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  1. So we can’t call a peak on stocks, we can’t predict the weather in a month with any accuracy but somehow everyone in the world is going to decide to stop having more than 2 children? The world’s dominant religions are against family planning. They want to grow their congregations and power. Many of the world’s governments are desperately propelling growth via population increases. Much in our societies is structured to thwart the choice not to procreate and to make people feel worthless for not doing so. Sure in biblical times maybe it made sense to force homosexuals to marry, to outlaw masturbation, to marry multiple virgins and birth as many kids as possible before your teeth fell out. But those same rules applying in a post-antibiotic world just leads to this.
  2. The old “we all just need to share” argument? I’m sure that will work out. Humans are so good at sharing. Yes can’t say that I’d choose to have mass war, famine, climate chaos and disease take care of something which contraception and education could manage just as well. Exponential human growth is not natural. This graph is not natural. As for having children so they can wipe our b*ms when we’re old - how wonderful for them! Must be nice to know you’ve been born in order to care for others like a servant. If we actually valued children this wouldn’t happen: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-41427209 The number of looked after children adopted in England has fallen for the second year in a row, despite a rise in the number in care. There were 72,670 children in care as of March 2017, 2,220 more than the year before. In the same year, 4,350 children were adopted from care, down from 5,460 two years earlier. Charity Adoption UK said the number of children needing a home would outnumber those offering to provide one.
  3. The longer they can preserve their country and culture from foreign infiltration the better. They do have significant numbers of other asian immigrants though, and perhaps these are able to assimilate better, without making so many demands for the host culture to accommodate them.
  4. AKA not allowed to be discussed. A finite system cannot sustain infinite growth - of humans and of capitalism. Most modern complaints directly relate to having too many people. And I firmly believe Brexit and right wing populism is a result of our failure to even discuss human population without people breaking into hysterics and throwing around accusations of Malthusianism or racism.
  5. Agreed. Human population growth is unsustainable without conflict and environmental degradation. People trot out the same old arguments; that we could have 20 billion humans as long as we all agree to eat beans and live in holes in the ground, or that it’s only the developed world that’s the problem (hint: everyone in the developing world wants what the developed world has).
  6. Part of the reason Japanese (and Chinese) kids study 6/7 days a week (so is the intense competition of university places/jobs). Japan is under pressure to admit more immigrants and refugees but when they see headlines like this... https://www.tokyoreporter.com/japan-news/breaking/tokyo-cops-arrest-turkish-asylum-seekers-in-gang-rape-of-woman/ But guess what, the language difficulty absolutely does not put people off trying to get into Japan. TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan accepted just three refugees in the first half of 2017 despite receiving a record 8,561 fresh asylum applications, the government said on Tuesday, highlighting the nation’s reluctance to accept foreigners. Only four refugees were accepted in the first half of 2016, when fresh asylum applications totaled 5,011, the Justice Ministry said. The Human Rights Watch in January described Japan’s record on asylum seekers as “abysmal”.
  7. With No-Deal Now Leavers' Preferred Brexit Outcome, Ruling It Out Could Create Problems For The Tories Thread here
  8. Because he’s old and it’s lighter. Who the heck is laying their own brick house? Probably greener as well. Nice to get your hands on things and see the finished product after grafting. Far better than buying some wobbly new build with a snag list a mile long.
  9. I thought the final prices were good, considering the location and how much hand holding they would have received. But I’m used to London prices. Always been dubious about water underfloor heating though, especially under a fixed single surface like concrete. Big concrete floors crack easily with changes in temp. It’s a good industrial product but not something flawless. Pity they lost their friendship through the builds. It’s why I don’t get friends to work for me in any capacity.
  10. Anyone watch? https://www.channel4.com/programmes/grand-designs-the-street Direct sale of plots to group of self builders - utilities already connected. Last night's figures were £275-300k.
  11. Sadly, wearing hats has gone out of fashion so we are unable to doff them to the children of billionaires as much as would be desirable.
  12. The American Dream of 'If I work hard one day I'll be rich too' is so deeply ingrained (there and here) it's incredibly difficult to convince people that no, in 2019 you can work as hard as you want (at your zero hours minimum wage no benefits jobs) but the stats show any progress you make will be minimal compared to the long-lasting inherited wealth of our overlords. I've reached the conclusion many people actively prefer being serfs - gaining more pleasure from the distant mirage of ultra-wealth (watching Kardashians while eating reheated plastic tray meals) than from any incremental improvement in their own reality. A society which allows billionaires the framework and safety to flourish, then runs a tax system that panders to their never-satisfied intergenerational Smauglike hoarding, while hospital wards are closed, council taxes goes up, bus services ended, elderly left unvisited, and the disabled driven to suicide is a pathetic bootlicking society of the meanest order. Perhaps subservience is built into our genes.
  13. I find MSE very useful at times, but I certainly wouldn't go there for house buying advice.
  14. A nation of masochists, confusing the choice to be independently weak with strength.
  15. More lies uncovered. More deception. More fakery. More cheating. We were a gullible nation - are we still this easily manipulated or have we at least learned some savvy? Facebook Brexit ads secretly run by staff of Lynton Crosby firm https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/apr/03/grassroots-facebook-brexit-ads-secretly-run-by-staff-of-lynton-crosby-firm The mysterious groups, which have names such as Mainstream Network and Britain’s Future, appear to be run independently by members of the public and give no hint that they are connected. But in reality they share an administrator who works for Crosby’s CTF Partners and have spent as much as £1m promoting sophisticated targeted adverts aimed at heaping pressure on individual MPs to vote for a hard Brexit. Repeated questions have been raised about who is backing at least a dozen high-spending groups that have flooded MPs’ inboxes with calls to reject Theresa May’s deal, but until now they were thought to be independent entities. But according to the documents, almost all the major pro-Brexit Facebook “grassroots” advertising campaigns in the UK share the same page admins or advertisers. These individuals include employees of CTF Partners and the political director of Boris Johnson’s campaigns to be mayor of London, who has worked closely with Crosby in the past.
  16. Aren't the people who inherit vast fortunes technically the living rich?
  17. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/apr/03/inheritance-tax-loopholes-allowing-super-rich-to-pay-lower-rates
  18. Let's talk about the tendency to label 'Cucks' 'Libs' 'Leftists' 'Snowflakes' Pray tell when EXACTLY do we get to call someone a Nazi? I think we should be given a very specific set of guidelines so we all know where we stand. Wouldn't want to offend any snowflakes.
  19. Update: Found completely in tenant's favour. Small amount (under £100 as tenant agreed) deducted. I've also convinced them to report to HMRC in case there's some tax missing on the place...
  20. The year is 2040 and Sir Ed Sheeran is celebrating his second marriage on Holly Branson's Necker Island, recently rebuilt after devastating storms and high waters caused much destruction and several deaths. With a personal wealth of over £250mil, despite his divorce settlement, Sheeran credits his good fortune to Baal, the ancient deity to whom he regularly sacrifices goats, and to his extensive property portfolio which reaches across London.
  21. No I call it Nazi because I see Nazis posting on it - quite simple really. Go to reddit, 4chan, 8chan. Wherever there is social media there are people who decide that the platform is best used to spread hatred and get oh so hysterical when the owners assert their lawful right to boot them. If the internet isn’t to your liking then design something that is, it’s hardly impossible. Like the dark net for pedos. The funniest thing is how everyone knows all the views of people who claim their free speech is being impinged. How that happens when they’re so utterly dreadfully silenced is quite a wonder.
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