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  1. Anyway here's an actual news article about the original topic Europe too fearful to break up internet giants
  2. How do you know they're happening if they haven't been reported on..? Everyone I know is fully aware of the protests. They know about the fires and they've seen the close up zooms of bloodied faces (and the gofundme links) and the burned out cars and the blocked up streets. There's no point dedicating vast swathes of our news cycle to people overseas yelling about the price of diesel when we already have more than enough news that actually affects the UK.
  3. Chasing clicks, chasing eyeballs, competing with netflix and youtube and podcasts, sensationalising, soundbites more important than ethics. Everyone with short attention spans, ready to be outraged, excited in turn TO outrage, extreme is mainstream. The media is a bed of weeds all suffocating in the same rotten ground.
  4. I was on safari once and the ranger told me they trialled electric 4x4s but had to swap them back. I asked if they weren't strong enough and he laughed, no they were perfect vehicles for the short distances involved, great power and manoeuvrability, all the rangers loved them, but the animals were used to the sound of combustion engines approaching and didn't appreciate being sneaked up on.
  5. Sure but Here's How Facebook Tracks You When You're Not On Facebook GOOGLE TRACKS YOU EVEN IF LOCATION HISTORY'S OFF. HERE'S HOW TO STOP IT The thing is they don't openly tell you what they know about you. https://duckduckgo.com/ is a decent alternative but nothing's ever really clean.
  6. Perhaps it could be broken into the elites who pay their UK taxes (remain) and the elites who would prefer their tax schemes and manipulations to stay opaque (leave).
  7. Hope he's not at risk of harming himself. Society brainwashes us from a young age. We have to be good citizens, we have to play by the rules, study, work hard, be productive, receive a small reward in the hope that a larger one will some day follow, tithe to charity, tithe to religion, tithe to family, respect our bosses, climb the ladder, sow our oats, tick the boxes, find the one true love, buy a home, take on debt, ski, update everyone with photos, own lots of possessions, have 2.4 children, family holidays in the sun, keep working, climb the ladder, more debt, more work, tick the boxes, play by the rules, maybe retire, maybe keep going, be driven, be a consumer, be a producer, be a cog.
  8. A healthy diet and good exercise plays a big part - ie personal responsibility. Cancer runs in my family.
  9. Uh oh this sounds like verifiable science - can't have that! No, no, we must defend the dominant paradigm, because only a 100+ year old technology is suitable for living in 2019.
  10. Good to see Airbnb being tackled. It’s a huge problem in tourist cities, sucking up vast quantities of housing that should be available to locals.
  11. The recent news about youtube kids app showing videos intercut with graphic violence and disturbing images is a case in point. What you pay for with netflix is the knowledge you can sit the kids down in front of it and not a) have them clamouring for advertised tat, b) not have them asking why Elsa’s being gang attacked by a finger family of Spider-mans. But many parents would rather save the monthly fee and risk it.
  12. I’d like to see a way for every consumer/user to have their own private cache of data which would follow them, rather than reliquinishing the acquisition to dozen external providers. A balloon of data tethered to each person, with companies allowed to request limited access for a set period of time? As to who would provide the safe envelope to store this data...I have no idea because they would have to be impregnable. I wonder whether a 2 tier system might develop? Paid for privacy or free plundering. The fact that facebook has become a default global SSO never fails to shock me. A complex topic and probably why our lords and masters don’t wish to discuss it.
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/mar/17/100-billion-of-uk-propert-secretly-owned-anonymous-firms-tax-havens More than £100bn of property in England and Wales is secretly owned, new analysis suggests. More than 87,000 properties are owned by anonymous companies registered in tax havens, research by the transparency group Global Witness reveals. The analysis reveals that 40% of the properties are in London. Cadogan Square in Knightsbridge, where the average property costs £3m, hosts at least 134 secretly owned properties. Buckingham Palace Road is also home to a large number, with a combined estimated value of £350m.
  14. The natural landscape and wildlife are great (excluding the scorpions, blue-ringed octopus, snakes, cone snails, jellyfish, sharks, crocs, spiders etc). It's a real shame to see fish dying in the rivers and bats dropping dead from the heat. They're having to cull so many animals that are dying from lack of water as well. Almost as if a giant desert is no place to dump 26 million cows... Next time just tell them you're a white South African farmer, you'll get a red carpet straight to Perth
  15. Bang on. Met an Aussie at an event a couple years ago and on hearing I'd lived there she immediately assumed it was ok for her to start making homophobic slurs about the gay guys in the room. Their default setting is openly bigoted. TBH as the heat keeps ratcheting up the way it's going they'll be making asylum applications to Europe in 100 years, and it'll serve them right.
  16. People always think I'm joking about Australians being deeply, intrinsically racist and homophobic (pretty misogynist too but that seems to be lauded on HPC). In 2019 it's still perfectly acceptable in many offices to use racial slurs. Ideologically they have far more in common with American Republicans and rednecks than with most Brits (climate denial, intergenerational subjugation of native peoples, superiority complex, fragile masculinity).
  17. People who kill themselves or suffer depression are not soft or weak. There's no point trying to have a rational debate with someone who has no empathy, it's like debating with a Nokia 3310 but I'll leave this conversation with the official stats.
  18. Absolutely. And meanwhile: Why are America’s farmers killing themselves? How America’s food giants swallowed the family farms and over here More then one farmer a week in the UK dies by suicide Bad for farmers, bad for animals, bad for consumers - good for megacorp profits. Guess we can see which way our conservative overlords will rule.
  19. 1. they think they know everything and have the right to tell the world what to do so why do they not tell their parents not to take them to school in the car and walk or get a bus? 2. all they have ever done is live with mummy and daddy and read books Oh on, not children reading books, anything but that!! 3. all they do is expect the govt to deal with everything and take no responsibility for anything themselves You mean like a people waiting for a house price crash? 4. they are great at pointing out the splinter in the other person;s eye and not aware of the log in their own. There seem to be a lot of logs around the place lol. But you're right, hating young people is definitely the solution. They should keep quiet because they're too noisy and they shouldn't tell us what to do because they're too bossy (but also too soft and weak) and they should stop being hypocrites because only adults get to do that and they should take action but not any of those specific actions, different actions completely.
  20. Save up enough money for a steak and you'll be able to taste true sovereign independence. Huge levels of antibiotic use in US farming revealed
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