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  1. Bolton's notes were photographed at a press conference: 5000 troops to Colombia. Oil. Boomers love the stuff more than the lives of their own children.
  2. Are you suggesting our food is expensive? We have incredibly cheap food already. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45559594
  3. Trump and his pet war hawk Bolton. Bolton has openly said it's about oil.
  4. “humans seem very very poor at recognising their own mortality.“ Hence why despite oceans of clear scientific evidence most of humankind is completely unconcerned about climate chaos, and most of the rest are actively denying it. Even the evidence of our own memories (the ‘I remember it used to snow every year when I was a child’) is overwritten with optimism. Boomers have presided over the 6th mass extinction. We now have plastic in our food chains and in our water. Entire countries have no clean air (there is nowhere in India with acceptable levels of air pollution). Even now, they’re making noises about a new oil grab in Venezuala.
  5. Oh that twitter nutbag who seems to spend his entire life quote bullying people and dog-whistling about white supremacy? Yeah, probs not gonna listen to anything he has to say haha
  6. Well, it's going to TDS for adjudication. She backed down on curtains but still wanted £950 on the basis that they cracked the corner of the hob (agreed, they did, it still works) and she wants them to pay her the new value of it (it's 5 years old and no longer made). She refused to agree that any money paid for the hob would actually go towards replacing the hob because it's in working order, just wants the money as a way of punishing them. When they disagreed on this she told the agents the renters were stupid and she would now claim for £2600 because f them.
  7. Someone once took a [email protected] on my doorstep. Fortunately at that time I was renting a garden flat from the landlords who owned the rest of the house and they cleaned it up. I like to think it wasn't anyone I know, but can't be sure.
  8. Valuable assistance for those less fortunate OR Propping up the failing market ?? Mortgages without Mum and Dad’s help • Join the debate – email [email protected]
  9. Wow you should totally tell the military not to stress out (I guess they don't have very good planners?) UK begins stockpiling at military bases to prepare for no-deal BrexitMilitary chiefs have spent at least £23m on what is being described as "forward-purchased" goods, Sky News understands.
  10. So far the most competent leader has been Caroline Lucas (and yes I do vote Green). She makes reasoned, clear statements and despite having a private education doesn't ooze privileged vowels. Sadly it makes no difference. We're stuck with the blundering backstabbing Tufton Street owned Tories and the dundering willywobbled no-stance Labour. It's like choosing between a ground glass souffle and a jizz flavour blancmange.
  11. The utter incompetence on show in both parties leads me into a series of ever-harder facepalms. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jan/28/labour-in-embarrassing-u-turn-over-immigration-bill-vote
  12. Really? If nothing happens then people will just use up the products and slow spending accordingly. No net gain for the stores overall.
  13. Wait...are you saying you actually TRUST both the UK government AND the EU to ensure we have ZERO disruptions?
  14. Anyone watch Back In Time For School? They take a class of schoolkids back through the decades. Really telling that kids used to be streamed into vocational higher education - useful stuff like carpentry, metal working, administration, business maths, catering. Whereas now the default seems to be uni and if you don't get in then you're stuffed. Even the most basic of jobs where I work requires a degree, mainly because if you're seeing lots of applications then ticking the Uni box drops it down to a manageable number.Then I look at CVs and despair because half of them are poorly written.
  15. For price falls I'd go for Long Delay because it's uncertainty that the market hates most.
  16. And I've been to crowded Asian cities where people are happy to hock up phlegm and lob it onto the pavement while ripping you off on a tuktuk fare. (Would they risk ripping off a local?) But where are these leafy council estates? They sound positively divine!
  17. Different cultures behave/react differently to environmental stress factors. Japan is safe but has a high suicide rate. They are inward looking. They also see the high numbers of single adults as a societal problem. The rat analogy would link this to 'these “socially autistic” animals remained isolated until death.' I don't find Tokyo particularly busy or difficult to navigate, everything is well ordered and quiet (car engines all switch off when stopped at lights). But the entire article on the experiment is worth reading, particularly in context of new stats we see each year concerning developed countries 'well being' and 'happiness' indices. When we have all the food we want, all the employment we want, all the entertainment we want, all the sexual partners we want...why are so many people still fundamentally unhappy? Why is mental ill health on the rise?
  18. Got all the paperwork, all done by the book. I really hope they don't cave and give her anything. A broken hinge on a 15yo kitchen cabinet is wear and tear, and definitely not down to the tenant to replace the whole unit. I want landlords to be centrally licensed and I wish there was a way of knowing if they're paying HMRC their dues. So many times when landlords niggle on money I think it comes down to them squeezing every penny out of a property because they aren't bothering to pay tax.
  19. Looking at these Guardian salary ranges https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Salary/Guardian-News-and-Media-Salaries-E21405.htm it isn't surprising that they're inclined to shine a light on the market. There's also the idea that they're anti-government, anti-austerity, anti-Brexit (also Larry Elliott clearly isn't) - so I suppose any chance to put the boot in and highlight things going downhill (even if technically it means cheaper houses) would be up their street.
  20. Of course. The value goes up and down. TBH I think a lot of europeans staying away + shed loads of new builds flats completing work will have more of an impact on rents (downward) than landlords having to absorb some fees (offsettable against tax).
  21. I think about it this way. When people are polite they have been taught the value of being polite. The value of it lies in recipricocity. Tit for tat. Good for good. When someone grows up in a village where people know each other this is very important. If you are rude you will get a reputation! You will suffer the consequences! Compare this to someone in an anonymous big city. You are rude to someone - no matter, there are thousands more people who don’t know or don’t care because they too are rude. No consequences.
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