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  1. And let`s hope that the same shopping is "worth" £110 next month. Even if it isn`t, I suggest you pay that much anyway. If you can`t afford it, just ask the bank for some money, they have a duty to give you what you want.
  2. Staggering, indeed. What is it with so many people in this country, who seem to want to be in (big) debt ? I suppose the answer to that is that by having a large mortgage will mean that the house they are buying will make them even more money (in theory). In other words, they want the next person to take on even more debt to make themselves "wealthier". Jeez, makes me feel slightly embarrased to be of the same species. Actually, I don`t think I can be of the same species, as I have kept my debts down to a minimum, and actually don`t really care what my house is worth. I want my bank balance to increase, not the value of my dwelling.
  3. Sorry, I stand (well sit, actually) corrected. If I`d have known she wanted some "free" money, I wouldn`t have made myself look like a complete idiot. Silly me.
  4. Shouldn`t that be...... "Tough tits lady. I want the car that I`m about to buy to be worth 10k but the bloke from Parkers keeps telling me it's worth 2k." ?
  5. "It`s just not bloody fair is it ? I want to pay £100K, but my lender says I can only pay £80K. I`d much have a larger mortgage than a smaller one." If she has any sense, she`ll tell the vendor that her bank says it`s not worth £100k, and that she now can`t afford to carry on with the purchase. She may later find that her bank has just done her a very big favour.
  6. Oh come on ! You reasons are poor. The headlines say property prices are rising. How can hard financial facts prevent another boom ?
  7. You can tell me that, and you would be completely wrong. Why would a home owner welocme low interest rates ? I own my home, and therefore have managed to save a fair amount of money by not having to pay a mortgage. Low interest rates aren`t making me very happy (although not having a monthly mortgage payment is rather nice). Meanwhile, because I can`t spend my bricks and mortar, the apparent recent rise in the value of my home doesn`t make me feel any better off. Sibley, you are misleading.
  8. I do hope that you ignored my advice. Please let us know what, if any response you get.
  9. If we are, we should be ashamed of ourselves. If we are not, we should still be ashamed. They are trying to brainwash us that HPI = Good, but some of us are immune to their methods.
  10. Agreed, but as I advised in my previous post, you need to offer £425K...... property prices are rising, you know.
  11. I was going to type the same response. However, having heard and considered all the recent "property prices are rising again" news, I think a higher than asking price offer should be made. Don`t want to "miss the boat", and all that. Repeat after me..... HPI = recovery, HPI = recovery. Property is cheap, Property is cheap.
  12. Yes, but I`m pointing out the way it`s reported in the mainstream media. "Typical" was the word used, as if to say "oh shucks, the taxpayer is supporting a loss making business, if only we`d nationalised Barclays. Aren`t we unlucky". No, we aren`t unlucky, this is a consequence of bad lending and an over inflated property bubble. NR & Lloyd Group are paying the price, well, it appears that the taxpayer is.
  13. Thanks for the reply/bump. It wasn`t Peston who said it was "typical", it was the bloke on BBC Breakfast News. Anyway, I awoke this morning, wondering what he would come out with in respect to the Lloyds figures. He didn`t use the word "typical", he said something along the lines of "It`s IRONIC that the Lloyds group, which didn`t even exist about 12 months ago, reporting a large loss". Is that ironic ? I though that just like NR, it was predictable that a bank that had to be bailed out (or in the case of Lloyds, forced to marry a munter, and be partially bailed out by the taxpayer) would be making a loss. I wonder what he`ll come out with next ?....... "It`s rather UNLUCKY that millions of people who bought property in the past 3-4 years are in negative equity." or "It`s UNFORTUNATE that taxes will have to rise to pay for all of this".
