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  1. Thanks, I will. My house - paid for. Bad intentions, you say ? What`s wrong with not hoping for, and expecting house prices to reduce to what most would see as reasonable. I`d say bad intentions were wishing for, and celebrating higher house prices. I have friends with kids/grown up kids that stand very little chance of purchasing their own homes, unless they get a very well paid job. I managed to do it on a modest income, and I am grateful that I could. In my situation, I`d expect to get a few "vile comments" if I welcomed higher house prices. IF further HPI is set to stay, due to a shortage of properties in the UK, then our government has failed us. If further HPI is set to stay, due to speculation and media hype, then we are living among selfish, greedy short-sighted b*****ds.
  2. And just like bottoms, plenty of .... comes out of it. Cor blimey guv`na, you caaaaan`t say that, can ya ?
  3. You are me, or you can read my mind. I know you are not me, so you must be psychic.
  4. So ? Good old Gordon & Alistair will look after him.
  5. This also is lifting my spirits, but you had to mention the "H" word didn`t you ? I bet he`s had a slight "spillage" this morning.
  6. That`s made me feel a lickle bit better.
  7. Sorry, I am just having "a moment". I`m trying to be strong, but the positive figures and all the VI ramping is wearing me down. I`ll grab a coffee and chill out for a bit. I`ll be OK, thanks for your support.
  8. Indeed,it was the mortgage adviser they had as a guest who said this. It was almost high fives all round. I think someone mentioned that the finacial guy (the one who took over from Declan) was banging the table (almost in excitement). I hadn`t quite started my cornflakes, otherwise they would have ended up covering my TV screen. As much as I wanted to see a 40% in the UK property market, as much as I thought we needed a 40% fall and as much as I thought it was almost certain we would see a 40% fall, I think the game might be over. I`m sure the Bulls are having a great time, and they will mock people like me for being "wrong". Whatever, it`s a sad day, and has confirmed what a ridiculous country we live in. The BBC should be ashamed. Instead of "high fiving" they should be reporting "why can`t we house our population for a reasonable price ?".
  9. +/- 3% (+/- 100%). forgot to mention....... with a dash of seasonal adjustment.
  10. Precisely. When I saw Darling on the news yesterday, I wondered what was said at the meeting with the banks........ "Now look, you`ve been very naughty boys. I`ve told them that I`m here to get more help for businesses....... but what I really want is for you to keep your mortgage rates down. Oh, and if you be as so kind to allow more 5+ x salary lending, Gordon would be most grateful. Thanks chaps."
  11. £1billion lending to businesses, eh ? Remind me, how much did the banks lend for mortgages last month ? While the property market "binges", the business world starves. Maybe the government should give up on trying to prop up the property market, and concentrate on helping our companies to make some real money.
  12. And keeping house prices high isn`t exactly a wise move, is it ?
  13. Any blisters or severe reactions ?
  14. Or a highly unstable compound that should be handled with care.
  15. Not yet tried it, but I have some in stock. I think it might be wise not to use this product immediately after using Lidl`s razors.
  16. The Lidl offer of 4 x Branston Beans for £1 was one which I took advantage of. I can`t say how much advantage I took, as it`s slightly embarrasing. Needless to say, it`s bean a bit windy round here recently.
  17. Not a bad start, but you have a lot to learn, gwasshopper.
  18. Oh, I forgot about those. Hang on a second. How about "instalments" into a (sorry to use bad language)........ savings account. There, I mentioned it. Sorry about that.
  19. Syntax error at Line 1. "Saving up", are you mad ? Look, an extension on the properdy will add £1000`s to it`s value. Anyway, we`ll never be able to save that kind of money. (me) : "Ahem, excuse me........ I suggest that if you`ll never be able to save that much money, how will you be able to pay it back ?"
  20. Indeed they were. I took a slice of that particular cake. So many people I spoke to told me that regular savings accounts were no good. I`m currently averaging nearly 5% on my savings (taking everything into account). The Lloyds 3% account doesn`t sound very appealing to me, especially having been on the recieving end of their customer "service".
  21. Exactly what I was thinking when I heard this news. I dislike Ryanair and companies like them, who have this reputation of being cheap, but turn out to be not-so-cheap due to hidden charges. They are trying to con the public into thinking they`re getting a better deal than they really are. When I buy something or a service, I want to know the bottom line, not the starting price plus this, that and the other. They are simply making it more difficult for people to compare prices. I wonder why ?
  22. Yep. Pretty well the same experience/thoughts here. I`m an aerial installer. The workload has been very low over the past 12 months. Picking up a bit at the moment, but I don`t follow the media line that this is "green shoots". I think things will remain pretty much the same for another year or two (or get worse). I would think that most people who are employed directly by "Joe Public" are finding the same. Yes, a few extra houses are selling, for maybe a bit more than they would have done 6 months ago, but this means very little. We haven`t seen much in the way of public sector redundancies, in fact, all I hear is some public sector workers whinging about only getting 2% pay rises. They really do live in their own little world. I`m "enjoying" the crash in one way, I prepared myself for it. I`m enjoying some time off for the first time in 20 years, and it means I can spend some time enhancing my education. As long as the crash doesn`t continue for too long, I`m not too bothered by it. I`m just hoping that those who basked in the boom, will get what they deserve, but it seems the government are hell bent on "justice" taking place.
  23. Nothing. He should SINK his money into property and he`s sure to make a MINT.
  24. An un-safe safe, or a computer that really could crash.
  25. Erm, be careful, that "numpy" might have a point. I used to "argue" that CRT TVs were better than LCDs a few years back. Admittedly, LCDs have improved in the past couple of years, and I now mostly prefer LCDs. Still, a few "cheap" LCDs can produce pretty poor picture quality when displaying certain programmes. Also, despite MotionPlus+, Viera, Bravo, 350hz, 600hz, Rizla, 1000hz, technology, LCD TVs still can`t quite "tame" fast moving sports (but it`s great to brag about your 600hz 58" HDready TV when you`re in the pub). They haven`t quite got rid of Blur yet, I saw them on my TV performing at Glastonbury.
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