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    Family 95%, Arsenal 3%, Job 1%, watching the world's financial and social infrastructure disassemble itself in car-crash slow-motion - 1%
  1. wouldn't the builders have to take their share of the loan liability on to their balance sheets also? Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought the builder's balance sheets looked a little fragile to say the least, and they want to add more debt? And more debt to over-leveraged higher risk FTB's? Don't think I'd be a happy shareholder when that comes up at the AGM
  2. That's because the website is still showing last months figure. It says underneath that next figure is due on 17th June
  3. with regards to the hypothesis of more/less divorce, surely it depends on the ratio of people who have bought pre-crash to those who have been unable to buy or upgrade. Sure, for those who bought before, there will be lots of stress and regret, but I wonder whether there are more who are currently stressed by not being able to afford, or putting having children on hold because they cannot upgrade to a bigger house?
  4. Can any smart accountants confirm whether these write-downs will go straight off the banks balance sheets? If so, I assume their lending capacity will be further restricted? linky
  5. it's quite amusing because the Foxtons branch related to this property, on Pinner High Street, was previously a Macdonalds - same old crap, different packaging I suppose. Anyway, it's a big office - reams of hotdesks in the back, fridges full of Perrier in the front, and no punters ! Must've spent well in to 6 figures fitting the place out and opened last year - timing is everything. Snigger.
  6. Women secretly lives in cupboard - linky better keep the cupboards under CCTV surveillance once we've all bought 'kin massive mansions for a fiver in a few years. Only a bloke could live in a place for a year and not know what's in one of his cupboards !
  7. Nah, go with the conspiracy theory, or maybe a little too much Pinot Noir?
  8. Ah, you mean Royalty and Petroleum Revenue Tax. I wouldn't put too much on that - declining production isn't helping there And, just thinking out-loud, but isn't the fact that we're a net importer of oil now mean we're creating a gradually increasing black hole in the Gov finances with respect to balance of payments from oil?
  9. too right it's optimistic. I'm sure it's not as simple as a 40% transaction drop = 40% drop in revenue, but it's one boundary. Optimistic government revenue forecasts? Who'd believe it
  10. Just occurred to me that, with the predicted drop in transactions of 40% (CML figure?), there's a bunch less Stamp Duty going to go in to the Gov Coffers this year and likely next. At the same time, Darling will be under pressure to maintain the ridiculous 10p tax-elastoplast next year, scrap the VED changes, reduce fuel duty. Where's the money gonna come from ? Oer - what a fix. I hope he was 'prudent' with his planning assumptions. Tax rises anyone?
  11. The Daily Mail article on the same is open for comments - I got one in (surprised they published) linky Mods take about 90 minutes before they publish. You have to click on 'read all' to see all the comments Post away G
  12. Just read this comment on the bbc.co.uk 'your opinions on house prices' "This is just so depressing, but I can't help but think the media is creating a bit of a moral panic over the issue. By continually reporting this worsening crash, is it not making first-time buyers even more reluctant to buy? I'm currently trying to sell a property that was valued at £110,000 only nine months ago. Now I've been advised to drop the price to £102,000. What is the government doing to help the situation? I can't afford the repayments anymore, petrol is out of control - my wages do not cover me until the end of the month anymore. Where do you turn? " This made me so mad - just because the fella cannot afford his lifestyle anymore, he EXPECTS a FTB to come bail him out? What about the FTB's lifestyle??!! Obviously, I don't know the guy but I suspect that like most people I meet he's a nice enough regular guy who wouldn't go out of his way to hurt anyone. But this house price obsession makes him take leave of his senses. Would he think it reasonable if the debt was on, say a Plasma telly, or car? Imagine the conversation with a potential buyer - I cannot afford this thing anymore, I paid £1500 for it, but it's only worth £900 now - you MUST buy it for £1500 or it's not fair, it's the governments fault, the media should continue to HIDE the facts so I can be bailed out etc. etc. Even if you get in to debt and cannot afford it, I don't care you've got to pay £1500 for it or I'm shafted. Bloody weird. Bloody sad.
  13. If you're not going to go through with it, at least help the rest of us out by telling the fella the rent is way too high bearing in mind the current saturation of flats available to rent at much lower prices
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