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  1. On 17/09/2021 at 19:25, zugzwang said:

    I have white friends who've been rocking dreads and braids for years. I don't believe anyone's ever tried to gatekeep their appearance. A hastily arranged dental appointment would probably be the upshot if it ever happened.

    I grew up listening to black music, predominantly. As did everyone else. The fashion world has spent decades borrowing from black style and culture. Even the Japanese rap!

    I dunno. Perhaps you should stop listening to the Karens at the Daily Mail and get out a bit more? There's a hundred million ways to live your life for yourself.

    I HaVE wHiTE frIENds

    Yeah, no kidding you do. 😆  Been on the sauvignon blanc tonight?

    I'm sure they're well hard too mate. Punchy punchy whachoolookinat white dreds is proper legit innit.


    Cultural appropriation is totally fine as long as it's your white friends doing it. :D  

    Let it be noted that you are too scared of the reaction to do any open appropriating yourself. Or do I have it wrong and you're identifying as BAME this week in order to access some obscure graduate scheme? 

    This whole things is very "Yah darling but I don't see colour" vibes. Cringe. 


  2. 11 minutes ago, Tiger131 said:

    What about all the properties long term rented out on an informal basis, no way the landlord is going to registered.

    Useful question.

    It's a bit like driving without a full license, I suppose, but with far greater financial benefits.

    Agents legally required to notify HMRC of rental. Airbnb and online short letting agents legally required to notify HMRC. 

    Random checks

    Whistleblowing (could that be incentivised for unhappy tenants or ex-tenants?)

    Punitive charges on discovery

    Prohibition from BTL in future

    But 1 in 40 drivers in the UK doesn't have a license. Some people will always seek to break the rules. It doesn't mean we shouldn't attempt to create a workable system that protects tenants and ensures properties are adequately maintained and insured, and the appropriate tax paid. 

    Perhaps a moratorium on back payments while bedding in the system would entice the less dodgy characters to fess up. 



  3. 47 minutes ago, zugzwang said:

    A backlash from whom? Some under-occupied twit on the internet? Mr Freeman on the Land stamping his tiny foot at the world?

    No-one cares!

    Some Asians lighten their skins because for them it has middle-class connotations. Northern Europeans artificially darken their skins for the same reason, ironically. Contrary effects but a common motivation.

    I'm honestly somewhat bemused that you think this is a non-issue in the world. 

    Rachel Dolezal can't get a job. She hasn't been able to get a job for 6 years because of her transracial belief. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9253923/Race-faker-Rachel-Dolezal-says-job-six-years-pretending-black.html

    I'm very happy for you to prove me wrong by starting Monday next week announcing you are in fact (and I'm assuming you're not already) black and that you identify mostly with black culture, specifically West Indian. You'll need to start growing some dreads and using patois. 

    Do let us know how people react :D I'm sure you'll be proven correct and that absolutely no one cares... The key point being that you must insist you are black and not simply that you identify with the culture. 



  4. 11 hours ago, zugzwang said:

    Yes, an Asian person can identify as white! And a white woman as black (below).

    Also, you can tick all the boxes when asked what your religion is (Pascal's sweepstake) and what your sexual preferences are.

    No-one's keeping score.

    Just because you can do something doesn't mean you won't face a backlash for it.

    This guy says he's Korean. https://www.instagram.com/londonoli/

    He gets people telling him to take his life. 

    And Rachel Dolezal was trolled mercilessly. Both these people clearly are mentally unwell.

    I'm interested to see any examples of Asians identifying as white? Surely these would be mixed race people who receive preferred treatment when 'passing'. 

    Conflating sexual preferences or religion with identifying as another race/ethnicity serves no purpose in this discussion. 

    Gammon IMO is in the same vein as Karen (and oddly similar sounding). Anyone up in arms about a so-called racial slur such as gammon should be just as miffed by a misogynistic AND racist slur like Karen...but they're oddly fine with it. 

    Funny that.

  5. https://www.barbican.org.uk/whats-on/2021/event/architecture-on-stage-peter-barber-architects?utm_campaign=950478_CCXART160921A&utm_medium=email&utm_source=dotdigital

    For the past two decades, Peter Barber Architects has been at the forefront of redefining how we approach the design of social housing, establishing a reputation for playful reinterpretations of traditional housing models such as mansion blocks and back-to-back terraces.

    Barber will present the practice’s latest housing projects across London.

  6. 20 minutes ago, Riedquat said:

    I suppose the answer is usually "no" because people don't like traffic going past their front door. I believe that approach to an estate results in it feeling like an isolated entity plonked there, disconnected from the rest of the place, and not an integral part of it though.

    Hence why Span estates are sought after. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, kzb said:

    Blimey puddles in London !   Try living in the NW of the country.


    What is DARVO? 

    Deny that climate change is happening/deny that human activities have caused it.

    Attack the credibility of those trying to slow or stop it. Muddy the waters. Sow confusion. Blame and distract. Suggest flooding in London is nothing to worry about because other places also flood sometimes. Suck it up you soft Southerners.

    Reverse victim and offender by claiming that environmentalists have just as much power as the oil/gas lobby. 

    Repeat, repeat, repeat. 



    Anyone else read Kim Stanley Robinson? The first chapter of his latest is highly readable. 



  8. 5 minutes ago, iamnumerate said:

    Although ugly it is really not that ugly by today's standards

    Balustrade posts are not supposed to touch each other. 😩

    And where are the overhangs! Zoom in on the light fittings next to each doorway (conveniently built without porches so that owners can be rained on while searching for keys) and witness the drip scum stain on the wall beneath. 

    Could they have shoehorned some more black metal fencing in there somehow? Even the windows above the doors offend me, like the mad, sightless eyes of an island recluse. 

    But sure, why not add a weird pergola crown thing on top of the stupid tower. Why not indeed. https://www.google.com/maps/@51.4650668,-0.2478541,3a,75y,218.6h,115.14t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s-E6jdrafFjAO6f2FNEtvWA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

    A great, miserable wall of UPVC mullioned windows, dropped next to the South Circular. 







  9. 6 hours ago, erat_forte said:

    Goldman Sachs: "demand destruction via sharply higher prices is the only option to rebalance markets"


    Looks like "Demand Destruction" is mainstream code for degrowth.

    As winter approaches I’m not sure consumers have that much ability to limit their demand, no matter what the price set. Another season of ‘eat or heat’ for UK’s poorest. 

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