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  1. Some of these companies haven't even made a profit yet. Tech gurus don’t let their kids have smartphones. Here’s why As for leftist views - you're aware freedom of speech doesn't apply to private companies? They're allowed to boot anyone off that they want and there are plenty of 'free speech' start ups covering the same hysterical terrain (the Nazis love Gab).
  2. Conflating something adults do (buying tickets to go on a train service) with something children do (play in a neighbourhood together) is deliberately misleading. Anyway, it's already been noted that the rich people are complaining as much as the poor ones. I'm not sure how this country expects to have social cohesion when even children are segregated according to family finances. 'Oh no, that seesaw isn't for you little Johnny! You can watch Otto and Chloe through the fence.' Everyone talks a good game about meritocracy but when it comes down to it the UK loves stratification and division. Can't feel superior unless someone else is made to feel inferior, innit.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/mar/27/silicon-valley-tech-wealth-real-estate
  4. I'm wondering how the US, with an effective property tax system, still experiences bubbles the same as we do? http://www.tax-rates.org/taxtables/property-tax-by-state
  5. Low maintenance children's area - should be shared. High maintenance adult/mixed area (ie pool, gym, concierge service) - no need to share. Fairly simple, I would have thought.
  6. Adding secret surveillance to the tax avoidance and decimation of neighbourhoods. https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2019/03/what-happens-when-you-find-cameras-your-airbnb/585007/ Airbnb Has a Hidden-Camera Problem The home-rental start-up says it’s cracking down on hosts who record guests. Is it doing enough?
  7. Chipping the price seems to be normal accepted practice in commercial real estate business. Friend of a friend works in that area and it's infuriating but expected.
  8. The one time norovirus doesn't turn up. I thought the much-vaunted Connect system was supposed to expose these sorts of frauds. Wish there was a way for tenants to find out if landlords are paying their tax. Half the issue with negligent landlords seems to be that they're NOT paying tax and therefore inclined not to do any repairs or maintenance.
  9. It's an occasional job (every 2-3 years) that is generally done for homeowners who care about the period look and value of their houses (ie not poor people who have to scrimp on their fences). The fact most of the world's population would be happy with an prefab concrete fence doesn't nullify the fact that it's a job that is unlikely to be replaced, as are many of the jobs requiring labour and dexterity. No, people who want a nice black wrought iron fence will not be replacing it with concrete merely to appease the parameters of AI when there will always be cheap human labour to do the task. And no one will be driven to create a robot to do that task because there is no profit in stealing those sorts of jobs.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/mar/25/london-councils-pay-landlords-14m-in-incentives-to-house-homeless-people
  11. Of course you’re right! It’s all just terribly FUN and TRENDY and COOL which is exactly the same as false and overblown. And this woman is just making the unexplained death of her daughter into a big deal for no reason, she should just suck it up and pretend that VW et al didn’t deceive emissions tests for decades. There’s simply no way that 38 million vehicles in the UK would ever have even the smallest impact on our health. Sorry you didn’t get the joke btw. Here’s another banal comment: Noise is less important than air pollution because pollution directly impacts humans physically far more. But who knows, maybe one day whinging about noise will be trendy and you can be cool too ? fingers crossed!
  12. I suppose an example might be painting a wrought iron fence. First you need to scrape all the old rust and flaky paint off every single bar and railhead. Then you need to undercoat it, then top coat, sometimes twice. The cost and technology required to created a robot/AI able to do such manual, dexterous and hard work would be far better spent elsewhere.
  13. Fine, I suppose we live in the country where death threats now serve the same purpose as reasoned debate, since no one is capable of the latter without breaking into frothing hysterics anymore. People don't protest - 'See, they don't care, it doesn't matter, just do what we tell you to.' People do protest - 'Snowflakes! You should do what we tell you to!' https://genius.com/Ben-folds-five-uncle-walter-lyrics
  14. There were dozens of coaches parked the whole length with front signs listing many regional centres where white people are the significant majority.
  15. ?? No that's not her. What kind of country have we become that people are telephoning a stranger to tell her they will kill her because she made an e-petition?!
  16. Sorry if already been posted - had a scroll and couldn't see it. Demand is growing for a new type of home loan that helps the over-55s facing a shortfall at the end of their existing term
  17. The woman behind the petition to revoke article 50 has said she is scared and has been forced to close her Facebook account after receiving multiple death threats for launching the challenge to Brexit. The first resort of violent Brexidiots, anonymous hounding and death threats.
  18. There's a thin sliver of people this forum finds acceptable
  19. I can't see why this hasn't sold. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/46861463?search_identifier=9902662f3244f4deb326fafa04feea45 Like a little slice of Abu Dhabi.
  20. It makes more sense than £750k! 5th Dec 2018 £550,000 Price reduced by £200,000 23rd Mar 2018 £750,000 First listed
  21. Called this oversupply ages ago. Some of the discounts on zoopla are staggering. Reductions
  22. There’s also a lot to be said for freeing one’s mental space once the decision and opportunity to buy has been reached. Count up all the time spent researching, arguing, thinking about the housing market, and all the emotions you tie into it, and weigh that against the possible future benefit of waiting. Is it worth it? Yes it’s a big decision and shouldn’t be rushed. Yes timing is important. But so is mental health, so is independence and freedom from having to monitor every potential market impact. I am personally prone to ‘analysis paralysis’ and it takes a great effort of willpower (or external force) to break me from this habit of postponing choices (it impacts me at every level even buying paint). But once the choice is done, the relief of having freed up mental space is immense. Only my experience of course, everyone is different.
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