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  1. Customers are always telling me that they never leave their TVs in standby, because it saves energy. Meanwhile, parked on the drive is a 2.5 litre 4 x 4 and a caravan. If they didn`t go on holiday for just 1 year, they`d probably save enough energy to keep the whole street`s TV`s in standby for a lifetime. Quite a few people save even more electricity by unplugging their Sky Box/DVD Recorder/Freeview Box every night. This will often lead to premature failure of these devices. How much carbon is produced by a replacement item, or repair to that item ?
  2. We`re doing everything we can to help the one remaining hard working family, and the bloke with the part time job at the job centre.
  3. If interest rates rise enough to cause the sheeple some distress, I shall not feel any sympathy for them. Does a "fully mortgaged" sheeple feel sorry for savers when interest rates fall ? Does a heavily mortgaged sheeple feel sorry feel sorry for FTBers when house prices increase ? Does an indebted sheeple feel sorry for anyone who invests in shares that fall in value, or a gambler who bets on a losing horse ? No, the sheeple just follow one another, blindly believing that they can`t go wrong with property. Well, the shepherd, Gordon Brown, is trying to protect the flock from the big bad wolf, but the wolf is hungry, and I hope he enjoys his meal (when he finally gets it).
  4. Really ? Diesel costs about the same as it did 6 months ago. Food costs about the same as 6 months ago. I think my energy supplier told me that may gas/electricity is about 10% cheaper (10% of not a lot, is not a lot). The stuff I buy for my work is no cheaper. Clothes ? Still wearing stuff I bought ages ago. "Gadgets" ? PC components have always fallen in price, so that`s hard to judge. Gig ticket cost me £31, about "normal". 8 cans of lager still costs around £6. Dramatic price falls ? Where ?
  5. Grrrrrrrrr ! I`ve just watched from 4 mins to about 6 mins. I remember watching it at the time, and being quite riled. It shouldn`t do, but it makes me even more annoyed now. FSA, where were you ? Hector Sants...... "I`m a silly old Hector". Well actually, not such a "silly old Hector" - I bet he`s on a decent salary, for doing........... erm........ err......... What does he do ?
  6. Interest rates won`t go up, just like house prices won`t fall. Hang on a second........
  7. No pain, no gain. A child who puts their hand too close to a fire will get burnt. While this isn`t funny, it will hopefully serve as a valuable lesson. Brown & Darling, by "cushioning" over extended borrowers from the natural effects of a crashing property market and banking crisis, are just passing on the message "even if you over stretch yourselves, we`ll do everything we can to minimise your distress". Meanwhile, "prudent" savers get poor returns. Yes, this makes me slightly angry, but I`d still prefer no debt and savings over large debt and relying on Laurel & Hardy to keep the baliffs away.
  8. That`s weird, I have a feeling of "wealth", because I have no debt, and savings. I knew I must have been going wrong somewhere. Drat.
  9. That`s OK then, there can`t be many in that situation. Here`s an idea. Pay for stuff without a credit card, it`s cheaper. Actaully, for me it`s cheaper to pay with a credit card, 1% cashback soon adds up.
  10. Having just looked at it again, you do have a point. T`was not my doing, but I do apologise if the image caused offence.
  11. The way I see it, is if it really is their house while they have a mortgage on it, why should the lender be able to repossess the property if the mortgage falls into arrears ? Another point, if the house is "theirs", does that mean they can do anything with it ? What if they demolish it ? Would they not possibly be in breach of their mortgage contract ? Although you may be correct to a certain degree in a legal sense, I believe that anything you buy with borrowed money is not your own until you pay back the last penny.
  12. Eric, let`s not forget that those who were honest on their mortgage applications (I know you probably think there weren`t any, but I`m sure that a lot were) were also affected by the likes of B&B. "Competing" to buy a property against someone who lies about their income will mean that the honest borrower will have to borrow more, or miss out. It is f*****g outrageous that this sort of activity took place under the watchful(?) eye of the FSA. The way house prices were going up, meant I could sense that there must have been some pretty dodgy dealings going on, and my sense has been proven correct. Despite what has happened, there seems to be a massive cry for a return to "normal" lending. When will people wake up and realise what`s been going on ?
  13. Same here. One place that I pass each day (when I`ve got work) ,seems to have been on the market for ever. It "SOLD" around January time, but went back on the market a few months ago. Another place that was also on the market "for ever" has had the FOR SALE board removed.
  14. Nah, nothing to worry about. As long as some plates are spinning, even it`s just one, marked "HPI", who cares ? The thing is, the property market is soooooo important to the UK economy. At the moment, the property market is booming again (well, at least it`s doing better, so I hear), so the UK economy must be doing well. Didn`t that EA, in yesterday`s BBC news report, say that things are "infinitely better" than a year ago ? "Much better" would be welcome news, but "infinitely" sounds like a very big number.
  15. I dunno, maybe a bit of quantative squeezing might increase your chances.
  16. Out of curiosity, I`ve just had a look at the "Labour`s Policies" section on that site. I was interested to see what there policy on housing is. It appears that they haven`t got one, or they didn`t want to put "We will not allow house prices to fall to reasonable levels. The Labour government will do everything we can to let house prices get out of control".
  17. When will the crap collide with the rotational cooling device ? Well, the cost of ink for my printer is very expensive. When the BoE`s printer runs out of ink, I think they are in for a shock. Let`s hope they keep a couple of £billion for a set of new cartidges, unless they have a printer like mine, where the cartidges can be refilled. Mind you, if they do this, the heads might get clogged, and where would that leave us ? I`ll answer that one myself...... stripey tenners.
  18. So lending has halved, yet house prices have recently started to rise (and may show a rise for the whole year, according to Nationplied). If lending levels were to go back to what they were 12 months ago, then just think how great it would be for property prices !
  19. I thought I`d try to help, but I forgot the (((Hugs))).
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