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  1. In 2019 Japan accepted 44 asylum seekers. https://thediplomat.com/2021/03/japans-changing-immigration-and-refugee-policy/ Honestly if I was seeking asylum it would not be top of my list. Brilliant country but you could never integrate fully.
  2. There are loads of immigrants in major Japanese cities. Big numbers of Koreans, Chinese, tons of Indians. Plenty of Filipinos, Indonesians too. The guys handing out tissues and flyers in Harajuku are often enough black (Nigerians, African American). Okinawa has the permanent US forces. Japan will import more foreigners but the preference will be for asian ones. Similar to how we absorbed the Poles. The entire developed world will have to contend with the issues of population at some point. Japan has a head start.
  3. Midwife? High demand, no worries there. Can even go private for more money. 3 bed so you get in a pinch can take in a lodger (also easy to find since you’ll be in contact with junior hospital staff in that bracket). Rather than pulling out consider lowering offer, cite the Rics roof etc. Buys you some breathing room.
  4. Lot of variables. How long you been looking? What fix is the mortgage? What percentage of your salary is mortgage each month? Do you expect to earn more over the fixed term? Is it somewhere you can raise a family? Are the schools good, green spaces, good transport? If you lose your job do you have contingency fund? Can you upskill quickly? How much mental space has this purchase been taking in your mind and are you prepared to do it all again in whoever knows how many months/years?
  5. He’ll be fathering a new kid shortly, if not already. Knew a guy who got locked in by a Ukrainian woman that way.
  6. There's a reason the top nannies all dress like this: Rich women know what happens when a more fertile female enters the house.
  7. Sorry, this makes too much sense, please could you delete and replace with a meme of some kind?
  8. EXCLUSIVE: Boris must get a grip on the cost of living crisis or LOSE the next election: New Mail poll reveals the toll of soaring prices on Britons... and delivers a stark warning to the PM https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10838745/Boris-grip-cost-living-crisis-LOSE-election-Mail-poll-issues-warning-PM.html
  9. I looked it up. That 'currently' is doing some heavy lifting. Are sea levels rising the same all over the world, as if we're filling a giant bathtub? Anyway, here's NASA from 2 years ago on the topic of sea level rises. https://climate.nasa.gov/ask-nasa-climate/2974/cant-see-sea-level-rise-youre-looking-in-the-wrong-place/ Of course, people on HPC are much smarter than NASA. That's why we're all millionaires and hang out with Bill Gates at his beach house, right?
  10. Poor people eat cheap low quality food. Cheap low quality food contains little protein (which fills you for longer) and much trans fats (bad) seed oils (bad for macros but prolongs shelf life) sugar (creates insulin resistance and weight gain but prolongs shelf life) salt (fine in moderation but also prolongs shelf life), and little real nutrients. The poor people then get hungry faster and eat more junk sooner. Their insulin response slows. They get fat. They develop diabetes. They remain hungry. The cycle continues and their bodies lack nutrients. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41366-018-0143-9 So yes, poor people can be fat and starving for nutrients. I mean, show me all the obese billionaires? Rich people can afford good health and nutrition (and the education to realise it).
  11. What if…hear me out…crazy thought but what if sea level rises occurred with different impacts in different locations?! And…even wilder…what if trusting the purchasing decisions of Obama, Pelosi and Gates - people who can all afford to enjoy sea views without worrying about the continued value of the real estate - is a bad idea?? 🤪 Now, show me where Thiel has bought in NZ. That’s the real estate decision I trust (but not the man, lol).
  12. Incredibly common story: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2022/mar/09/a-moment-that-changed-me-walked-into-bookies-won-72-in-12-seconds-life-never-the-same Online, of course they know when you're a new gambler and can ensure you 'win' to hook you. Social media also borrows these brain hacking techniques (the algorithm can ensure you get more likes the more you post, building up the neural addiction pathways one dopamine hit at a time).
  13. Can someone talk me through this? They’re printing their way out of the problems, deliberately weakening RMB?
  14. You’ve never been hungry or poor and have no empathy or imagination that it could possibly happen. I get it. A stranger on the internet isn’t going to convince you that your made up “99.9%” is wrong. I’m guessing you have a full stomach right now. Sitting in a comfy spot. Surrounded by nice things. Never been punched in the face for looking at your dad wrong, or lost your job because you won’t give the supervisor a blow job. Never been in debt because the car broke down. Never chosen between feeding yourself or buying your kid new shoes. Never lived off benefits or been sanctioned, never been told you’re worthless or too stupid to be in school. Never got cancer and lost your zero hours contract. https://www.independent.co.uk/money/macmillan-to-provide-more-cash-for-cancer-sufferers-struggling-with-rising-bills-b2022018.html?amp These stories happen every day around you. You’re just fortunate enough not to have to care.
  15. Aus will have escalating outward climate migration over next few decades. But I foresee Tasmania becoming the first step, then NZ.
  16. This safety net? https://amp.theguardian.com/society/2020/jan/28/disabled-man-starved-to-death-after-dwp-stopped-his-benefits https://amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/aug/25/mercy-baguma-woman-in-extreme-poverty-found-dead-next-to-crying-baby-in-glasgow https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/vulnerable-woman-detained-hospital-starved-b1992329.html?amp https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/woman-in-her-90s-starves-to-death-in-first-case-for-decades-z2zsc0dqx
  17. Starting to find out what we’ve been doing to our bodies now. Eventually they’ll find the link to autoimmune diseases, and some of the trans stuff (predict turns out drenching a developing fetus’ brain in endocrine disrupters not bright idea). Just my theory ofc. Environmental toxins are worsening obesity pandemic, say scientists Exclusive: Pollutants can upset body’s metabolic thermostat with some even causing obesity to be passed on to children Chemical pollution in the environment is supersizing the global obesity epidemic, according to a major scientific review. The idea that the toxins called “obesogens” can affect how the body controls weight is not yet part of mainstream medicine. But the dozens of scientists behind the review argue that the evidence is now so strong that it should be. “This is critical because the current clinical management of obese patients is woefully inadequate,” they said. *** The evidence for obesogens is set out by more than 40 scientists in three review papers, published in the peer-reviewed journal Biochemical Pharmacology and citing 1,400 studies. They say these chemicals are everywhere: in water and dust, food packaging, personal hygiene products and household cleaners, furniture and electronics. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/may/19/environmental-toxins-are-worsening-obesity-pandemic-say-scientists
  18. I believe it’s been proven that poor neighbourhoods are more generous to beggars than rich ones. Says it all really. I expect most sanctimonious advice comes from people who have never experienced true hunger, or real desperation. And empathy can’t be taught at school.
  19. I am quite interested to know if anyone on here has actually lived in poverty (hand to mouth). My parents were working poor and always had a (small, cheap) house so I don’t count myself that way.
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