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  1. Ditto when they die and pass on big wodges to all the kids, which turn into…house deposits. As wild as it is to imagine, chain free renter friends were outbid this summer twice on 1mil+ houses by cash buyers.
  2. Right, management has emergency approved new starter rises to match. Which means the people already there will demand matching or leave too.
  3. Retrofitting: why carbon-reducing renovations are going to be big business
  4. The US city that has raised $100m to climate-proof its buildings
  5. They could very well have (I have long argued for greater central oversight of landlords in the UK, as it would at least enable better stats). The tenants I've had have been young or old, no one has had kids. I don't rent review and they're currently underpaying the market. After the initial tenancy period any renewals are up to them for whatever length they want, or they can lapse to standard rolling. But the fundamental remains that locals can generally afford long term rent costs, as their salaries are what set the market rate (along with social tenants and aside from commuters), whereas holiday lets completely remove a property from local access - except perhaps to scrub the toilet after each guest leaves. I have no beef with people buying ruins, unmortgagable places, and new builds for second homes. Perhaps I should reconsider that as well. But I don't personally like seeing starter homes and flats that could house young families being colonised by the wealthy from London or suchlike, and either used rarely or touted out to short stay bookers with no interest in keeping the peace with neighbours. How about you?
  6. See, this freedom to oust is excellent for consumers, not so good for the companies and shareholders previously strangling trapped residents. They will of course find new ways to trap people and we should be vigilant to spot their schemes.
  7. Weirdly, could it be their big donor developers? Think about it, they're raking it in from overpriced taxpayer subsidised new builds. Freeing up all those second hand flats could loosen their stranglehold on FTB HTB properties. They want control of the supply, and a 6 year backlog on clearing cladding does tie things up nicely.
  8. No, no I'm sure the vast majority of the UK public were completely confident that the biggest change to the country in the last five decades would have absolutely no impact on their lives and finances and that they should merrily continue their non-essential major purchases without a qualm or second thought while headlines trumpeted factory closures and city financial firms relocating overseas. Since 2016 no one knew what was going to happen. People don't like uncertainty. Once they knew where things stood and how much they hated being cooped up in flats and small houses they decided to buy big ones. I don't think it's that complex tbh.
  9. Since the Brexit vote in 2016 we collectively held our breath, then had a brief window before having to hold it again, with added working from home space stress. Everything has been WAIT AND SEE. And we waited, and we saw, and we bounced off the walls and clawed each others’ eyes out and raced to grab whatever bigger place the banks would lend on. I expect the pressure to release cladding flats from red tape is huge, as these are vast numbers of second steppers in limbo.
  10. Last Barnard Marcus 69% sold (nice) https://www.barnardmarcusauctions.co.uk/auctions/27-july-2021/
  11. House prices are rising at their fastest rate in almost 17 years after a dash to beat a stamp duty holiday deadline in England and Northern Ireland pushed the annual rate of property inflation to 13.2% in June. Figures from the Office for National Statistics showed the average house price across the UK increased by £31,000 to £266,000 over the past year – or just over £2,500 a month. House price inflation using Land Registry data stood at 2% in June 2020 but has gradually increased over the previous 12 months. Pent-up demand, the search for bigger homes as a result of the pandemic, and the decision by the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, to waive stamp duty on properties worth less than £500,000 have all contributed to the rise. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/aug/18/uk-house-prices-rise-at-fastest-rate-since-2004
  12. https://gizmodo.com/how-has-social-media-impacted-our-mental-health-1847326546
  13. You can pick them up outside of B&Q too, is that any better?
  14. Global water crisis will intensify with climate breakdown, says report Flooding, droughts and wildfires will worsen as global heating disrupts the planet’s water cycle https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/aug/17/global-water-crisis-will-intensify-with-climate-breakdown-says-report
  15. I'm only doing a comparison for my own benefit and sharing it with the good people of HPC to empower them with knowledge
  16. Local and seasonal has a 30% premium around my way 😂
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