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  1. Erm, Labour announced they would make cuts and raise tax. Tories announced they would make cuts and cut tax. So I'm not sure the logic behind your little dig?

    Labour spending cuts next year ?

    That was the problem with New Labour, spend now pay later (or just let the next government pay).

    I think the new government`s idea of taking independant advice on economic forecasts is quite a good one, instead of the government themselves making rather optimistic predictions to keep the voters happy.

  2. Just listened to Osbourne`s announcement.

    While he may have his critics, I`d say that what he has announced sounds sensible. It may not solve the UK`s financial problems straight away, but it is refreshing to hear a chancellor talk straight, and start to tell us the truth. This Sir Alan Budd fellow, he`s going to give the treasury independant reports of the country`s financial outlook. This all sounds fairly sensible to me.

    No doubt that someone will tell me that George Osbourne is a non-executive director in a company where Suralan is the Chairman.

    It`s gonna hurt, but well all know that changes had to be made. No doubt Labour supporters will tell us that Gordon/Alistair could have reduced the debt while giving everyone a tax cut and a free holiday, but it`s time for a dose of reality.

  3. Serves them right. The imprudent should not be spared.

    Correct. They borrowed the £££ and paid the price.

    Probably influenced by the mass media message "house prices only go up". The prudent minority stood by and refused to borrow the amounts required to pay the OTT prices. If you borrowed too much (ie. you didn`t account for higher interest rates), you don`t deserve any kind of sympathy.

  4. I am sure there will be some fireworks, and I know there are some that would welcome the failure of the coalition...I feel very positive about the new Conservative, new Liberal Democrats partnership, two heads that talk is better than one bighead....we wanted change and we have got it at last.......give them a chance ;)


    Those who are anti-Tory should take some comfort from the LD`s being able to have a say in any Tory plans that they may not agree with.

    I too am quite optimistic. Yes, it could all go pear shaped, but we`re starting from a fairly bad position. The victory song that welcomed New Labour into power is now more apt.

    Vince Cable to have a say in the finacial/banking sector.

    Reduction in income tax for low paid workers.

    Referendum for any major increase in European legislation in the UK.

    Increase in CGT on second properties.

    Pre-election, I wanted these things to happen. Hopefully they will.

  5. Bye bye Gordon..........

    Dear Nick,

    We need your help. Tell you what, we`ll give you your "first £10k tax free" (that should help us get the idle so-and-so`s back to work). We`ll set up a commitee to look after the country`s finances (Vince can be George`s sidekick, if he wants). We`ll also offer a referendum on electoral reform. We`ll talk about Trident, but to be honest, I doubt we`ll budge. Immigration ? Well, we all know that there`s not much any of us can do, but we`ll have a chat about that too.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dave C.

  6. That's another reason why I split it up over different months. Each part of the certificate is worked out according to the date it was bought AFAIK. I just find it a pain to cash in a whole bond and wait for a replacement too. Its handy to have a few at low values you can cash in when needed. Psychologically if you cash in a bigger bond you might just take the whole lot and use it whereas if you have smaller bonds then you just cash in what you need. That's how it works for me personally - it might be different for you.

    It probably won`t be different for me ! I like to spread my bets a little, so I can`t blame myself for picking the wrong moment to buy/sell.

    So, in summary, when Issue xx certificates are avalailable, you could buy a certificate for say £1000, then another a month later etc until the next issue is released. I assume also that you can sell any of your certificates at any time. That would give you a lot of flexibility to maximise your returns. Some of the certificates might be doing better than others at any one time, so you could cash them in before they mature to "lock in" your gains. I did buy a certificate a couple of years ago, the first year went well, last you was pretty poor, but in the past month or two they`ve earned a little more. I`m considering investing again, and it might be an idea to make a few smaller investments this time.

  7. I think you may be wrong. I generally put differing amounts at a time in to each issue so that I can cash in an appropriate amount without waiting for a replacement certificate for the balance. Thus in issue 18 3 year certs I bought x amount in september and x amount in other months till the issue was closed. So you can definitely add to the amount each month till the issue closes as long as you dont go over the 15K limit. I've done it several times in different issues. You have to give your customer number so they would soon tell you if you are not allowed to do it.

    Thank you, that`s interesting (no pun intended).

    Another question, if I may. If you "add" money to a certificate, do they work out the indexing for additional investment separately from the original investment ? If so, it might be a good idea not to invest a larger lump sum in one go, but to spread the investment over several months. This would be a bit like spreading investments into an equity fund - it would even out the ups and downs in the inflation figures. Just a few months ago, RPI was negative, I believe it is now in excess of 4%. This would surely make quite a difference to the returns onf an Index linked certificate.

  8. I've bought £500 in the past.

    I think the minimum is £100.

    You certainly don't have to put £15,000 in.

    Aaaaargh ! (Sorry about that). OK, I`ll start again........

    You said : "I'm giving serious thought to not putting my £5100 into a cash ISA this tax year and buying £510 a month of index linked savings certificates.

    Both ISA and index linkers are tax free."

    I replied : "Can you buy £510 worth of ILSCs every month ? I thought you were only able to put a single payment of upto £15K into each issue, and that`s it until the next issue is available.

    But I might be wrong."

    Then you replied with the above quote. :blink:

    It`s obvious that I`m aware that you don`t have to put £15k in, I was simply asking if it is possible to invest £510 per month, as you stated. I`m pretty sure it`s not, after you invest in a certificate, you can`t add any more money. You have to wait for the next certificate issue to become availabe (which I believe isn`t a monthly occurence).

  9. After leaving Gillians (as she likes to be called by Gordon) house, Gordon Brown said "sometimes you say things that you don`t mean to say".

    Like "No more boom and bust" ?

    Like "I will not let house prices get out of control" ?

    Eh ?

    Things like that, Gordon ?

    Cameron and Clegg should respond to every statement that Brown makes during tomorrow night`s TV debate with "did you mean to say that Gordon ?".

  10. You mean.. it didn't?huh.gif

    What I`m implying is that Gordon constantly tries to deflect any critisism on how he has run the UK economy over the past decade, by saying that America "started it". Is he saying that if America hadn`t started it, we wouldn`t have had to bailout a few major UK banks, and run up a huge defecit ? If Brown had run our economy so well, and if his beloved FSA had done their job correctly, would NR now be owned by the taxpayer ? Would NR have ever been allowed to provide 100%+ mortgages ?

    Gordon Brown "I did everything perfectly, and if it went wrong, it`s not my fault".

  11. I'm giving serious thought to not putting my £5100 into a cash ISA this tax year and buying £510 a month of index linked savings certificates.

    Both ISA and index linkers are tax free.

    Can you buy £510 worth of ILSCs every month ? I thought you were only able to put a single payment of upto £15K into each issue, and that`s it until the next issue is available.

    But I might be wrong.

  12. Question: When has RPI ever been less then 3% over the last decade? My hunch is never - If that is the case then these certificates would have been the best to hold

    Answer: I`m sure RPI was actually negative just a few months ago.

    Also, the RPI +x% certificates are not a bad investment, but they aren`t all that they appear to be. There seems to be a lot of "rules" on the way your interest is worked out. I invested about 2 years ago, seems to be doing OK, but I reckon that the current value of my investment hasn`t really kept up with real inflation (ie. the things I`m likely to spend the money on). No suprise there, the was the government "massage" the figures.

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