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  1. I want people paid a fair wage for a fair job so they can live a fair life. They paid this guy's sick leave and then took it away - I reckon he's earned a cushy Waitrose salary 10x over. And we wonder why so many people feel marginalised and angry, flailing around for someone to blame.
  2. Autism being one, particularly for male parent age. https://www.spectrumnews.org/news/link-parental-age-autism-explained/
  3. JFC no wonder they’re leaving He would be lying if he said he hasn’t considered leaving. “A guy just left here and he’s gone up to £44,000,” says Gee. “All he does is drive from Didcot to Exeter.” But for now, he plans to stay put. “If I was in a lorry driving up and down the motorway all day I’d be on my own,” he says. “At least I’ve got these two idiots to talk to.” Gee is paid £24,000 a year. “That’s quite a sad salary,” he says, turning to me with a frank, open smile. “Isn’t it?”
  4. Maggots and mayhem: behind the scenes of Britain’s big bin crisis Thanks to the HGV driver shortage, many refuse collectors are quitting to earn up to £30,000 more driving lorries. But what does this mean for our streets, as the rubbish and recycling piles ever higher? https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/sep/21/maggots-and-mayhem-a-day-on-a-bin-round-in-broken-brexit-britain
  5. Food producers have called on the government to subsidise the fertiliser plants that produce the CO2 essential to much of the sector – including for packaging, fizzy drinks and animal slaughter – amid fears over shortages in supermarkets. The Food & Drink Federation (FDF), which represents hundreds of food processors and manufacturers, joined retailers and meat producers in calling for urgent action as they warned of serious disruption in food supply chains. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/sep/20/uk-food-producers-call-for-subsidies-to-tackle-co2-shortages
  6. You can’t possibly mean that this fake news site is promoting fake news?! Shocked, I tells ya.
  7. Ah yes, you see I used to be punched in the face every day in 1987, so I can’t possibly complain about my child being slapped twice a week now.
  8. Poor people wanting cleaner air doesn't really count as an obsession, when the worst impacts of air pollution is on children.
  9. 😂 No even better https://www.nasa.gov/careers
  10. Step one is for everyone to yell at their MPs. Are we doing that?
  11. I'd just like to thank @Mikhail Liebenstein for starting this thread. Pure gold, some of these replies 😂
  12. Once again, I must suggest reading: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ministry-Future-Kim-Stanley-Robinson/dp/0356508838/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1632041848&sr=8-1 Yes it's fiction but it touches on many of those topics held dear to the bosoms of the HPCers.
  13. I HaVE wHiTE frIENds Yeah, no kidding you do. 😆 Been on the sauvignon blanc tonight? I'm sure they're well hard too mate. Punchy punchy whachoolookinat white dreds is proper legit innit. Cultural appropriation is totally fine as long as it's your white friends doing it. Let it be noted that you are too scared of the reaction to do any open appropriating yourself. Or do I have it wrong and you're identifying as BAME this week in order to access some obscure graduate scheme? This whole things is very "Yah darling but I don't see colour" vibes. Cringe.
  14. The Mums are starting to rumble Gas and electricity bills to soar http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/am_i_being_unreasonable/4352593-Gas-and-electricity-bills-to-soar
  15. Useful question. It's a bit like driving without a full license, I suppose, but with far greater financial benefits. Agents legally required to notify HMRC of rental. Airbnb and online short letting agents legally required to notify HMRC. Random checks Whistleblowing (could that be incentivised for unhappy tenants or ex-tenants?) Punitive charges on discovery Prohibition from BTL in future But 1 in 40 drivers in the UK doesn't have a license. Some people will always seek to break the rules. It doesn't mean we shouldn't attempt to create a workable system that protects tenants and ensures properties are adequately maintained and insured, and the appropriate tax paid. Perhaps a moratorium on back payments while bedding in the system would entice the less dodgy characters to fess up.
  16. I'm honestly somewhat bemused that you think this is a non-issue in the world. Rachel Dolezal can't get a job. She hasn't been able to get a job for 6 years because of her transracial belief. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9253923/Race-faker-Rachel-Dolezal-says-job-six-years-pretending-black.html I'm very happy for you to prove me wrong by starting Monday next week announcing you are in fact (and I'm assuming you're not already) black and that you identify mostly with black culture, specifically West Indian. You'll need to start growing some dreads and using patois. Do let us know how people react I'm sure you'll be proven correct and that absolutely no one cares... The key point being that you must insist you are black and not simply that you identify with the culture.
  17. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you won't face a backlash for it. This guy says he's Korean. https://www.instagram.com/londonoli/ He gets people telling him to take his life. And Rachel Dolezal was trolled mercilessly. Both these people clearly are mentally unwell. I'm interested to see any examples of Asians identifying as white? Surely these would be mixed race people who receive preferred treatment when 'passing'. Conflating sexual preferences or religion with identifying as another race/ethnicity serves no purpose in this discussion. Gammon IMO is in the same vein as Karen (and oddly similar sounding). Anyone up in arms about a so-called racial slur such as gammon should be just as miffed by a misogynistic AND racist slur like Karen...but they're oddly fine with it. Funny that.
  18. Annoyingly just sold my original A-Bike a few months ago.
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