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  1. Which just happen to be positioned round a bend, behind a tree/hedge which the council "forgot" to cut. Many speed cameras will also be positioned on a road which seems "safe", ie. A nice stretch of tarmac, away from a residential area, or any obvious hazards. The speed limit on these roads will seem a little too low. I wonder why ?
  2. You`ll be even more sorry when your bubble bursts. All it takes is one pr1ck.
  3. I bought ages ago, and I can still come here. Some of us have morals, and a sense of what is right. I speak as someone who earns a very modest income, but was lucky enough to buy before HPI went silly. I can identify with those who earn modest, or even not-so-modest incomes, but still find it almost impossible to buy a home at current prices. Bull or Bear, we shouldn`t be fighting each other, we should be fighting the government to either build a lot more houses, or control the level of population. That`s the bottom line. Actually, the Bulls probably wouldn`t want to fight the government, it might result in them being a little bit poorer. That shouldn`t be allowed, "because they`re worth it".
  4. First comment : Are you sure about that ? I suggest that you are exaggerating. Second comment : Some of us are, and mine is paid for. That doesn`t mean I want HPI, it means that I understand how the next generation will struggle to buy a house, or not even be able to. We`re not all wanting a cheap house at someone else`s expense, some of us simply have a sense of "fair play".
  5. ABSOBLOODYLUTELY. I`ve thought this for a long time. If one house in a street of identical houses fetches an extra £30K, funded by a LL, then what will all the other houses be valued at if they were then put on the market ? If one of those houses goes on the market at the increased asking price, it just raises the chances that a LL will be required to pay that price. If LLs weren`t taken out, prices would be lower, across the board. It`s impossible to quantify the effects of LLs on property prices, but it isn`t just the properties that were purchased with illegal money that are affected.
  6. Better buy now then, before you miss out. Once you`re on the ladder, the only way is up. If you want a better home, get a better job. Simples. Oooh, I think I just had a "Hamish" moment. I kind of miss him, I think. Seriously, the property that you point out is probably a typical FTB`er place, both today, and in the past. The real difference is your qualification/occupation and salary. It`s a ridiculous thought, I know, but I would think that place would be suitable for a postman, refuse collector, gardener, trainee doctor, window cleaner, electrician, you get the idea. All worthy jobs, all earning what I would call an average kind of salary (give or take), all should be able to buy a modest property, IMO. However, this is UK 2009, under G. Brown`s leadership, so a well qualified engineer might just be able to afford to buy it, or better still, a BTL landlord. That`s progress !
  7. Not even a hint of this on BBC Breakfast News headlines. Usually they`d be grinning from ear to ear and reporting the "good news". Strange. Or is it ?
  8. Now the government has got the taxpayer to bail out a large chunck of the mortgage market, I suspect that they are going a bit further than just ignoring massive fraud. Anecdotal evidence (4 months of HPI + increasing numbers of sales, in a time when banks are suppsosedly not lending too easily and unemployment is more than a slight issue) suggests that some "funny business" might still be taking place.
  9. I used to repair TVs & Videos, cheap imported products finished that particular career. Miners used to dig for coal, Mrs T. finished that mode of employment. I believe we used to make our own vehicles, imported cars virtually finished that industry. We now import a lot of the food we eat, I`m sure there are many less UK farm workers. Clothing industry ? Do we still have one ? Yes, i was P`ed off seeing cheaper and cheaper electronic goods flood into the country. I can see why IT workers are P`ed off seeing their jobs go to India. Never mind, your houses are going up in value, and you can always retrain as a ........ erm.........
  10. I do hope you are right, Eric. A few years ago, I "enjoyed" going against the grain, and saying that HPI and the credit binge would come to a nasty end soon. I took heart in the credit crunch, I really thought that things would change for the better. I now find that I really can`t see what`s going to happen next, and I`m a little amazed that the recent "recovery" has come so soon. I`d like to see the crash continue for a while, then for a more honest, sustainable financial framework to emerge. It doesn`t seem like this will happen, but I`ll still hold on to my personal opinions and beliefs on how finances, both personal and nationally, should be managed. One thing that should keep us HPC`ers going - if this recovery in the property market is sustained for a while, and we get back to the price levels of 2007 (or even higher), we`ll soon be poised for another crash, and one where they can`t blame it on the Americans and the credit crunch.
  11. No need to. Good luck in finding a home. BTW. I don`t get it either. IMO, house price falls had only reached about half way, before "influences" took over. If only prospective buyers like yourself could, or would go "on strike" for 12 months. Although a lot of us HPC`ers would advise you to do so, it must be difficult due to the natural desire to want to buy a property, and the relentless media hype - telling you that now is the time to buy.
