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  1. I don't know what I expected but it's quite a surprise to me that 45% of all unsecured loans are student loans.
  2. The BBC is now reporting Boris as saying that 'It’s been great in every possible way.' Conspiracy theorists, make of that what you will.
  3. I've been wondering how Farage will be feeling today. It seems obvious that he should be elated, but I wonder if he's wondering what he's supposed to do next. If there's a person who could take credit for this outcome, it's him--but I don't suppose there'll be any place for him in the decision making process of the leaving-the-EU process.
  4. I mustn't have been paying attention. Does Boris have any actual closeness to Trump?
  5. Hasn't London 'suffered' substantial immigration? It didn't vote to Leave. :-)
  6. The referendum campaign has clearly not been Osborne's finest hour, but I think he's been an okay chancellor. Do you have any suggestions who would be good to replace him in that role?
  7. Markets going ape? The FTSE has dropped to the level it was at about a week or so ago. :-)
  8. I think it'd be good if Davis could be persuaded to return in some role. I wouldn't have thought it would be PM though!
  9. Blimey. The FTSE's off again. Not being the gambling type, I don't really know how I'd easily check whether the odds are moving to match the FTSE (or vice versa).
  10. If it were a very narrow win for Leave, would the bad weather in the southeast cause it to be considered an invalid result?
  11. On a tangent: I don't know whether leaving or remaining is best for the economy, but the referendum has ruined my productivity today.
  12. Traders and gamblers seem to know something I don't. Where are they getting their information from that makes them think it's so clearly Remain's day?
  13. We probably spent around a thousand quid sprucing (although maybe half of that was with a few newer bits of furniture to make the place look better which we took with us, so maybe only a £500 loss), and (I like to think) I'm fairly articulate and made a reasonable job of showing people around. I prepared a little two-sides of A4 hand-out for viewers to take with them with a floorplan (back then, EA floorplans were unheard of, at least by me) and all the selling points listed for the house as bullet points. I felt quite under pressure (self-imposed) to sell based upon the view (as you say) that it was now obvious that the market was in trouble. All things considered, it went pretty easily--especially as (against the EA's advice) we knocked a couple of grand off the asking price two or three times to begin with until the viewings/interest really started picking up. In other words, it sold--but I wasn't messing about. I wanted to sell it... I'm not sure that all 'sellers' do!
  14. Probably not. If it was that specific house, with hindsight I'm no longer so keen on the location, and the neighbours were noisy (although I accept they could've moved also in the meantime). If it was a house of that general specification, still probably not. I think if I were to buy a house again now, it'd be a detached, and the old house is a semi. Possibly my only reason for buying a house again any time soon would be security of tenure, but (in the move we're about to make) I may have that problem somewhat solved anyway. We're moving into a place belonging to a relative of mine who is willing to give us a rolling 12-months' notice arrangement, which kinda solves my main bugbear of renting. If/when we do finally get our notice at this new place, we may buy again just to achieve security.
  15. We're moving house shortly, from one rented place to another. When I mentioned this to someone a few days ago, they asked how come I wasn't a home owner. I briefly outlined my suspicion that, at around the time we sold to rent, the housing market had reached some kind of peak. He asked how much the house we'd sold was worth now--in short, had it been a reasonably good move? On and off the for the first three or four years, I used to check the Land Registry data to see if the house we'd sold had sold again, to see if in our individual and personal case, we'd sold a house at some kind of a high or not. Having not seen the house sell in that time for those first few years, I'd gradually stopped looking, but as this chap has asked, I looked again. It turns out that the house we put up for sale in the late summer of 2007 and moved out of in January 2008 has been sold again last December. The selling price then was about 11.82% lower than our selling price in 2007/8. Just an anecdotal really, but interesting. We live in the Staffordshire if it's of any interest. I was pretty surprised actually. I'd kind of got the feeling that houses around here had been pretty much flat since we sold up. So, we'd not gaffed really, but I wouldn't have thought our selling the house was an especially shrewd move. And yet, taking inflation into account, I would imagine the value of that house is down by, say, 30% in the last eight years.
  16. Or, what counts as a 'first time buyer'?
  17. Is that just for forthcoming dividend dates or is there any way to see past ones (even if only recent past)?
  18. This is a quickie (I hope). I'd like to find out the dividend dates (ex-div and payment, past and future) for a couple of stocks (in fact, for stocks generally, but two for now). I'm pretty sure I used to be able to see this sort of stuff on the Analysis > Fundamentals page for a particular stock on my online broker's site (or at least *somewhere*), but that page offers me almost no information now. (I have sent a support message to them to ask how to find this info, but they take 'five business days' to reply and I could do with finding out how to do it before then.) Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  19. The more means testing, the more civil servants required to run the more complex system. The more means testing, the less incentive for individuals to do anything other than spend the whole of their net income each month.
  20. BBC website: Momentum slows in housing market, says Rics.
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