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  1. And the answer was ? (Just want to see if I need to spend some more).
  2. A set of new ink cartridges is in the post. If they are not genuine ones, expect some dodgy looking tenners soon.
  3. Sounds like a plan. Make the most of it though, I`m sure it`ll soon be illegal not to go out and spend, spend, spend.
  4. Earlier, on Sky News (might have been the BBC) I saw some bloke "selling" the city of York. Apparently people are "bored" with internet shopping, and York is the place to be. I felt so bad that I haven`t been into a single shop (that`s not true, I did visit Toys R Us, just once, about a month ago) this Christmas. I didn`t really find internet shopping "boring", I found it to be quick, easy, and cheaper than going to the shops. At the end of the interview, he said "thank you" about three times, he seemed almost as slimey as an estate agent. I also read something about today being the day when people will shell out 7% of their christmas spend. The propaganda machine is running at 100%.
  5. Overpaying a mortgage ? Been there, done that, while times were "good". Now my mortgage is miniscule, as are the repayments, no worries about interest rate rises for me. A gate and a horse spring to mind.
  6. I think you`ll find that to most neutrals, Arsenal are a good side to watch. Yes, if you look at the trophy cabinets, Man U are the only team worth watching. I certainly enjoyed watching them on Saturday. Merry Christmas from Villa Park, BTW. I would admire Sir Alex, if he didn`t behave like he did when the extra time board was shown. I`m sure I heard some expletives as he protested about not having enough time to win the match. He wasn`t complaining last year when we met at Old Trafford.
  7. Companies with pension scheme problems should have invested in properdy. I`ve heard so many "wise" people tell me "property is my pension - you can`t go wrong with bricks and mortar".
  8. At least he`s kept that promise. He`s done a very good job of controlling house prices.
  9. Indeed they did, which is why I got out of Krapthing Wedge about a week before it went pop. Thanks sages !
  10. What a fool I`ve been. I`ll get those payslips on order immediately. Hang on a second. I am on the "breadline" as far as income is concerned. Do these replica payslip companies offer a service to unprint savings account statements ?
  11. Yes, and just think of the "fun" you could have (according to Dominic Green). You can fool all of your friends, who thought you earned an modest £23K per year, into thinking that you are now earning £74K). I`m sure you`ll all be laughing your heads off when they discover that you paid £35 to fool them. Hey, Dominic, here`s an idea to expand your product range. How about fake winning lottery tickets? You could charge at least £20 for a replica of a jackpot winning lottery ticket. Surely people would love to trick their friends/family into thinking they`d won £2million+.
  12. One businessman who sells fake payslips on the internet defended his trade. Dominic Green, general manager of one of the websites, Replicadoc.co.uk, said that he is offering a legitimate service for clients who wish to use them for fun, not to commit fraud. "The terms clearly state that work is produced for novelty purposes. What the client does with the work is their business," he said. "It is easy to assume that all clients who come through the website use the documents in relation to fraud. However, there are lots of cases where clients are self-employed and don't issue themselves payslips and need quality replacements or where clients have online banking accounts and they don't receive paper copies of their bank accounts." Oh what "fun", pay £35 for a false payslip, then pretend that you earn £loads more than you really do. I think I`ll try that myself, sounds great ! Self-employed people don`t usually get payslips, that`s true. So here`s a novel idea - rather than pay £35 to buy a payslip, why not simply show your accounts to a prospective lender ? Use online bank accounts ? How about buying a cheap inkjet printer (for about £35?), and print out your own statements. If the lender wants to see originals, I`m sure most banks would supply them.
  13. The return to large multiple salary mortgages and loose lending is almost guaranteed, despite claims that "we`ve learned our lesson, things will have to change" at the start of the credit crunch. Like a child that`s eating too many sweets, the parent warns them that they will be sick. When the child is finally sick, the parent can a) choose to let the child suffer, so they won`t do it again or give the child some medicine to calm their stomach. If the child has the medicine, it will make the child think that they can get away with eating lots of sweets. In fact, the child will probably believe that they can eat even more sweets than before. Quantitive easing and government bailouts is the medicine, and it`s been taken. Have the financial institutions/sheeple learned their lesson ?
  14. Not the latter. They want us to spend, spend, spend (like there`s no tomorrow - and there probably won`t be, they way we`re going). Blimey, that was negative, even for me.
  15. I just did. Although I might have embelished the ficticious reports, I think I am dangersously close to illustrating the reality of the situation. They might not be able to change the laws of physics, but this governement can bend the rules of economics in whichever direction suits them, not us (although the say it`s for our benefit).
  16. No, I think I do undestand what you are saying. Anyway, more evidence that the FSA are actively doing their job..... I just read on teletext that the new FSA rules are being introduced tomorrow, to make sure that banks treat their customers fairly. That`s got to be great news for bank customers, I can see the typical results in a few months time....... Clare, a legal secretary from Essex, simply wnated a place of her own. On a salary of £22k, she was finding it a struggle to get the mortage for her first step onto the property ladder. She tried several lenders, but they all refused to lend her the 6.5 x multiple that she would need. So, she wrote to the FSA, using their official complaints procedure. Within 6 weeks, Clare was granted the mortgage, and she said "I`m delighted. The new rules introduced by the FSA are very welcome, I now have my own home, thanks to the FSA." Steve, a self employed painter and decorator living near Manchester was also struggling to buy his first home. As he had suffered a drop in income through the recent recession, he had spent virtually all of his savings. "HSBC, Abbey and a couple of local Building Societies didn`t want to know. I only had a deposit of £137.29, and I was looking to borrow £127k. I`d heard about the new FSA rules, so I contacted them. They were brilliant, in fact they managed to not only get me the mortgage, they secured an extra £15K on top. This means that not only have I managed to move into my flat, I have a new set of wheels parked outside. At last, the FSA are doing their job." An FSA spokesperson said that while they had made a few mistakes in the run up to the credit crunch, they were now working hard to make sure that they do take action whenever needed. "Clare`s case proves that we have learned by our past mistakes, and we will be taking strong action over any financial organisation that doesn`t treat it`s customer`s in a fair and proper manner".
  17. Thanks. So, the FSA are doing a great job, and deserve every penny of their salaries ! I`m happy now. Now if only the Beeb would get that iPlayer clip to work.
  18. I was just thinking the same. I`ve tried a few other clips, and they work OK. I`ll keep trying, I want to hear what the ***** said. Sorry about that, but I am still quite riled.
  19. I agree with you there Eric, but I`m sure I could come up with a few names if I really tried. I`m currently trying to get that clip on iPlayer to play, but I`m already seething with anger at what you report she said. The FSA are next to useless. They`ve overseen the collapse of more than one high profile UK bank, told us that they would take action. Now we hear this coming from their own spokesperson. They appear not to have any "clout" whatsoever, or do not wish to take any action that might put and end to the dream of endless HPI. :angry:
  20. We were saying this sort of thing a couple of years back. The "tears" didn`t last very long, did they. "Happy" days are here again.
  21. Exactly what I was just about to type. "Free" market !
  22. As UK property is so cheap at the moment, I`ll go with +1.7%.
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