  12. So, house values goes up........ spend more. House value goes down....... spend less. Ah ! That`s where I`ve been going wrong ! Whatever the value of my home, I don`t change my spending habits. What does cause me to spend more or less is any change in my income. Silly me.
  13. Whenever the suicide took place, I think Eric is just pointing out that the report of the event has been buried. Even though this news was delayed a year, was it widely reported ?
  14. I had to save about £5K, and borrow about a quarter of what you could borrow to by a "substandard" 2 bedroom house, that was about 15 years ago. In theory I should be quite pleased for myself, I suppose I am more relieved than anything. The thought of saving £60K, just to put down as deposit, then having a £130K mortgage on top, just to get something modest is beyond me. I feel angry for you, I really do. It`s a ******* disgrace the way the UK property market has been allowed to become so distorted by greed, fraud and media manipulation. And I bet you are even more annoyed, every time Haliwide report another 1 - 2% increase in the cost of the average house. In theory, that makes the vendor of your potential purchase want another couple of £k, because it said so on the news. Grrrrrr ! I`m quite angry now, and I was having a relaxing day :angry: It`s ***** outrageous. :angry: :angry:
  15. www.payslipsp60.co.uk/ If you have lost a payslip, or two, why bother asking your employer for a replacement ? Pay for one !
  16. So, he has to repay £10k, but what how much fraudulent money was pumped into the property market ? He should be made to repay that too, as a fine. The people who obtained this money should also have to pay it back to the lenders. That would be justice, IMO.
  17. You get my vote Eric, please don`t give up. You are probably fighting a battle that will never be won, but you are certainly not alone in your anger over "dodgy" lending and borrowing. I`m sure it has had quite a large effect on HPI, and will continue to do so.
  18. I bet they use the parts in your old telly to make their new ones ! Cue abuse from the Sony fanboys.
  19. You could also further dismiss my argument by saying that not only do the newer Q7/X5s emit rose scented exhaust fumes, they also burn more oil than more economical vehicles. This can only be a good thing, because once all the oil is gone, we can start using greener fuels. I would then mention that surely building an X5 uses more energy and has a bigger impact upon the enviroment than say an A3 or a Golf, both of which will adequately transport the mummy and her kids to and from school. Of course, that would be irresponsible, because the Golf is no where near as safe as the X5.
  20. An old diesel (with catalytic converter) that does >40 MPG. I have the means to trade it in for a new 4x4 that does 20MPG. The way I see it is that the new vehicle will burn more fuel. It may have a more modern engine that is slightly cleaner, but I also consider the energy used, and pollution created when the new vehicle is manufactured. I have decided that the "greener" option is to keep the old car running for as long as possible. When the old car gives up, I shall not be buying anything that does less than 35 MPG, lotto win or not. So, in answer to your question, yes, I believe by driving an "old banger", I am minimising my damage to the environment. OK, people might say "if you really care for the environment, you`d drive a Micra, or not drive at all". I take the view that there are compromises to be made, and running a 4x4 4.2 litre is not one of them.
  21. Deploying the "you`re using climate change argument to assert moral superiority" is a lazy way of debating the subject, IMO. I don`t know if scientists predictions about climate change, and it`s effects on our planet are going to be proved correct or not. What I do know is that if some of the scenarios play out, we are going to be in big trouble. Using my own brain, I do know that burning fossil fuels does produce CO2. I also know that putting this CO2 into the atmosphere might not be a good thing. I therefore have concluded that the risk is not worth taking if there is a reasonable chance that our actions are going to have a severe negative impact upon our environment. We need to act before it`s too late. We are unlikely to get a second chance, so why take the risk ? Like I said, I`m no tree hugger, but I do think about these matters and draw my own conclusion. I predicted big problems brewing due to the last boom in credit. Many people told me I was wrong to suggest that "it will all go wrong". I reckon that I called that one right. I`m not saying I`m right on climate change, but if the actions of humans is having a negative impact upon our environment, reducing interest rates and printing money might not be enough to save us.
  22. I like the banner in your signature. I also agree with what you just typed.
  23. Debate this........ I`m "working class" and relatively poor (judging by my method of transport and the size/quality of my dwelling). You can call me an "inverted snob", envious, or class obsessed if you like. I may, or may not be guilty of any of the accusations, but one thing I`m pretty sure of is that my carbon footprint is very small compared with the Cayenne Driving, 6 Bedroom Detached "owning" with 3 kids at private school. I`m no tree-hugger. I`m not class obsessed. What i think I am is reasonably sensible, with an eye on the bigger picture. I see oil running out one day. I see climate change as a (possible) real problem. I see people driving very large vehicles when a smaller, more efficient model would be just as practicle. Can of worms : opened.
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