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  1. Indeed, I enjoy perusing houses that are so clearly owned by people who truly believe they have wonderful taste, when all photographic evidence is to the contrary One such: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/109030439#/
  2. You might be lucky and get one of the places that overpriced at first, then have sat over summer. Nothing like no viewings all July/Aug to get seller’s brains melting
  3. It's gambling. You're selling gambling to people without the critical skills to realise they're being manipulated. Everyone's an expert in magic money...
  4. IMO Loyalty means F all to these places. You're a number, nothing more. Annoyingly the money advice service used to run a really useful whole of market comparison tool but they ditched it at the second to last rebrand (and currently rebranding AGAIN). All I do is use a few of the free comparison sites - I doubt any of them are really whole of market and unbiased. When I was a FTB I paid £250 for an independent mortgage broker, who then proceeded to recommend the exact same mortgage I had found myself. Sometimes they are useful though, if you've got a tricky credit history or need max lev
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/jun/19/life-savings-in-crypto-generation-of-amateurs-hooked-on-high-risk-trading This is the year ordinary people discovered financial markets. Through a heady combination of lockdown-induced ennui, generous economic stimulus packages (on social media, memes make reference to investing your “stimmy cheque”) and the GameStop run, there’s never been so much amateur money sloshing around stock markets, nor such interest in arcane and impenetrable financial jargon. If it feels as if everyone is talking about their stock options and crypto wallets,
  6. Oh there's no debating with these buffoons. They have the mindset of toddlers. I suppose the absorption of UKIPers and so forth will have folded in some unsavories. Incels are f-ing everywhere, I can't seem to escape them. Always heavily on youtube/reddit/discord, always sucking up brain rot from screens. It's 100% brainwashing but what do they get out of it? Does it make anyone's life happier, better, more fulfilled, richer to be a hate-filled algorithm zombie? And in a wider question, why do we heavily monitor and restrict advertising on the basis that it promotes lies and convinc
  7. My remortgage date is coming up in Oct to I’ve started monitoring and researching for 5 year fix (lowest LTV). Start of the week I was offered 1.19, same as it’s been for months. Mid week 1.16. Now 1.14 (via broker).
  8. Have you seen the prices for buying family tents? I had a look for Dorset places July/Aug and it's just the dregs/crazy prices now.
  9. We wiped 20% of our US workforce last year. It was virtually instant. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At-will_employment
  10. Very true, and the 2mil+ houses were for ordinary professionals like doctors and lawyers.
  11. It's America. They can fire you in most states and not pay beyond two weeks (or that day). You ever watch Undercover Boss when every employee grovels and simpers about how LUCKY and FORTUNATE they are just to even have their job (and how much they love it). Of course it's all fake but most basic workers seem to live in fear of being dumped at the strike of a pen. Try doing that in France or Germany lol.
  12. you resisted for 30 years???! Go on, post a photo so we can all goggle. I don't even have a driveway, just a bumpy path. But seriously, as someone who grew up 'poor' I have through periods of almost needing to spend to justify my existence. Trying to be a minimalist and reject useless consumerism is an ongoing project and I rather admire people who find it easy.
  13. Sometimes people who overextend themselves this way are trying to fill a hole in their childhoods. All the Agas and driveways and water features and sweeping staircases won't wash away parental neglect, or bullying, or abuse. Spend 10k on a proper therapist who can help to work through these issues and the peace inside will last a lifetime. It's like Carrie's wallpaper. Doesn't matter what she spends, her husband is still cheating on her while she raises a child. Scratch a little and you'll see the daddy issues.
  14. Well priced Family homes with good gardens still selling but taking longer round me. Anything else is sitting. It’s quite interesting. I think those who wanted to move and would pay anything to do it have mostly found places by now.
  15. I will pay £50 to the first man or women to bring me his chopped off goatee.
  16. Truth teller? https://www.scotsman.com/news/world/secrets-lies-real-julian-assange-1544221 PR Spinner. Guy's a classic narc, v convincing and tells people what they want to hear. he could get every one of his mistresses up the duff and he'd still cling onto power. Question is, who inside the Tories can unseat him?
  17. FT Podcasts are discussing it a lot. https://www.ft.com/content/125f6fd7-3081-40e1-b2e3-0d299756641b Economist too but I can’t find a specific one https://www.economist.com/podcasts?page=5 If you have a google speaker it’s easy enough to sign up for both of these so you can tell Google “play the news” and get the latest pod episodes too.
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