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  1. I am predicting the 60 million Frenchmen and 80 million or so Germans making up a significant % of rental numbers in new Moroccan developments over the coming years, probally something like 50-75%. In case you did not realise the French have been holidaying in numbers there for many years. Agadir is already a popular place with Germans, they also go to Turkey in large numbers. The Germans are very prudent savers who are not up to their ears in debt. Whisper it...but the world does not revolve around the current doom and gloom in the UK economy / housing market / fuel costs, it will not stop millions of well off people across Europe, and further, who will be looking at holidaying at developments with many facilities close by, which they are trying to achieve in Morocco. Re-sale market ?????? It hasn't even been completed yet !! The serious investors in Morocco I have spoken to are all looking at a 5-10 year time period. The 'SHAMELESS' property ramping that has been the UK house market for about 5 years solid now. Every TV channel, newspaper, radio station, celebrity, non-celebrity has put in their two pence worth to maintain the bubble. Don't get confused that one or two posters on a few Moroccan forums is is the same thing. I am surprised that people take the time to post negative comments about Morocco if they have not invested themselves. The short flight distance (2hrs from central Europe) and eventual expansion of routes to Oujda airport should make the journey there very simple. I know people with holiday homes in Turkey, with a 4hr+ flight followed by 3hr coach journey. The lack of direct flights (from the UK) to Oujda is quite obvious due to the delays. However, direct flights to Oujda from Belgium, Holland and France are possible, probally due to the large number of Moroccan ex-pats living in these countries. The Eurostar to Belgium/France followed by a flight would seem a relatively painless way of getting there at present. I am confident that when building work nears completion we will see direct flights for people based in the UK.
  2. Does anybody have any knowledge of (or links to) typical monthly rental returns for 2-3 room flats in the center of Zurich ? I would think there would be quite a strong corporate rental market with the banking industry there.
  3. Good to hear the trip went well. I agree it wil probally be another 18 months before many of the resort facilities are up and running. But this was always the case, and im sure the serious investors have factored this in. Of course the airlines are aware of this and in my opinion I think airlines will hold off until maybe Easter 2008 before there is a greater schedule of direct flights from Oujda to major European cities. Transavia and Ryanair have both stated there intentions on this route. I also think its a possibility Royal Air Morocco could increase Casablance-Oujda flights, as you can fly from anywhere to Casablanca, and if they arrange their schedules correctly you could get away with a 2-3 transfer time. It has been stated that the resort will be gated, we shall have to wait and see. A few of the more negative posters have taken a rather short sighted view that , morocco = muslims = sucide bombers. However, the French and Spanish have been holidaying here many many long time in large numbers, Germans have been going to Agadir in large numbers also in the last 10 years and the more wealthy end of the market have been holidaying in Marrekesh. Like the Spanish example/model, the local people know high quailty tourism will bring money into the economy and create jobs. Any sort of attack would be an attack on the future economy of the country and the Kings vision. Its up to the individual investor to assess the risk.
  4. Interesting that you state the nature of your business Biglog. With the scale of Med-Saidia I would expect there to be a large number of sub-contract compaines involved. I'm just speculating here, but maybe your bitterness towards the developement stems from not being involved, or that the hype surrounding it is sucking in many prospective buyers of projects you are involved in?
