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  1. Are you not worried about putting this sort of personal info onto an open forum?
  2. Economist podcasts mention inflation almost every second day. Worth listening to: https://theintelligence.economist.com/
  3. Better off asking this (and providing more info) on Moneysavingexpert forum.
  4. The underlying premise of the popular Netflix show, Squid Game, is that people are so addicted to and desperate for debt that they will risk their lives and even kill to clear it. The show is number 1 in many territories and seems to have struck a deep chord with people, to the point of fights breaking out in a pop-up store queue (which summarises our brutal neo-capitalist proclivities like nothing else). I suspect we will see these and similar themes played out more often in popular entertainment.
  5. Foucault is the latest addition to an infamous long list of French writers, artists, intellectuals, and politicians who have been rumoured to have sexually abused children in the (neo)colonies: Paul Gauguin, André Gide, Gabriel Matzneff, Frédéric Mitterrand, Jack Lang, and others. Matzneff is now facing prosecution, while Mitterrand and Lang categorically denied all rumours and accusations. In the case of Foucault, however, the issue will likely be swept under the carpet without much debate. https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/4/16/reckoning-with-foucaults-sexual-abuse-of-boys-in-tunisia
  6. Estimated 216,000 children abused by French Catholic priests, report finds Abuses committed by priests as well as non-religious people, says independent commission https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/05/french-catholic-priests-abused-children-report
  7. Qualify, get some experience, move to UAE for 5 years, rent out starter home. Lots of UK medical grads heading that way.
  8. Seems to be one of these headlines every week, but I’m sure it won’t continue getting worse every year… 'Biblical' downpours spark rush hour chaos: Flooding causes severe delays on the Tube and roads are left underwater in London and Essex as severe weather warning issued with up to three inches set to fall today https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10059915/Flooding-causes-delays-Tube-roads-left-underwater-London-Essex.html
  9. Biden warns ‘meteor headed to crash’ into US economy amid debt struggle President condemns ‘reckless’ Republicans for pushing government towards historic debt default https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/oct/04/joe-biden-debt-limit-republicans-democrats The US treasury has said it will be unable to pay its bills by around 18 October, unless Congress raises the current debt limit of $28.4tn. Failure could trigger the first US default in modern history, wreaking havoc on the US and world economies. In an era of bitter partisanship, the issue has become an acid test of Washington dysfunction. Senate Republicans have twice blocked action to raise the limit, arguing that Democrats can use a manoeuvre known as budget reconciliation to act alone. “They won’t raise it even though defaulting on the debt would lead to a self-inflicted wound that takes our economy over a cliff,” Biden said in a televised address on Monday, noting that some of the debt was incurred by Donald Trump and is not related to his own spending plans.
  10. Don’t worry, totally normal and absolutely no negative consequences for permeating our most vulnerable humans with plastic.
  11. Indeed, a blackout/rationing experience would simply drive forward the options and capabilities for self generation and storage, much as the current fiasco has driven forward EV purchasing. Planning ahead for future climate chaos mitigation, I’d endorse as much self sufficient capability provisioning as possible. Our govt certainly won’t manage it for us.
  12. Right. Getting up at sparrow's tomorrow to try and secure the bag* *petrol Wish me luck
  13. Economist podcast mentioned locust swarms across ME, Africa, SE Asia as potentially bigger impact than CV. So I am hereby adding LOCUSTS to the black swan mix. https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/465505/Fighting-locust-in-80-000-hectares-of-farms-underway
  14. Landlords can offset loan fees against tax.
  15. All I'm saying is the mums net mums are an excellent predictor of consumer behaviour and well worth monitoring
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