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  1. OK, just got back from my local Lidl. I went with the intention of buying all of their onions and most of their potatoes, but realised that I`d not taken the car, and only had 2 carrier bags to carry my purchases home. As I can`t be a**ed to cook the soup now, and I haven`t got any ham, turkey or M&S shares, could you spare a little of yours for a hungry fella ? On a slightly more serious note, I can report that my local supermarket did have decent amounts of bread, milk and veg on the shelves. Could this be to do with the fact that the typical Lidl shopper is less likely to "panic buy" than a visitor to Sainsbury/Waitrose ? Enjoy your soup.
  2. Would that be onion, potato, a cup of something else and some stock ? I fancy making some of this soup, but may I enquire as what stock to use ? I`m thinking Vodaphone, Glaxo, or maybe some BP. Right, I`m off to the supermarket to panic-buy a load of onions and potatoes.
  3. Just when I`m starting to get the hang of Java, on my current OU course, I read this thread. public void isLearningToProgramAGoodIdea(String hpcForum) { if (hpcForum.equals("No")) { System.out.println("Oh B*****ks"); } else { System.out.println("Better start learning about arrays then"); } } Sadly, I did just compile this code, and test it.
  4. Just when I`m starting to get the hang of Java, on my current OU course, I read this thread. public void isLearningToProgramAGoodIdea(String hpcForum) { if (hpcForum.equals("No")) { System.out.println("Oh B*****ks"); } What`s going on with this forum today ?
  5. I`ve been thinking about getting my boiler replaced. It`s quite old, and looks like a cheap an nasty bit of kit. However, it`s been reasonably reliable, and my gas bills are quite low (£20-25 per month). Having said that, the bolier temp is never set much above 45 degrees (currently "ticking over" at 30 degrees, and my rooms are comfortable to sit in). Anyhow, this scheme caught my attention when I heard about it. I happen to think that gas engineers tend to be a bit "ambitious" with their pricing. Yes, yes, Corgi registration, blah, blah, blah. Yes, I know gas can be dangerous, so it`s a responsible job to fit a boiler. I hear of people paying £2k+ to have a boiler changed. How much is a decent combi these days ? £800 - £1200 ? So, am I right in thinking the charge to supply and fit a boiler is about £800 ? Mmmmm, that must be nearly 3 days work then (assuming the installer is charging £250 a day labour, OK, £200 + £50 worth of bits & pieces). £200 a day sounds like a decent income for a skilled man with a van. Of course, I happen to know that it`s more like a day, or two`s work, so the labour charge is more like £300 per day (or more). And I bet there`s a fair few boiler engineers rubbing their hands with the announcement of this cash-back scheme. I wonder if their quoutes will suddenly increase by £200 - 400 ? I`ll brace myself for a bit of "stick" from gas engineers. I think I can take it, maybe !
  6. British grit and determination will bring us through this downfall and Gordon is sure to plough £millions into solving this problem. Millions ? Sorry, make that Billions. He`ll spend £billions on Quantative Freezing. I`ll get me coat (plus hat & gloves).
  7. Exactly. Those nasty banks have a duty to get more people into more debt. They should stop those big bonus payments and lend it out to hardworking families. FFS, indeed.
  8. "Property is now affordable for first-time buyers in nearly four out of 10 areas of the UK, research indicates" Whoopeee do ! What an achievement ! Now let`s see.......... House prices have been going up for about 6 months and interest rates can only go one way. In 12 months time, virtually nowhere will be affordable for a FTB`r, unless lenders start doing.............. ..... oh no. NOOOOO ! 100% mortgages. What can possibly go wrong ? "But things are different now".
  9. Any mention of a certain person in Aberdeen being in financial trouble ?
  10. I doubt you`ll get a reply. Well done on your "deal", I certainly wouldn`t mock you is it had gone the other way, whereas Sibley would no doubt get highly aroused. Dribley Sibley seems to think there are lots of people who STR, and are losing out. He then tries to have a laugh at their expense. I wonder what the ratio of STRs to priced out FTB`ers is ? I wonder what the ratio of STRs to people who took on large mortgages in the past few years and are now struggling is ? He`s mocking the minority, meanwhile there are millions of people who either can`t afford to buy, or are struggling with large mortgages (due to his beloved HPI). Yes, there are those who speculate on property prices. Some get it right, some get it wrong. Most of us just want to be able to buy a place to live in and be able to afford to pay the bills and eat, without worrying too much about interest rates and tax bills.
  11. "All these negative posts really are coming from the people you say. They don't give a stuff about first time buyers or savers. You mean people that applaud low interest rates and HPI ? They just want to get their grubby little hands on some quick profit. A bit like property speculators, perhaps ? They gambled that the government would stand by and let decent hardworking people lose what they worked for. I didn`t work for the 300% rise in the value of my home, I just worked to pay the mortgage/bills. The 300% rise would be realised by someone else paying (borrowing) for it, ie. a FTBer who might buy my house. Well they were wrong and now it's their turn to suffer. I remember reading all their nasty comments and gloating aimed at homeowners a year ago. Homeowners haven`t much to worry about in a crash, it`s those that took on massive debts that do. What goes around comes around. You had better hope that it doesn`t." I did use a bit of vaseline, BTW.
  12. You are missing one vital point, the more house prices rise, the richer we become, so we have more money to spend on houses. Erm, I think that`s right.