  5. Thanks for the enlightment there Big Log. Its great to hear the self-appointed Moroccan minister of development doing his best and playing his part in improving the country. With your bare hands you are working hard to build the country/economy, whilst with your touch typing fingers you remind us how ***** so many things are there - kudos to you. Let me point you in the direction of the marina: http://www.propertyshowrooms.com/morocco/p...mages/?f=MARINA You say "Moroccan construction relies extremely heavily on lots and lots of concrete" Being in construction surely you would know that "Concrete is a construction material that consists, in its most common form, of Portland cement, aggregate (generally gravel and sand) and water" - Or are you just full of ******* ? Just maybe that "swamp" is a mini resovoir for all the concrete that is required. In case you had not heard, Saidia is not one or two blocks of apartments, it is in the tens of thousands, none of which are over 3 stories I know many people in construction, not many of them post on internet forums almost daily, and in the case of a Dogbox post, respond within a few hours. You must have a nice little number going on there in Morocco. Oh and here are some more recent shots of 'some' of the apartments on the development. As many agree on here these are the FADESA apaerments and are genuinally consdisered the least aesthetic, still they http://www.propertyshowrooms.com/morocco/p...DESA%20Jan%2007 Biglog, stop crying about people flipping, its not illegal, people have done it in the past and will continue to in the future - get over it. By writing "IN MY VAST EXPERIENCE" in big letters, and yapping on about spelling mistakes (being an engineer also i dont know many other engineers who give a damn or even notice minor spelling mistakes), it makes you look a rather sad individual whos only contribution to this thread is to post highly negative opinions about every aspect of Saidia. I see it will be a nice 22degC this weekend in Oujda, I would guess slightly cooler up in Saidia, ideal for golf or to escape the cloudy, windy and rainy parts of northen Europe. Still Biglog would have you believe Oujda/Saidia is in some sort of bermuda triangle weather system where in the summer season its "too hot" and the off season does not last that long......Mmmmm
  6. surely being in IT you would have heard of IR35......they can go back 7 years as well http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/6213762.stm
  7. Someone much wiser than me told me that the square mile of banks in the city of london has billions of pounds of transactions going through it every second, of which 0.0001% goes to the UK banking industry. In years gone by this is due to hundreds of thoushands of foreign companies (arabs, african, russian and south american who dont want too many questions asked so they bank in the UK) having their business bases in the UK due to generous business tax reasons and a lot less red tape than most other countries. This money filters into the UK economy through various means. although its a tiny % but you can see with such volume of trade how much money is generated. With good old Gordon Brown increasing busines taxes and adding more and more red tape one wonders how many of these businesses will rellocae to places like Dubai in future. As stated at the top of this post I was told this by someone who I trusted to be well informed a few years back, so im not posting it as fact. But would be very happy if someone in the know could back up the theory.
  8. I saw this with my own eyes, came back to blighty for about a week or so over the festive season and visited family in 2 major cities north and south ,and couldnt believe how empty bars, restaraunts and clubs were. Seem to recall in years gone it has always been rammed.
  9. Adibrown, you seem to put a lot of time and effort into posts on the saidia topic, your even checking up on posters stats. Have you not got better things to spend your time doing....selling property in spain/portugal maybe...?? The general opinion of people that I have met and been to Saidia have been very impressed and invested on the strength of what they saw, not on the ramblings on websites. You clearly spend to much time blowing hot air in cyberspace, which would be better used blowing up your girlfriend for later...
  10. I disgaree with this comment completely. Short haul (1-3hr) flights are approx 125-250 pounds with the large carriers and 50-150 pounds with the budget arilines. (i know it all depends how far advance you book and what day you fly) 'Business' class on the larger carriers (Luft, KLM, BA, Swiss) are generally approx. 3 times the price of the standard fare - for this you get a slightly better meal, your coat put on a hanger, 2 inches more leg room and nice hot lemon towel to freshen up at the end of the flight. ( i know ive been upgraded a few times, wooo!!) There is very little difference in flying with a major carrier or budget airline thse days for economy flights, frequent flyers I know wont go near BA, generally considered the worse. My boss (a self-made mult-millionare) has a place in puerto benous and him, family and friends always fly easyjet, as it works out about 250 quid for the family, return, put a zero behind that for flying them business class, its just a lot more money for very little gain. The extra saving will pay for the whole holiday ! Off course long-haul flights is a different story
  11. You have a wife from Morocco..?? You kept that one quiet. Well, your not the only one with a partner from Morocco then. We will have to agree to disagree about what constitutes a season and what is an acceptable climate for northen Europeans to take a holiday in. Yes I know Oujda, I flew into Oujda airport during my visit. It's a fine little regional airport, clean and no stresses (ques etc) associated with bigger international airports. Unfortuneatly when I walked out it was prayer time, and all cab drivers were in the mosque oppsoite the airport, so getting a cab was’nt happening!. This was a minor inconvience as I sat in the sun for a few minutes. I would imagine a few years down the line there will be a company based at Saidia running a regular shuttle service to coincide with the airline schedules. One thing that did occur to me was that the Moroccan currency is 'closed' meaning you cannot take it on/out of the country. I was flying in from Casablanca, so already had money. But I can imagine long ques at cash points in the airports with flights arriving from europe, unless your transfer to Saidia could be pre-booked and paid for. I was quite impressed that I had to go through a metal detector to actually step foot into the airport (as well as to the departure gate). The facilities there were limited to a small cafe, newspaper and hire car place (from what I remember, it was a while back now). However, from what I saw, there is plenty of oppertunity for expansion if required (in terms of land). Maybe squeeze in a bar to get a beer and bacon sandwich...that's a joke Biglog ;-) I spent 2 days in and around Oujda, I found the hospitality was 1st class where I stayed and dined. But I was told to expect this from a Moroccan friend from Marakesh in the hotel business. I visited the Medina and even found an internet cafe there, all in all a good experience.
