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  1. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4347108-Anyones-houses-NOT-selling-SE-London
  2. JK Rowling insisted on paying UK tax which moved her from billionaire to millionaire. She may well be back up again but I admire her ethics.
  3. If Labour lead with sorting out childcare they might get somewhere. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/sep/12/uk-failing-on-childcare-finds-survey-of-over-20000-working-parents UK failing on childcare, finds survey of over 20,000 working parents Major study shows childcare system that is financially crippling, hinders careers and needs radical overall
  4. Indeed. I’ve said before, the Sunday Times (and to some extent the Observer) provide the coverage other papers seek to bury. For this reason I still buy a paper on Sundays, while reading online free the rest of the week.
  5. Surely more than Australia though (a country equally massive, equally dependent on inward migration to prop up the economy). I recall hearing Aus water supply could only support 20mil and they’re at 25mil now with no signs of slowing.
  6. I got a junk mail letter from foxtons offering me half price fees for selling with them this month only! Ofc they don’t state their fee percentage and I expect half price comes to a local agent’s standard fee.
  7. Just goes to show that having a massive country to build in doesn’t ease the pressure at all. Not when you’re importing huge numbers of migrants to keep your pyramid going.
  8. According to reports, plans will be abandoned in light of backlash from southern voters and MPs The government is reportedly backpedaling on its commitment to overhaul planning laws in order to accelerate infrastructure projects with a target of building 300,000 homes a year in England. Part of the government’s “Project Speed”, the new planning laws were announced in the Queen’s speech with the target of modernising and simplifying the system and increasing the number of homes being planned by more than a third. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/sep/11/ministers-to-ditch-overhaul-of-planning-laws-after-criticism
  9. Have we mandated public charging for new commercial developments yet? I can see any govt buildings requiring it, ditto any new service stations, shopping malls, supermarkets etc.
  10. I think 15. Slower than human traffic, extremely safe, securitised and only on certain routes.
  11. Having watched the progression of robotics in the Boston Dynamics videos, I have no doubt that given enough input data to learn from that AI will be able to negotiate these types of situations. The only question is when.
  12. States across American west see hottest summer on record as climate crisis rages California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Utah faced historic heatwaves, which were made possible by human-caused global heating, a study found https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/sep/10/american-west-states-hottest-summer-climate-crisis
  13. Imagine being the first company to guarantee AI driven haulage services…
  14. Sure, but I’ve yet to see one house spawn 6 baby houses.
  15. Bizarrely in the current climate renting out a campervan is rather lucrative.
  16. That’s tough for everyone. My body outliving my mind is somehow far worse than the reverse.
  17. Welcome to the Social Democrats! https://sdp.org.uk/policies/
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