  13. True. It`s also unfair (IMHO) to rejoice in the prospect of continued HPI, especially at this time. Many bulls (Sibley, for example) seem to revel in HPI. At best, they sometimes hint that they know coninuous HPI is not a good thing, but they continue to have a dig at those who can see beyond their own personal interest. I own (well, I still have a very small mortgage) my own home. I don`t have any children to worry about, so continued HPI may even be of financial benefit to myself. I may not be as well informed, or well educated as many on this forum, but I think I have enough grasp on the subject of finance, and enough sense of fairness to feel very strongly that the price of property in the UK is too high, and something should be done about it. The media brainwashing of the public and recent credit binge has only fueled the problem. When the credit crunch began, there were many promises of reform, and we we told that things would never be the same again. It seems that that resolve has been forgotten, and the sooner we can get back to easy credit and HPI, the better. The credit crunch should have been a big warning about the dangers of "creative" finances, and a lesson should have been learned.
  14. Fair enough. There may be some forum members who have unrealistic expectations, and sometimes I feel I`m one of them ! I would simply like to see the UK having a property market that wasn`t ramped by the media, and provided shelter for it`s population at reasonable cost. The definition of reasonable cost could be debated forever, but an average home (say a 2-3 bed semi) for around £120K wouldn`t be out of the question. The government simply talk about "affordable housing", while putting pressure on lenders to lend more, and not to take action on borrowers who fall behind with their mortgages. I have witnessed nearly 10 years of "loose lending", predicting that it would end in tears. "That`s the free market", I was often told. It did end in tears, and a "free market" would have pegged property prices back to reasonable levels, but Gordon/Alistair have different ideas. Nationwide are telling us that house prices rose 5.9% in 2009. In a year when unemployment rose sharply, many companies failed, most people either didn`t get a pay rise, or got nowhere near 5.9%, and the economic outlook seems poor, doesn`t a 5.9% rise in the average cost of a home tell us something ? I`d say there is a very serious problem, has anyone in power made serious plans to solve it ?
  15. There may be some "drooling fantasists" on this forum, but not all of us can be accused of just wanting a cheap home. Some of us just want a more stable property market, and therefore a stable economy. Your sneering remark "Keep renting folks and living in cloud cuckoo land. " would go down well with the many millions of people who have been effectively priced out of buying a place to live in. By all means argue the case for HPI, if you believe that is what is going to happen, or why it`s a good thing. You won`t win many friends here* if you just gloat over those who are less fortunate than yourself (assuming you already own, or are buying one or more properties). *Apart from Sibley. You would have got on famously with Hamish McTavish, but he no longer posts here........ or does he ?
  16. Brown says: "We are a nation that combines responsibility with fairness, compassion with aspiration – always reaching higher, dreaming bigger, aiming for ever greater things." Brown knows: "We are a nation that combines iresponsibility with greed, corruption with desparation – always reaching higher debts, dreaming bigger loans, aiming for ever greater houseprices."
  17. None, but given that Gordon seems to have been less "prudent" that he claimed he would be, I am prepared for disappointment.
  18. Or the option which they think will win them the most votes. Anyway, they didn`t take the cheapest option when they allowed the banks/borrowers to go on a bender, so why would they start doing that now ?
  19. "Might save <2.5%" is an interesting point. Curry`s, and no doubt a fair few other retailers, are trying to get people to part with their money with this threat of the VAT increase. I`m wondering what will actually happen on Jan 1st. Will it be a) No change in prices, the retailers won`t want to scare away prospective shoppers. B. Up their ticket prices to reflect the new rate of 17.5%, or c) Slap the VAT increase on, then a little bit more, as "nobody will notice". I`m going to take note of a few pre-increase prices, then find out what happens to prices.
  20. Mmmm, I had a thought, earlier this morning (something that does happen from time to time). It occured to me that there is a lot of "beat the VAT increase" hype recently, Curry`s in particular are telling us that we should buy some of their wares to save on the VAT before Jan 1st. The news reports are also telling us that shoppers are out in force, partly due to the looming increase in VAT. If i remember correctly, VAT was reduced to 15% to encourage spending. Now, the threat of a VAT rise is also encouraging spending. It`s a win-win situation ! All Darling has to do is to wait until, say, mid February, and announce a cut in VAT again for March. Shoppers will then go on a binge in March/April. In June, Darling (or more likely, Osbourne), could announce an increase in VAT, starting in August. Shoppers would go crazy again, to avoid the VAT increase. There, I think I`ve just solved the UK`s economic woes.
  21. Good to hear that they`re being careful who they lend my savings to.
  22. Nor me. As a convert to Aldi/Lidl over the past couple of years, I only occasionally venture into Sainsbury`s/Tesco/Morrisons for a few bits and pieces. When I do return to one of the main supermarkets, I instantly realise that the prices of "the basics" has rocketed over the past year or two. I used to pay 39p for a tin of Sainsbury`s "be good to youself" soup, it`s now at least 50p. Fresh chicken breast portions - I used to pay £3 for 2 x 500g packs, I doubt if that offer is still available. Asda used to sell 3 x 1 litre fruit juices for £1 not so long ago. Pasta, tin tomatoes, even baked beans have all gone up in price - quite a lot. And yet, my index linked saving certificate will have gained barely 5% over the past 2 years. I`m sure there`s a lot of iron and other minerals in an MP3 player or an LCD TV, but even basics beans seem a bit more tasty. It`s obvious "they" want us to "spend, spend, spend" (to quote the news reporter on the BBC this morning, that`s what everyone is doing). Those of us trying to save for our future are being pick-pocketed by banks/retailers and the government. I`m trying my best to fend them off, but I think I`m losing the battle.
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