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  1. From what I've heard he doesn't keep it up all the time. People who know him well tell him to drop the act when they get sick of it and he obliges. Many men have worn affable or innocent/clownlike personas to get what they want over the years. Jimmy Savile, Terry Richardson, Michael Jackson...
  2. Yes this sucks. There are plenty of EU laws that don't work for individual countries and are actively negative for the world (here's Monbiot on the ridiculous CAP https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/oct/10/brexit-leaving-eu-farming-agriculture). But giving up our (sizeable) seat at the table isn't the answer.
  3. And their natural resources. This was on ABC this week.
  4. And what else will also go up? Food costs? (we have some of the cheapest food in the world and we're still running food banks) Cars? No more cheap hand car washes/cleaners/nannies? Nothing happens in isolation.
  5. Wasn't that a worldwide thing? And isn't it still? I'm not saying he didn't balls up a LOT of decisions, but in pure detriment to the UK population I feel as if Cameron/May austerity has hurt more people. I can't quantify this of course.
  6. I know nothing about oil but here are the companies I think of when I hear it mentioned: Shell, BP, Exxon, Total, errr Chevron. Not Venezuelan, right? I suppose my point is that within the time frame of a UK government term I don't believe anyone, not even Mr scary Corbynzilla, could wreck our economy the same way as V or Z - countries that have had decades of pillaging. It's like saying, hey this guy shouldn't have the keys to the Jag because he'll turn it into a 4-pack of single ply bog roll.
  7. Lol at UK under Labour turning into Venezuela or Zimbabwe. Name the top 5 Venezuelan and Zimbabwean brands. Name 5 world-famous Venezuelan or Zimbabwean entrepreneurs. Name anything either country produces other than raw materials and agri (and dictators). It's like worrying that a washing machine will turn into a banana.
  8. The Brexit Scorecard https://ukandeu.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/The-Brexit-Scorecard.pdf
  9. Has she been officially diagnosed? I remember she took some ketamine a while back but hadn't heard any other problems.
  10. Who knows. This is all conjecture but my personal experience is that I'm seeing an escalation in random acts of violence. Perhaps we can find a way to neutrally blame the moon. Our tolerance for bad behaviour seems to be rising though. Days were a man laying hands on a woman that way would have been universally decried. My extremely conservative father would have blown a blood vessel watching that video.
  11. Agreed, austerity is part of the problem. Friends whose houses are burgled no longer receive a visit from the police afterwards. Homeless people everywhere now, not just centrally, out into zone 6. Colleague's scooter stolen 3 times in last 3 years, twice found trashed and abandoned. And of course I've seen scooter phone muggings first hand several times. The centre cannot hold.
  12. Interesting bit on personalised diets here: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/jun/23/eat-more-avocado-what-i-learned-from-the-study-that-will-change-how-we-eat I've always thought calorie in/calorie out to be a remarkably simplistic way of talking about something that is clearly highly individual.
  13. Gay friends of mine are reporting more attacks, verbal and physical. Thing is, they've always had them but it is escalating. I saw an old man get attacked the other day, he'd been walking too slowly so a guy kicked him out the way. Feels like people are less afraid of repercussions now, there's a willingness to let loose those hateful feelings they've always had but been too cagey to release (except on Friday nights after too much booze and coke). I want to move out of the city. The fewer people I come into contact with these days the better.
  14. Maybe same reason people buy new cars instead of second hand, new clothes instead of pre-worn etc - we're repeatedly told from a young age that buying new things will make us feel good, that being consumers is very important and that new is best. Plus there's the old off-plan discount line, and the extra time it gives people to save up while they wait? Layaway homes.
  15. Having watched the whole video, the long one, it seems to me as if anyone with security training could clearly recognise these people weren't a threat and would disappear naturally once they'd made their point. There was no supergluing to the walls, no chaining themselves to furniture. It was a well rehearsed, timed protest, complete with filming. And now it's gone viral, which goes to show how violence backfires. The best policy would have been to order more taypayer funded wine and enjoy the taxpayer funded dessert while watching the show.
  16. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/jun/23/new-build-homes-buy-delay-bill-developers
  17. Agree. I see Bozo being a Trumpist/interventionist type of leader - leaning heavily on BoE for this type of thing. He's proven time and again he doesn't care about consequences.
  18. ohhhh hahahaha yes the well known red cocktail dress wearing white female terrorists who saunter around dining rooms for 5 minutes before what...detonating their recyclable confetti bombs? Hahahahahahaaa - are people really this infantile? Perhaps PM Bozo can issue taxpayer funded tins of pepper spray to terrified Tories in case a Greenpeace woman comes within 2m of their wallets. If this is the right wing definition of a hero then Tommy Robinson is in line for a Victoria Cross
  19. 100% agreed. I'm happy to have my credentials compared against other landlords, particularly when they're overseas (not paying tax). Good landlords have nothing to fear from transparency.
  20. Fascinating! Never heard about this at all. There seems to be something in human character to fall for these scams.
  21. Better to ask whose supply he is supporting. Starter homes? Council housing? Or luxury riverside apartments for overseas investors? Or perhaps fat taxpayer bungs for property developers? If he'd named a new council estate after himself instead of a useless cable car I might have more sympathy.
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