  14. The BBC news website states..... "At 3.92%, the proportion of the Rock's mortgage customers who are three months or more behind with the payments is higher than the national average of 2.39%. It is also up on the Rock's figure at the end of December of 2.92% and much greater than, for example, Barclays, which reported earlier in the week that 1.16% of its customers were in the same position." And, the BEEB are "at it" again. This morning, whilst reporting NR`s £750,000,000 LOSS for the first 6 months of the year, the financial reporter stated (more than once)......... "It`s typical isn`t it...... Barclays and HSBC reported profits yesterday, but the bank that the taxpayers now own are reporting a 3 quarters of a billion pound loss" (or words to that effect). LOL !!!!! (I nearly wet myself laughing). I shouted at the TV ......... "No, you idiot, it isn`t `typical`, it`s entirely predictable....... Why do you think the taxpayer had to bailout Northern Rock ?" I`ll answer my own question - because they were in the "S H one T", due to ridiculous lending, so it is no surprise that they have bad debts, and therefore are struggling to make a profit. Many sheeple watch this stuff every day, and I doubt that many of them even realise just how dumb these "professional" reporters are. I worry for our future.
  15. Oh no. When I read that, I instantly thought of Java. The study of the said programming language is doing my head in. I am beginning to really hate Java. Why the fuss ? It seems waaaay to up it`s own a*s* to me. The GridBagLayout class should be renamed s**tBagLayout. Why can`t I just put a 20 character-wide text field in a bl**dy window, about a third of the way down the window, on the left had side ? It seems I need to have a brain the size of a small village to understand and remember the concepts/methods to achieve what should be a simple task. Yes, I know that NetBeans has a GUI editor thingy, but aaaaaaaaaaaargh ! Sorry, just letting off steam.......... Carry on. Oh, and don`t get me started on dual incomes, and all that. :angry:
  16. If I`m right, then the kettle is boiling the water to cook the rice to go with the CTM. I suspect that the only "brew" that might accompany the meal might be of a chilled variety. Then again, I may be wrong.
  17. The yellow substance in the saucepan intrigues me. I suspect a Chicken Tikka Masalla. Please, do tell of this culinary creation.
  18. Sir, that figure is not enough to convince me.
  19. I find this "fact" extremely hard to believe. Show me the figures. PS. Back of fag packet calculations....... House = £150K. £20K deposit + £130K mortgage. £130K mortgage with interest = £200k (guesstimate). Raise a child for 20 years. >£10K a year ? Ok, inflation has to be involved, but for the first 7-10 years, kids must cost a fair bit less than £10K P.A. They may get more expensive when they reach double figures in age, but my mate has 4 of the little darlings, and there`s no way they will have cost him £800,000 by the time they`re 20. He`s on less than £40k per annum, even after government handouts (and before tax). If you buy your kids the best clothes, the latest console every year, feed them M&S Organic "blessed by The Pope" grub and send them to the school that promises to fill their head with information that will guarantee them a job that will enable them to buy their kids the best clothes........ (see above), then yes, raising your kids will cost more than buying a (modest) house.
  20. True, an extra couple of K on the sale price doesn`t earn the EA much on that particular deal. However, here`s the science bit........... No. 12 Acacia Ave sells for £150K, instead of £147K (due to EA shenanigans). Not much extra in it for the agent on that deal. A few months later No. 27 Acacia Ave goes to the same agent (or even one of their competitors) to put the place on the market. Valuer comes round, takes a few measurments, and looks to see what similar properties in the area have recently fetched. I think you can now see where this is going. The EA may not make that much extra on that one deal, but on the following deals......
  21. Is that the food equivalent of a detached with conservatory and hot-tub ?
  22. You guys really make me laff sometimes. So much so, I think I`ve cracked a rib.
  23. Eric, I just read your initial post on this thread for the first time. I honestly though you`d written it a week or two ago. It nearly bought a tear to my eye ! Anyway, it`s brilliant advice for today`s potential FTB`er, but will they take it ? The ramping and bulls**t is stronger than ever at the moment. If there is any sanity or logic left in the UK, very few, if any potential FTB`ers would "climb on the ladder" right now. The ladder is steep, the ladder is very rickety and standing on dodgy ground. Yet, the BBC and the media are telling them "go on, climb on, it`ll be OK". I really despair for our country. Why don`t people just stand their ground and show the media/government/banks who really does pay their wages ?
  24. I was just thinking the same. He accuses others of being "vile", but he`s being almost as outrageous as Hamish used to be.
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