  12. I am a happy purchaser in Morocco at various sites, including Saidia, which in my opinion is has the greatest potential for both capitol growth, rental income and for a personal holiday home. It feels like WIN WIN WIN at present, but I do accept the various risks associated with this country/development. One of which, terrorism, I consider v.low and based on what the powers that be in blightly tell us, the risk of living or regularly commuting in London is much higher. I know several people (including Spanish and French speaking Romanians) who have also visited and subsequently purchased at Saidia and have great confidence in the development. Of course there will be many issues that need resolving along the way, but that is life. Saidia is probably 3-5 years away from being a fully established resort. I find it amusing that whenever I check this forum and a positive comment about Morocco and/or Saidia is made the ‘3 musketeers’ (they know who they are) launch into a barrage of negative spin worthy of Alistair Campbell. Does anyone else find it peculiar that one, or all three of them seem to respond almost instantaneously, strange that…I value anyone’s opinion positive or negative, however these three’s constant attacks is getting somewhat tiresome and smells of a hidden agenda. Just by living in a country/area does not guarantee you know everything about the area and more importantly be able to predict what will happen in the future. I have worked and lived in many European cities and knew much more about nightlife, culture and places to go than locals that had spent 30years+ in the city! The man with Moroccan connections Biglog lost a lot credibility for me regarding posts about ‘weather’ and ‘nothing to do there’ a while back on another thread. Claiming Saidia would have a 2-3month season, mmm.… OK. Based on my research since my interest back in March, my visits and various peoples personal experience out there the ‘season’ will be approximately 8-9 months. However, its seems obvious that the end of this resort’s ‘season’ is not going to be typical of the costas, Majorca, Tenerife season in that at some date the majority of the local Irish bars, greasy spoon café, sky sports bars and Sharon and Tracey meet market shut there is ‘nothing to do’…. These days many people go on holiday for a change of scenery and to just get away from the stresses of life. The approx. 3 months when the weather wont be as nice, (but will still be much warmer and dryer than UK, Germany, northern France, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe) one could walk along the beach, relax on balcony with views of sea with a book, going to new restaurants, spas, and maybe more with a whole host of other potential on-site activities the brochures claim (sports etc). Off course these are nice ideas on paper, but they will make money and create jobs so what is stopping them ? All these resort based pastimes is excluding the opportunity to visit the Oujda medina for a day, or hire a 4x4 and drive to the Riff mountains for some walking or mountain biking. Bringing me on to the ‘on-season’ well the resort is right on the med, so a day on beach, a days boat trip, windsurfing, scuba-diving, water-skiing, jet skiing, parasailing are all possible activates I would guess?? However, I think one of the musketeers thinks nothing less than a mini-Disneyland is good enough, which is exactly what most buyers and target audience do not want here ! In my opinion Saidia’s biggest attraction is the Marina and Golf. Anyone seriously into boating knows you need serious money to participate. These people will bring this money into the hotels, restaurants, spas, shops etc in the resort/area. I am sure in years to come Saidia will be a place of the map for boat-folk from all around the world as another place to stop of in the me for a short stay. The on-site golf courses is the icing on the cake, where the husband can play a round whilst the missus relaxes in the spar. Lovely stuff :-) And I am NOT an agent, just someone that was worked hard, invested money and has decided the stream of anti-Moroccan/Saidia comment/spin from certain people is not giving a balanced argument for any casual visitor to this site. Bad news for BrickLog, Catpee and Bigdog I have a busy working life and limited access to the internet so wont be on hand for you to quote back some of this with a witty smart alex reply.
  13. I am new to the forum, been watching for a few months. I used to live in Germany (rented), and at the time found this website useful for looking at property prices. Within the website you can also look at rents, so to get a good idea of how much to expect. http://www.immobilienscout24.de/de/finden/...F94378E.worker1 I am serisously thinking of investing there, if someone could post some links/details to UK based companies that will help me organise the finance/legal side of things that would be most helpful.
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