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  1. Who the heck was bothering to ask women if they were happy in the 40s? And what woman would tell the truth instead of nodding dutifully to the man with the clipboard and saying yes sir, happy as a clam sir, then going back to mopping and swigging cooking sherry. Happiness isn’t a state, it’s a moment.
  2. A tough situation and one that many more people are facing as women marry later. I read a recent story about how it all comes down to money, if you’re rich enough you can always rent a womb, buy an egg, buy sperm etc. Janet Jackson having a child at 50 says it all. Then people say ‘there’s always adoption’ but it’s a gruelling process with low positive outcomes.
  3. True patriots! Good thing we've got tax-avoiding billionaires telling us what to think about the big bad EU, otherwise we might form our own opinions. Wouldn't do at all.
  4. I'd argue we've been successful in shifting those hardships elsewhere, for other people and nature to bear out of sight at our benefit. Cheap strawberries, cheap cashews, avocado toast, cheap prawns, the usual fashion practices, Aussie beef, Brazilian beef - the endless list of our rapacious desire for more, cheaper, faster. And what happens to these people when everything is done by robot? https://sciencebusiness.net/network-updates/photonics-strawberry-picking-robots-gather-enough-fruit-wimbledon-1-week Photonics: strawberry-picking robots to gather enough fruit for Wimbledon in 1 week Things are changing very rapidly.
  5. I'm sure in a UK court he would have won. *tugs forelock in obeisance* David Barclay loses libel case against obscure French playwright Aren't we lucky to have such an upstanding former estate agent telling us what to believe each day.
  6. If they're spraying crops with fungicides, pesticides, herbicides - does it really matter how big the fields are? We don't really have much wilderness left, at least in England. https://www.eea.europa.eu/data-and-maps/figures/wilderness-quality-index/wilderness-quality-index-including-terrain Wonder if this links to British people rank among most depressed people in Western World because Getting back to nature: how forest bathing can make us feel better Kill nature, kill happiness.
  7. We, as a nation, are thoroughly controlled by our masters. That there are so many people willing to sacrifice their own wellbeing to ensure to continued power of the wealthy manipulators speaks to how deeply embedded this subservience is laid. Quite fascinating.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jul/03/land-reform-brute-power-billionaire-press-attacks
  9. Ah. It's good to see current politics through the lens of time. The Daily Mail outrage machine was always run by the establishment, for the establishment. I know SA well and the media foment over 'farmer genocide' right now is a classic move by people who still own the ground that yields the gold, the diamonds, the coal, the wine. They've harnessed social media as well as they ever did the newspapers. The gushing font of dark money that funds Farage should be a red flag to anyone who questions why the puppets dance.
  10. Same experience. 'Why use your money when you can use someone else's?'
  11. I'm reasonably insulated from financial crisis and my focus is far more on future climate issues than current politics. I've moved and lived abroad many times and everywhere has problems. The only country I'd consider moving to is Japan, and they run a tight ship, which is what makes it such a nice country.
  12. I remember back in 2007 the criminal who stabbed a man to death because he told him to stop throwing chips on the bus. It’s only got worse since then.
  13. Yes your single anecdotal experience definitely supersedes the scientific evidence because lofts and cigarettes are exactly the same as exhaust pollution. Clearly London air is comprised solely of the farts of mountain angels. I shall alert King’s College that they can terminate their monitoring immediately. https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/london-air/id358970517
  14. So weird socialists trying to implement socialism lol. Anyway, glad you're happy now CK, no need to continue the argument since it's clear you've won - as you say 'hardly anyone is buying it' and that's the main thing - nothing must change and we should continue as we ever have - with competent right-wing governments who don't waste any money.
  15. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jun/27/britain-private-rented-sector-unfair-unsafe
  16. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/jun/29/tired-of-london-thousands-flee-capital-for-a-quieter-life
  17. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/jun/30/crown-estate-faces-tenants-anger-over-rent-hikes-evictions-and-repair-delays
  18. I don't know what deniers get so het up about lol. They have already 'won', they've been winning since Big Oil decided to astroturf the debate. Almost all the top climate scientists asked agree, it too late to avoid 2C and likely too late to avoid 4C. Deniers should congratulate themselves! I mean, it must feel good to know that all despite all the protests and the petitions and the huge body of scientific evidence, it's all been ignored to the point where a horrible future is baked in. Anyway, has Chennai got water yet?
  19. Harrumph bah principle of the matter...got to teach those Europeans a lesson...sovereign nation...can’t tell us what to do...straight bananas! Worth losing in the short term (30 years) so we can win in the end...*coughs consumptively into lace handkerchief*
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