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  1. Jibber, you are taking statistics and making them fit your own beliefs. For example, why go back to 1968? We weren't waging a "war on terror" in 1968. The battle between the West and Islamic fundamentalism is here and now. That's what is scary about investing in Moslem countries where the terrorist threat is all too alive. As for terrorism having no impact on tourism, I hope you are right. But we have yet to see the impact of terror attacks in Moslem countries on Western interests. That's entirely different to attacks in London or Madrid. Egypt's tourist trade suffered greatly following at
  2. Weekend golf trips - short haul works wonders for these moneyspinners. Will Morocco fit into this short haul? The Algarve just about manages so why not? Dogbox has picked a winner here. As for the ultra-pessimists dogbox talks about, just because they don't like Morocco doesnt mean they dont take risks
  3. I'm out of here too A lot of people on here are so blinkered - life isn´t black and white - and if you dare to suggest anything contrary to their viewpoint you get shot down in flames
  4. "In France average salary is about £11,000 a year, and in Italy the average salary is even less than that." Not today they are not. They are closer to twice that from my experience, but in France at least half of that will go in taxes, etc.,
  5. The BBC news in the morning (and at other times) is now so lightweight. Lead story this morning - UK debt 'double Europe average'. At just after 8am the woman standing in for that oaf Declan said "as long as debt is falling it isn´t a problem." Doh. Debt isn't falling! The rate of increase in unsecured debt increase may be, but the debt bubble is getting bigger you silly cow. She also said debt is good for the economy. Saving and investment is good for the economy. Not out of control borrowing. Where did they find her? It's becoming a spoof of itself.
  6. "Advertise your house sale for £50 per month. The initial £145 provides you with your Seller’s pack and two months' advertising on the site." £50 a month could quickly add up in a cooling market and with a site nobody has heard of - there are already plenty of specialist flat fee sites out there, some very successful. But wait - "With a full money back 2 day cooling off period guarantee." Wow - two days! This has success written all over it. Not.
  7. Saw this on the Beeb too - I actually thought she was a spokeswoman for the debt industry, didn´t realise she was a stand-in presenter! She was spinning like a top! She also said European countries should follow our lead!
  8. Not quite. The threat levels are notr the same and neither are the consequences. A terrorist attack on a soft target in Morocco will see tourist areas (and rental villas) emptying. Lots of Westerners unwilling and unable to get to their precious investments - I'm sure that'll please the Osama boys. It's a totally different ball game in UK and the rest of Europe.
  9. "There is a high threat from terrorism in Morocco. In May 2003, 45 people were killed in a series of terrorist attacks in Casablanca. These attacks were against relatively soft targets, including hotels and restaurants frequented by foreigners or those with Jewish links. Although the Moroccan authorities arrested and imprisoned a number of those considered to be responsible for the attacks, there is a high threat of further attacks. In August 2006, the Moroccan authorities arrested a number of individuals allegedly plotting to attack a number of targets, including noticeably Western intere
  10. People are worried about the Romanians coming here. TEN TIMES as many are predicted to be headed for Italy and Spain. There are already problems with East Europeans there - both in big cities like Madrid and on the Costas. Add in the South Americans and you have a massive influx of low paid workers into a country with rising inflation and house prices but not rising wages. Mmmmm.
  11. villas in Morocco without air-com? They really have thought of everything :-)
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