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  1. I don't know what I expected but it's quite a surprise to me that 45% of all unsecured loans are student loans.
  2. The BBC is now reporting Boris as saying that 'It’s been great in every possible way.' Conspiracy theorists, make of that what you will.
  3. I've been wondering how Farage will be feeling today. It seems obvious that he should be elated, but I wonder if he's wondering what he's supposed to do next. If there's a person who could take credit for this outcome, it's him--but I don't suppose there'll be any place for him in the decision making process of the leaving-the-EU process.
  4. I mustn't have been paying attention. Does Boris have any actual closeness to Trump?
  5. Hasn't London 'suffered' substantial immigration? It didn't vote to Leave. :-)
  6. The referendum campaign has clearly not been Osborne's finest hour, but I think he's been an okay chancellor. Do you have any suggestions who would be good to replace him in that role?
  7. Markets going ape? The FTSE has dropped to the level it was at about a week or so ago. :-)
  8. I think it'd be good if Davis could be persuaded to return in some role. I wouldn't have thought it would be PM though!
  9. Blimey. The FTSE's off again. Not being the gambling type, I don't really know how I'd easily check whether the odds are moving to match the FTSE (or vice versa).
  10. If it were a very narrow win for Leave, would the bad weather in the southeast cause it to be considered an invalid result?
  11. On a tangent: I don't know whether leaving or remaining is best for the economy, but the referendum has ruined my productivity today.
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