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  1. Surely if they're TBTF then pretty much every bank will fail - otherwise they wouldn't be TBTF
  2. Cue government scheme to send juvenile chavs on foreign holidays in 3... 2... 1...
  3. It's got to be down to the incessant wailing from lobbyists. I guess any government, no matter who, will eventually turn into a vehicle for the corporate needy and this change occurs within a single year!
  4. If these prats manage to blow another housing bubble with more crazy lending then I for one will attempt to buy every property I possibly can, knowing that there isn't really any risk in it anymore. I doubt I'd be the only person with this mindset either - I could foresee annual HPI's of at least 30% followed swiftly by a financial collapse that would make the current events look like nothing.
  5. Because all the bankers have been replace with financial salesmen looking for their next commission?
  6. I care as I have to pay them to lie to me. :angry:
  7. If you don't erode the productivity gains then people end up having more free time for themselves.
  8. Under any system you don't get to vote for who's really in charge.
  9. Only a 'couple' of people actually had the cajones to publicly declare we were in a bubble. The anger and ridicule Peter Schiff took was incredible at times and the fact that he held it together and didn't crack speaks volumes.
  10. These charts are completely misleading - they are by their very nature a chart of success. Any poor performing components are purged on a regular basis and no 2 data points measure the same thing.
  11. We should donate all our savings and future earnings to the top 5%, then wait for the trickle down effect to make us all wealthy
  12. I'd say wise investors would have left the banking sector at least as far back as 2005. The rest should have recognized the risks but didn't.
  13. It's a good point though. If the banks fraudulent behavior caused the increased prices, then they should eat the loss.
  14. "They're northern, and they're a rock. Where better to stick my £800,000"
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