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  1. My experience is that at all levels common courtesy is taking a back seat to instant reactions. Did you know people who drive posher vehicles are less likely to stop for people to cross the road? I saw a 'homeless' man today (he isn't homeless, he's definitely in a gang that I've seen around) and a woman stopped to give him some food. He nodded to her but as she walked away I heard him cursing and looking pissed off, tossing the food into a corner. Social media and online interactions groom us to react to information in extremely positive or extremely negative ways. Those extremes are more rewarding in our brains than the finer ranger of emotions in between. Perhaps people less addicted to their screens would be less reactive, even friendlier. But hipsters have never been known for friendliness. They are defined by excluding others.
  2. Speaking as a landlord (boo hiss) - I would very much like tenants to be made aware of whether the landlord on a property is UK resident for tax purposes or not. If they pay tax in UK there is a natural incentive to look after the tenant and the property. If not, then my experience is they try to squeeze out every penny.
  3. Can you give some examples? Do you mean tailgating Range Rovers or men in red trousers kicking Labradors?
  4. Don’t mind admitting I’m not competitive. Not how I’m wired. I admire people who work all hours and sacrifice their personal lives for career/money/prestige - but it’s not for me and thankfully I don’t have to. I wonder whether people are happier beavering away, selling their waking hours to the great god Capitalism. A car, a house, another car, a better car, a holiday, a watch, a bigger house etc. Whether on their death bed the self starters will be content. Morbid perhaps, but I’ve seen both parents die and it changes one’s perspective. Tick tock, life is finite. Perhaps I have enough holiday, actually.
  5. Safe to conclude then that any surface parallels between their market (and crash) and ours are false.
  6. Were foreign investors laying into Japanese real estate the same way they have been in London and Sydney or was it home grown?
  7. Many people seem intent on ensuring that everyone is the same, having confused sameness with equality.
  8. Recommended viewing from the great Kurosawa - Ikiru https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/great-movie-ikiru-1952 About a man who works his whole life at a meaningless job.
  9. If you've ever watched Undercover Boss US version the employees always stress how GRATEFUL they are to have the job and how they THANK GAWD for it. Then they mention the other 2 jobs they need to work to 'make rent'. But it's all worth it because #AmericanDream. I'm sure that for well educated people who get a good start and keep up the momentum it's fine but I'm sceptical of the sink or swim/individualist mindset. Here's a US/UK tax comparison (from before Trump changed the system) https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/may/27/tax-britons-pay-europe-australia-us - quite interesting. Ouch! Are they worried about the perception that they're not hard workers, or that their jobs are precarious? Japan also has a huge problem of workers refusing to take holiday. Japan is poised to force workers to take at least five days of paid vacation a year, a compromise between employers' groups calling for three and labor unions that wanted eight.
  10. I also heard they don’t take sick days for same reason. Plenty of states where you can be fired and told to leave same day, no severance. They broke the unions and still take it as point of pride.
  11. Online discussions tend to create extreme viewpoints anyway. Herd behaviour usually involves a few 'leaders' who make a declaration 'X is good. Y is bad' and the rest follow. I prefer a range of views as well.
  12. Yes, they're leaders in laundering sick animals into the food chain And I almost forgot the large-scale illegal (EU law) felling of old growth forests...
  13. I’ve heard US is tough for ‘vacay’ - part of the reason they don't bother with passports/travelling the world?
  14. UNLIMITED HOLIDAYS? OK, now I'm envious.
  15. If we hit targets they give us days between Xmas and NY off but it's never guaranteed. Asking around it seems some top bods get 40 basic (which is ignored and they generally take all of Dec/July/Aug + all school holidays), but no one can buy/sell their leave.
  16. If you work FT, how many days leave do you receive each year? I get 25 but recently been surprised to hear people talking about 30, 35.
  17. It is better that they're listening to what people are complaining about and at least starting to think about solutions that don't involve massive taxpayer bungs going into housebuilder pockets. It's a start - and they're going at it the right way by looking at the structure of the system rather than trying to fiddle with end users.
  18. Despite dawn raids and legal action, the number of unlicensed rentals in houses of multiple occupation continues to grow I voted Remain but if leaving the EU cuts down this sort of abuse I can only see it as a good thing.
  19. Yes yes THIS is exactly the correct thing we should be upset about. Let's ignore all the other things. I mean, we have a lot of spare time to sort things out so we should definitely focus on this. Perhaps someone can call Poland and find out if they're grumpy about it? (spoiler: the phone line diverts to Boston, Lincs)
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