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  1. UK in the top 5 places to be when society collapses. Go us! https://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/13/15/8161/htm
  2. When the data comes in don't forget we can claim it's erroneous, surely can't be right, must be fudged, vested interests etc.
  3. How is market nearby you now? http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4308469-How-is-market-nearby-you-now
  4. Extreme weather will be the norm and UK is not prepared, report warns Last year was first to be in top 10 for heat, rain and sunshine, as scientists say UK’s mild climate is at an end Richard Allan, professor of climate science at Reading University, explained: “Very wet periods and associated flooding are becoming more severe as higher greenhouse gas levels warm the air, increasing the moisture that fuels storms. A more thirsty atmosphere also dries the ground more effectively, intensifying the already hotter spells and making our weather more extreme.” Those extremes are likely to cause severe problems, as most infrastructure in the UK has not been built to tolerate the sort of rainfall, heatwave temperatures and storms that are likely to hit more frequently. Flooding has struck the UK again in recent days, after a heatwave earlier this month, raising questions over the UK’s ability to cope with extreme weather.
  5. Thing is, how many times have you heard people complaining that a friend of the agent bought the property they wanted? It's not supposed to happen but of course it does. Yes, developers backhanding, but buying a house is still a human-based process and human responses are hackable. And I mean, there are worse markets than ours right now. Stop writing 'love letters' to sellers in today's real estate market, says President of Ohio Realtors House with no toilet sells for $2m as New Zealand property market soars @DwellerI hope you're looking at bungalows.
  6. Meanwhile in the NE Dire poverty in north-east England ‘driving many more children into care’ Our endless HPI comes at a huge cost to the futures of our children.
  7. Homo Sapiens - 200,000 years of face to face communication vs 14 years of iphones But be my guest and establish a rapport with your local agents via online contact. Perhaps liking all their instragram posts for the last year will do it 🤪
  8. Ah that is a big area, possibly too big because you aren't able to focus. We had this problem a few years ago in that we were after a very specific type of house design and had all of SE and London to find it in. Took 3 years and that was in a normal market. What are your exact requirements, the things that are non-negotiable? Are all your zoopla and rightmove alerts set up for instant notification?
  9. Exactly! This is the guy to listen to, he (or she) will know you aren't going to mess him around, you're serious.
  10. You make friends with them. You establish an empathy, and regularly renew it via face to face conversation. One day you'll go in and they'll remember your name! And you do this with a range of agents. No emailing. Emails are worthless. F2F or calls. Get some warmth going, try to understand how hard it is for them to get inventory these days. Sales people aren't usually introverts, they feed off other people's energy. But if all this is too much hard work, then by all means continue doing what you're already doing, I'm sure it might work eventually. People letterbox our area, saying they want to buy. You could try and appeal to sellers directly. Yes, the market is difficult at the moment but there are ways to be proactive and give yourself an edge.
  11. Even more reason to keep cozy with agents. And I detest agents, promise. But they are a valuable resource and in this market need to be treated as such. My favourite types are the jaded old ones who've seen everything and just want a quiet life.
  12. Are you in touch with agents? What I mean by this is are you going in and having a pleasant chat with them at a quiet time, explaining your situation (don't underestimate the value of a sob story), and asking them to keep you in mind when something in your budget comes up? This includes places that have fallen through, tricky deceased estates, those places that they just want a patient buyer who will shut up and wait for everything to get sorted without nagging them. My feeling is there will be another burst before winter sets in (people want to be in their new houses for Xmas) and then the overpriced places that didn't sell in summer might start to consider reasonable offers.
  13. Have a feeling HSBC offered us 6x earlier this year...
  14. 12% of the UK pop has asthma, a chronic illness. Multimorbidity is riding as the pop ages. https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/projects/time-think-differently/trends-disease-and-disability-long-term-conditions-multi-morbidity It’s also related to deprivation.
  15. In London? Councils will still be approving new build developments while their desks float away. Fun map https://coast.noaa.gov/slr/#/layer/slr/3/38295.94713067755/6717105.563782377/7/satellite/none/0.8/2050/interHigh/midAccretion
  16. The pros for you outweighs the cons, but I’d encourage your wife to go PT over quitting entirely. If you don’t need the money just sock it away as an emergency fund.
  17. Thanks, that Other category could do with a better breakdown methinks.
  18. Does anywhere track UK mortgage multiples? I have a feeling that borrowers who would have taken a comfortable 3.5x 2 years ago are desperately taking 5x or more these days in order to secure a property. It would explain the rising prices somewhat.
  19. Haven’t read any Jensen before but saw a video of him continuing to talk while being screeched at and heckled by no-platforming university students, and admired his restraint. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/194862639X/ref=dbs_a_w_dp_194862639x "Bright Green Lies exposes the hypocrisy and bankruptcy of leading environmental groups and their most prominent cheerleaders. The best-known environmentalists are not in the business of speaking truth, or even holding up rational solutions to blunt the impending ecocide, but instead indulge in a mendacious and self-serving delusion that provides comfort at the expense of reality. They fail to state the obvious: We cannot continue to wallow in hedonistic consumption and industrial expansion and survive as a species.
  20. At least 250 convicted of child sexual abuse in UK and Ireland while in Scout movement https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/jul/25/uk-ireland-child-sexual-abuse-scout-movement
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