian-party-girl-cautioned-illegally-sub-letting-1-5million-Soho-townhouse.html Spoiler: she gets a slap on the wrist It has a huge impact on the property market, hence why it is banned/limited in popular tourist cities such as New York, Barcelona, Berlin and Paris. The city council has doubled its team of holiday-let inspectors, as rising rents continue to fuel a row over tourism The reason you don't know anyone who rents out on Airbnb is because the vast majority of them are professional companies and not friendly locals. The world's most prolific Airbnb owner has 881 properties in London and earns £11.9m a year They estimate 120,000 UK properties are illegally sublet. That's 120,000 properties that normal workers cannot rent. They're forced to look at other properties, driving up the price of rent because they're competing with mini-hoteliers. Meanwhile landlords aren't covered for insurance when this happens so both tenants and landlords are getting shafted by the criminals using the tax-avoiding Airbnb. Since this is a house price crash forum I'd suggest that siding with the tax avoiding mega corp that drives up rents isn't entirely logical. but who cares about logic haha Some scumlords do it this way As the housing crisis deepens, words such as ‘intimacy’ and ‘benefits’ are starting to appear in the to-let columns
  6. Amazing what £20 Billion of UK taxpayer money will do. https://www.theguardian.com/money/blog/2017/oct/21/help-to-buy-property-new-build-price-rise
  7. Don’t forget young women have to do all that while looking like a Kardashian. I have a lot of sympathy for young people in general. Their defining paradigm seems to be “worthless but will have to deal with a wrecked planet” once we’re gone. 25, 50 years ago a young person could move up in the world through education and hard work. The old story of the chap who starts in the post room and becomes CEO. It was true! I know I’m alone in this but I believe the more there is of something the less people value it. And here we are in a world with almost 8 billion people, where upward mobility is stunted and no one is considered special anymore. We’re all replaceable in a disposable world. No wonder mental health is so poor.
  8. YouGov survey shows 18% of young people in UK do not think life is worth living Modern life doesn’t make people happy.
  9. It’s a giant desert. I might go see the Great Barrier Reef before it dies but other than that the place holds no appeal. You know The Big Short guy is literally doing this? He’s investing in almond farms in Cali. Almonds use huge quantities of water and California has a law that water belongs to whoever owns the land above it. Meanwhile both parties in Aus are obsessed with the short term growth they get from migrants. https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/australian-economy/throw-open-the-borders-why-double-immigration-will-save-australias-choking-cities/news-story/4ebea6170aa31db651c2335fc80c75b6 Apparently the solution to too many people is more people ?
  10. Anyone noticed the growing chorus of Americans outraged about their tax returns? They’re waking up the the fact Trump took their money and gave it to corporations.
  11. That's actually a hopeful and positive way of looking at it. The EU common agricultural policy has contributed to the monoculture proliferation of our precious countryside. I only hope the likes of Monstano don't manipulate our politicians into yet more support for their poisons.
  12. Cameron knew this when he put out a referendum on the Alternative vote instead of PR. It's called Conservatism Syndrome. https://www.psypost.org/2017/07/scientist-conservative-syndrome-exists-across-countries-49279
  13. Just had to search to see who is shadow education minister. Now I'm certainly not saying that it's ridiculous to put education into the lap of someone who left school at 16, but wouldn't someone who has been through education have a better understanding of its value? PS congratulations to her, just read she became a granny at age 37 too. (Not judging, I've got close family who've done the same.)
  14. I once had a conversation with a deputy head who didn't see a problem with a 16 yo writing 'Reguards' in a thank you letter. 'Well you knew what she meant, didn't you?' Half the trouble seems to be everyone just wants to avoid conflict and be fwends with kids. Wouldn't want to embarrass the poor things by telling them they're wrong.
  15. Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX says it cannot repay most of $190 million in client holdings after its 30-year-old founder Gerald Cotten, the only person who knew the passwords to its “cold storage,” unexpectedly died in India in December 2018, Coindesk reported on Friday. https://gizmodo.com/crypto-exchange-says-it-cant-repay-190-million-to-clie-1832309454 Bummer
  16. I've said it before but it bears repeating. The average adult reading age in the UK is 9, and it's getting worse. We are getting dumber as a country. The trouble is, an ill-educated populace is easier to control. Unable to grasp complex concepts, they prefer simple binary options and baulk at or blot out anything requiring finer reasoning. And until now we've been able to import well educated people to compensate.
  17. Perhaps, when there were many billions fewer humans in the world it was a sane strategy. Now it feels as if we are reaching our limits, or rather, the limits of the natural world to tolerate our incessant pillaging. You are right. Being consumers, being producers, fitting into the capitalist paradigm doesn't make for a happy world.
  18. I wonder if a nice oil war would help distract the world from this process?
  19. The government of criminal buffoons lie?! I can hardly believe it.
  20. When was inequality lowest? What were the identifiable factors involved in creating that situation? What has changed? Are we just talking about inequality in the UK or in all developed countries or across the world? I spoke to my teacher friend again. All the teachers he knows buy food/small items for certain students. There are children from poor families who don't need this service and there are children who do. The ones who do often come from homes where a parent simply doesn't care about them. How do we make people care for their children?
  21. Many fake things seem better than the real ones. Nike pays wages and pays taxes and answers to the public in a way that fakes do not. They can be punished for wrongdoing. People make choices how to spend their money. I would rather not spend mine on untraceable fakery but understand why people like buying cheap things. We're all raised to want to buy as much stuff as possible.
  22. Absolutely. Undermining western IP has been a key policy of North Korea for years (I only found out about supernotes recently). They use China to disperse the goods. It's funny that when landlords and millionaires evade tax they're held up as pariahs, but most people are happy to smoke fake cigarettes (that undermine the NHS), and wear fake brands (that undermine western companies).
  23. Agreed. Hence why I question the crowing over “we’ll have cheaper food post brexit” concept. Cheap always comes at a cost. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/fake-designer-boots-are-churned-out-226638 Lots of people love fake goods. The ability not to question why or how they’re cheap is a skill I haven’t acquired. Tax evasion, child labour, zero worker rights, animals stipped of their skin while alive (google chinese raccoon dogs + uggs). Theres always a cost but we in the west don’t tend to pay it. At least High Street labels have boards to answer to when their third world sweatshops collapse.
  24. I tangentially touch on IP at work too. There are territories that our IP is continually being stolen - Russia, China, Turkey - and we have zero recourse. I’d love to see them brought to heel. Whenever people brush off counterfeits I recall the incident of the boy whose unearthed gameboy charger (from ebay via china) electrocuted him to death. Their disregard for human life in pursuit of profit (remember the infant milk melamine debacle?) never ceases to astound me.
  25. More people disconnected from nature. More children growing up without seeing where their food comes from first hand. Screens aren’t enough. Humans aren’t meant to live our lives in hard grey boxes. We evolved in nature, a part of it, and the further we “rise” away from it the less likely we are to honour and respect it. Megacities just sound like depression vortexes to me.
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