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  1. I see an abundance of this species around Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Knowle, Henley In Arden etc.
  2. The best type of mortgage for me, is no mortgage. I`d recommend it to anyone. If you do have to get a mortgage, get a small one.
  3. TFH, You paint a picture that I see all too often. Bleach blonde wanabees driving X5s etc, who look like they think they own the world. Rather than feeling jealous, I look at them and try to work out why they do this. Driving round in a £60k metal box, that`s far from environmentally sound, does not make me think these people of superior to me, even though I`m sure that`s what they are trying to do. I just carry on in my "old banger", knowing that it`s paid for, and what little I did pay for it means that I don`t have an overdraft or debt. I wonder how may of the Q7/X5/Range Rover Sport brigade can say the same ?
  4. Any update on today`s situation for this "financial genius" ?
  5. Surely the advantage of an I Owe mortgage is that it`s cheaper, innit ?
  6. This just shows the herd mentality of the sheeple in the property market. A property isn`t "worth" what it actually sells for, it`s worth whatever the vendor thinks they can get for it (dependant upon media reports and other asking prices).
  7. More people deserve to be forced to view the video. 100 times.
  8. From programming chips to cooking `em. Hardly a big change in career. Mmmmm, Java source code or curry source code ? I know which I prefer.
  9. £400 for the 9 month course. Earn under a certain amount, and you get the course paid for. I did a general IT course with the OU earlier this year, I thought it was quite good VFM (especially as I did qualify for a rebate on the fee). I shall "stick at it", as I really want to feel that I "know" Java well enough to be able to write some decent code. I don`t know if I`ll ever move into a programing career, I`ve got a lot to learn yet !
  10. As I see it, I suspect that you`d lose some of your benefits. One way around this would be to pay off some of your mortgae with some of the £16K. If you suddenly decided to buy a flash car with the money, I think they still cut your benefits, but I doubt that paying off some of your mortgage would be seen as trying to "beat the system". Can anyone tell me if I`ve got this right ?
  11. Seems like it`s not just me (and my failing brain) then ! Books I`ve read (Sams Teach Yourself in 21 Days and Jave in Easy Steps) introduce loads of new concepts, loads of jargon (overloading method class constructor execptions...... blah,blah,blah) show you an example bit of code then move on to the next load of bottox. I sort of understand each new "feature", then get left wondering "so why, and how would I use than in the real world "? And don`t get me started on all those java.lang packages. I`m starting an OU course on Java in a couple of months, maybe that will make more sense of it all. You know, I keep thinking why bother with all these fancy new languages, when BASIC could be made to do most of the things you`d ever want a computer to do. Why couldn`t BASIC just be expanded for web-based code ? Why couldn`t they produce a faster compiled BASIC ? Maybe I`ll change my view on Java during the course, but I`m not exactly impressed with what I`ve learned so far.
  12. I`d buy a decent book on Java. The couple I`ve read leave me slightly more knowledgeable on the language, yet much more confused !
  13. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT be responsible with your money. Saving money is a bad idea. Spend whatever you`ve got, never mind the future. Your lack of prudence will be rewarded should you lose your source of income. If you do save a reasonable amount, you will be punished should you lose your job. In fact, the more you borrow, the more help you will get if things turn for the worse. Uncle Gordon will look after you, as long as you don`t save. In fact, you shouldn`t bother with an offset mortgage, what you need is a BIGGER mortgage. You know it`s the right thing to do.
  14. I wonder how much these borrowers would want back if they lent out £22.5K over 29 years ? For them to lend out £22.5K, they`d have to save up that amount first. No doubt they`d say that it would be extremely difficult to save that much, yet they willingly borrow that amount, then expect not to have to pay so much for the privelige !
  15. I was thinking the same myself. GB & AD should be forced to watch the program, along with all the senior staff at the FSA and the Appelgarth & Co.. They should all then serve a year in prison for every Liar Loan that was issued between 2003 and today. May I recommend Eric Pebble as their prison warden ? Fancy a go at that Eric ?
  16. "So.. After digging out the documents it does indeed turn out that we borrowed £22,500 over 29 years and we are paying £33,624 in interest. I'm shaking with shock as I'm typing!" What ? That`s outrageous, how dare they charge that must interest on £22.5K over 29 years ! I mean, they should throw in the £22.5K for free, being as you are borrowing another £105K from them. The mortgage adviser didn`t tell them about this, what a nasty man. Jeeez, people like this shouldn`t be allowed anywhere near a mortgage.
  17. No chance. The banks have really learned their lesson. I mean, if ever the FSA found out that a bank was allowing "dodgy" mortgages, they`d, they`d, they`d erm........... Tell them not to ?
  18. Certain parts of this program are quite shocking, in terms of what happened 4 years after it was shown. I rememeber watching it when it was first aired, and being particulary riled (yet not suprised) by what I was seeing. Both Northern Rock and Halifax were exposed as being "naughty". At the end of the program, the companies said that they were dealing with the dodgy practices that were exposed. Yet, the "boom" carried on for another 4 years. Instead of showing Location, Location......, Pimp your Properdy etc, they should air this program again on prime time TV. Any "expert", politician or financier who says "no one could have predicted the credit crunch/crash" should also be forced to watch this program, several times.
  19. Well, on a VERY modest salary (below average wage) , I took on a 2 bedroom house. That was 15 years ago. Today, I`d struggle to do the same. So, I was lucky, and your new "rule" states that if I was starting again, I should settle for a 1 bed starter home or flat. OK, I understand what you are saying. However, if the current trend of ever increasing property prices continues, what will a FTB be expected to move into in another 15 year`s time ?
  20. I hope my postman hasn`t got a large one (mortgage).
  21. Is the correct answer ! Pick a prize ! Seriously, electronic equipment, especially "cheap" consumer electronics, doesn`t respond too well to daily heating up/cooling down. As "OnlyMe" says, switches will wear out. In my repair days, dry joints (cracked solder) was a very common problem. Electrolytic capacitors were regularly replaced, often the chemicals inside them would leak out. Many a satellite reciever/video recorder would "die" after mains power was removed, then returned after the reciver had cooled down. This was mosty due to "tired" electrolytics giving up. Yes, those capacitors were on their way out anyway, but would have carried on functioning for quite a while if power hadn`t been removed. I`m guessing that a semiconductor will be "happier" if it is run under normal conditions 24/7, rather than being heated up, then cooled down repeatedly. So, yes, total removal of power will save some electricity, but items such as DVD recorders, Freeview Boxes, Sky boxes will probably last longer if they are left plugged in (standby is OK). Also, many set-top boxes download program guides, software and channel updates in the middle of the night, these updates will be missed if power is totally removed. I raised these issues some time ago. I was wondering how much energy is used, and carbon produced, for an engineer to travel say 12 miles to carry out a repair. A better way to "save the planet" would be to design and manufacture better quality electonic items, but wouldn`t life be terrible if a Freeview box cost more than £30 ?
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