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  1. It (engine manufacture) must be costing them a fortune : falling volumes = increased component costs, suppliers going bump and preparing for tier IV : I bet they're horrified with the costs but I don't expect they'll go back to buying engines again.
  2. I got made redundant in 1999 after 13 years at the same company. I was in bits, got a big payout but would have gladly given it back just to stay : it was all I knew and the thought of moving 180 miles from home to get a job terrified me. This sounds corney but it was the best thing I ever did and now I wouldn't go back to that place if you paid me (?) : better job, better company, better money, not treated like sh*t of a bully boss, interesting work, support, opinion respected, challanging work, travel, share scheme, great pension & security even now.
  3. GM are burning cash at USD 54K per minute, USD 17.4BN will last them 65 working days then they'll need more. They way to do this would be let them go into a managed bankruptcy situation, renegotiate pension obligations, cut staff, close the worst performing plants and delete the slowest selling models. Somebody needs to take a hatchet to GM, Ford and Chrysler and the $17.4 bn is a cop out
  4. Work in manufacturing, volumes are down 30% YoY, but I should be in line for a pay rise and don't feel my job is under threat even though the compnay is shedding staff....not under threat yet anyway, ask me again in 6 months time
  5. very, very sad story re the termites that conned that little old lady out of her house. She was paying £100 and something on her mortgage for her house and a 'salesman' offered her a sell and rent back agreement. She 'gets' a cash sum of £22,000 and can 'keep' her house but the sting is her rent is £450 pcm and she doesn't get the £22K for 10 years...........can't pay the rent, OK, we'll take it out of the £22K..... f**king bastards
  6. Surely the share market has already factored in the known issues surrounding a particular company and that is reflected in the share price at that particular moment in time ?By that token, shorting a share (betting that it will go down further than today) suggests some insider knowledge ? Is it not a good thing to stop it ? If you want to invest or speculate, buy and sell shares, if you want to gamble, go on party poker.
  7. Recent events have been shocking rather than surprising : the question now is what next ? will we have our jobs in 12 months time ?
  8. 2 point plan : save 500 GBP in gold per month (IGNORE the price when buying) do not under any circumstances gloat about this to anyone at work, don't even mention it anyone see a flaw ?
  9. So in a nutshell they borrowed money from overseas investors (do I read USD 600 BN ??) and lent it out to the US sub-prime gang ? And they can't pay ? Neither th smaller banks nor their ultimate customers ? Is that it ? If I lent you USD 600 Bn I would want it back please...
  10. I've got to admit I don't really understand the Lehman Bros business model and how it's failure will impact things : can somebody explain please ?
  11. Flipping heck, USD 1.5 trillion in 'unpledged assets' ?
  12. PE2 shows 1,145 : the cheapest on at £80K, have taken a screenshot of the last page for posterities sake. Whilst browsing through, I noticed one of the flats in the block I'm in up for sale at £95K : a one bedroom place in the EXACTLY the same block. The odd thing is that this place is a one-bed......odd in that the place I'm renting is a 2 bed.....for which I pay £420 pcm. Effectively, given the money I'm on (approx £25K), I'd need a x 4 salary to buy a place with one less bedroom than I've 'got' at the moment. Put it another way, moving from renting my 2 bed place to buying a 1 bed place in the same block would cost me an extra £175 a month (assuming a £90K mortgage on a 6.25% SVR) : should I be lucky enough to have a large deposit (say £20K) then I'd still be £55 pcm more. Reckon I should buy it ?
  13. Not an easy queation to answer. If I had to carry on paying rent (and didn't house share etc) then 5 years at a push but then I wouldn't have a red cent left
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