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  1. "Now, more than ever, is the time for steady and clear policies" They may be bad policies, but at least they`re steady and clear, which is nice.
  2. I`ve just read on BBC teletext that from today, the limit for yearly ISA contributions is being increased to something like £10K. Cash ISA savings will be just over £5k. However, for those of us under 50, we will have to wait until next April to benefit from this change. With several banks offering better rates for over 50`s, and now the government giving them preferential treatment, it makes me wonder if this is a case of age discrimination ? Is the message from the government "we don`t want you `youngsters` to save too much, but those of you nearer retirement don`t spend so much anyway, so we`ll give you a bit of encouragement to look after youselves" ? Is there any obvious reason why only over 50`s benefit from increased ISA allowances straight away ? Could it be that the banks may find it difficult to cope with the increased workload of dealing with too many ISA deposits ? I doubt that is the case, and even if it is, why not just increase the allowance for eveyone from next April ?
  3. I think he`s off abroad. Therefore he has a massive vested interest in rising property prices in the UK. He`s trying to convince others that is a good thing (which I suppose is the same plan that the government is carrying out). Higher property prices = better for Sibley when he sells up, and more votes for Gordon. It`s a win-win situation, don`t you know.
  4. My personal wealth has just gone up ? I suppose my home might be worth a bit more than it was last month, or the month before, but I can`t sell it, as I need to live in it. The value of it isn`t of much interest to me, so long as I can keep up the repayments on it, which are almost nil. If I still had a sizeable mortgage, and the value of the property was falling, I suppose I might be a little concerned, but again, as long as I keep up with the repayments, it`s still "happy days". " It's just put a few more thousand in my pocket when I sell up." - Well, that just sums you up. You can`t think beyond your own personal gain. I suppose as humans, we`re all a bit greedy and selfish, but those that openly express their greed and selfishness are probably going to find themselves disliked by others. I expect you`re just here to wind us up, if so, you might actually be quite a decent person. If the opinions you post here are "the real you", the country will be a better place without you.
  5. I`m a homeowner, but I don`t find the news "fantastic". Would lower house prices mean more "homelessness" ? Please explain. Nobody is priced out ? Well, I know quite a few people who are. Maybe they`re just the odd ones out, eh ? Get your heads down (for those on "normal" salaries of around £20K, "getting your head down" for your boss might be the only way you`ll earn enough to get on the mythical "ladder").
  6. Meanwhile the government shows no sign of being concerned about this. Something to do with an election next year ? Also, when will this "surge" end, and will monthly price rises be always greeted with glee (just like they were on Sky News a few minutes ago) ?
  7. Is an Impreza imported from Thailand better than a UK model ? Anyway, good news on today`s HP figures, we`re just a little closer to the day that Sibley leaves these shores. Nice isn`t it that there are people who welcome HPI, purely for selfish reasons ?
  8. I suppose you would like to be the sports reporter, or would you do the weather report ?
  9. Me, me, me, me. "Only a blip" - tell that to the 100s of thousands who have lost their jobs, and remain unemployed. "Only a blip"
  10. Found any yet ? All I`ve got is a few holes in my carpet, and my drill has started to make a funny noise. Maybe I should oil my drill instead, then go and buy a new carpet.
  11. That`s the way to use a credit card. Not forgetting that a few cards actually pay you to use them. 1% of your yearly spend is a nice little bonus.
  12. I like these words, they sound very sensible. Working hard, and being "productive" to climb the so called property ladder is surely better for society than buying in the right location, splashing the magnolia, waiting a couple of years, then passing the buck to the next "entepeneur".
  13. So, we currently have rates around 6.49% + 10% deposit for FTB`ers. Thank heavens the banks aren`t "playing fair", otherwise mortgage rates would be around 2%(?). Imagine what that would do for HPI.
  14. 3 x income cap ? Some might argue that a 4 x income cap is more reasonable. Some have said that a multiple of salary calculation is too simple, and that individual circumstances should be taken into account. I`m with Eric on this, we need rules on lending, very firm rules that carry severe penalties if they are breached. A level playing field is what is required in the UK property market, this will be fairer to all. The cheats and liars have certainly added to HPI, how much they`ve inflated house prices is anyone`s guess, but I`m sure it`s significant. What`s so hard about enforcing 3, 3.5 or 4 x salary limits on borrowing ? Do this, and rampant HPI will almost certainly be prevented - unless the REAL economy does well, and peoples earnings increase.
  15. I`m out of beer at the moment, would opening a can of beans be a good idea (plenty in stock) ?
  16. Look again. House are now cheap after the recent falls. The banks will soon be lending > 5x salary (if they aren`t already). If HPI slows, the BoE will just print more money. Fill yer boots.
  17. Whatever you think about the 0.8% rise, it is still a rise. In fact, it`s over a grand increase on most properties. How many people can save a grand in a month ? If you had to borrow an extra £1K, you`d have to be earning £300 per year. The average return on a savings account (after tax) is just 3 times 0.8%. Are wages rising by 0.8% per month ? It`s ridiculous, when you think about it (unless property is really underpriced, and values are just "catching up"). In my opinion, houses shouldn`t be rising in price at the moment, but they are. Worse than that, they`re increasing by an unsustainable amount, and the media think this is good !
  18. Is that enough for you Sibley ? I hope so.
  19. +1 Sibley shows his real side. We are all "selfish" to some degree, I suppose it`s human nature. There will be "selfish" people on this forum that want house price falls for their own benefit. Which is worse, wanting HPI so you can cut and run with the profits, or a HPC so that you can afford to buy a place ? Let`s hope that people like Sibley get what they want - the country will benefit from less people who are just profiteering from their neighbours/offspring.
  20. I agree that basing one`s financial well-being on a long shot such as the lottery is a bad idea. However, if you can afford to "waste" a few quid a week on such a long shot, it just might pay off. "It could be you", so they say. Recently, it was me ! Let`s just say that I didn`t win the jackpot, but enough to cover the cost of my lifetime`s lottery tickets, and a little bit more. It`s still a bad bet though !
  21. It`s obvious. They don`t call them "Safety Cameras" for nothing. They are positioned to improve safety. Which begs the question : Why did you get caught driving over the supposed safe limit ? You found out that you were driving at a ridiculous 9 mph over the limit, several days later. Surely it would be better to place the cameras just before real accident blackspots, and make them really visible ?
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