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  1. Exactly, yet another case of throwing money and resources at the symptoms rather than dealing with the core problems... of course we all know why. Sometimes inserting redundent markup (formatting code is good) can stop the filters anyway, not sure if it still works ^^ Edit to add... no it doesn't so the filters are a bit smarter...
  2. Hmmm... they are talking about where I used to live and I haven't posted for quite some time so until convinced otherwise I don't think it is an innocent mistake.
  3. I was quite freaked out when I first read this... I was trying to work out when I posted this or if my account had been hacked, then I noticed you have spaces in your name.
  4. Hello... I had the misfortune of visiting Jamies Italian in Stratford.... I wont be going back. Once the novelty wears off it doesn't take many overcharged and under served customers and before you know it takings are suffering. All maaf and no traaasers you could say... if you were a fat tounged mockney [email protected]
  5. Surely security issues are, and will continue to be, the major threat to Bitcoin as a viable alternative means of exchange/store of wealth. Most people just don't understand how these things work and will therefore run back to physical means of exchange when the latest security breach is discovered. IMPO this also applies to the new cashless systems being touted by the high street banks and fully supported by our "cash is immoral donchaknow" Gubmint. The potential returns are just too high. As soon as they have been reverse engineered and/or the best social engineering methodologies have been identified the breaches will come think and fast... But of course, as with credit card fraud you will not hear about most of the cases. Only the high profile ones Full story here: http://www.infos...012-is-being-sued/ Link to Bitcoinica https://bitcoinica.com/
  6. Oh I am so glad the current state of affairs is just the natural order of things... I can go back to being shafted up the posterior safe in the knowledge as you would say:
  7. Sounds like the problems are piling up. They need to roll out some quick changes otherwise the markets will walk all over them
  8. Here's mine: "I think it would be a great idea to repatriate your IT back to the UK. Perhaps reemploying some of the knowledgeable staff you shed. You make a big thing of having UK based call centres after all. A lesson in the dangers of outsourcing non-core ops?" What a massive screw-up. As a veteran IT worker nothing pi$$es me off more than some smart-**** dullard with absolutely no knowledge of the subject trying to tell me how "easy" "IT" is. If I was one of the people sacked by RBSG I would be laughing my @rse off... as long as my redundency payment hadn't got caught up in it of course. Makes you wonder if one of them left an egg for someone 5500 miles away to stumble across
  9. Absolutely spot-on for me. Reading through the thread, I wondered how long it would be before someone shot down the idea that house prices have been even remotely sensible any time this century, especially in the SE. I was living in Ealing from 2000 to around 2004, first proper job after the obligatory post uni noddy job. Absolutely no way, without a liar loan, I could have ever hoped to get a place of my own. FFS it cost £1200pcm to rent a two be flat in 2000. Anyone who hasn't seen the "liar loans" documentary (from 2003 IIRC), which was based on the Estate agents/mortgage brokers in Ealing, check out the link in Eric's sig.
  10. The UK tax system is just bonkers. I don't think I could invent a more complicated, conveluted system if I tried. Seeking professional help is definitely the way to go. Good luck!
  11. Not uncommon I am afraid. I know of someone in a similar position (being harassed for a very old under payment not previously known about and being sent conflicting demands/messages) and when they went to the tax office for advice they were told to appeal as the caim is for money from too long ago... If my memory serves me correctly theirs was more recent than yours ~6 years. They have now employed a tax accountant as their situation was spiralling out of control. Entirely due to HMRC incompetence. Not sure what has happened since... faceless and unaccounatable! Good luck.
  12. Totally agree, like TMT I a gluten intolerant and get by quite adequately. Seriously peeved by the price of gluten free food though. You would be surprised... nearly all snack and breakfast food has gluten in... main meals are not so difficult but again you only realise quite how many things have gluten in when you can't eat it and who wants meat and two veg for breakfast or for 11'es... don't forget barley, rye etc all have gluten, maize doesn't but the chances of cross contamination are very high especially as wheat is often added for binding, some Coeliacs, including me, can't eat oats either as the have a similar protein to glutin which does us over I miss sausages, even the really good ones have some cerial.
  13. Very good movie. One key element in the movie for me is that it makes it clear that Lehmans was allowed to fail and they knew full well what would happen (From 1:04:00). It is clear that the reason it was allowed to fail was to shock everyone into accepting QE1, QE2 etc that followed pretty much the next day (From 1:07:00). The ponzi needed feeding. All of the proof required to put these crooks in prison is there. They cannot claim they didn't know what would happen as they can re the deregulation that created the environment for all of this to happen.
  14. wow... I wish I could take my production systems down for a day for maintenance/upgrades...
  15. Having trouble seeing past your Keynesian blinkers Mr Peston? The "boom" years were fueled with today's jam... now the cupboard is bare. All very simple really.
  16. 2.5 joint salary surely... otherwise you are ensuring default/hardship if one loses their job for any length of time or indeed they want to start a family.
  17. Erm.. the central line trains are automatic... 50K for opening and closing doors... Edit to add: http://en.wikipedia....ound_1992_Stock and Victoria Line... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Underground_2009_Stock
  18. No comment from the studio... Edit to add: the "t=" command in the URL is not working... watch from 3:30....
  19. insomuch as those that are getting richer as we are all losing the shirts off our backs have engineered a win-win situation for themselves whilst hiding the fact, from the majority, in plain sight That is a tough one... one would say war but the world has changed so much in the last 15 years. There certainly is a lot more realisation of "how things really are" compared to say the last world war. How many knew then that the American banks and industrialists were funding/profiting from both sides? My father didn't and as someone who was affected by the war was very shocked when I showed him the evidence a few years ago.
  20. Some are automatic... makes their wage even more ridiculous IMHO.... My link
  21. Ctrl + Shift + Del then click Details and untick everything apart from cookies and press enter. Change the "Time range to clear" drop-down to the correct time-frame eg if you first voted in the last hour then leave it. and press enter Next time you click press Ctrl + Shift + Del it remembers these settings so you only need to press enter. Quick as y'like
  22. There are always risks... these NS&I bonds represent a low risk and relatively good returns at the moment compared to other liquid investments available to Joe Public. Speaking of black, I always find it amusing how threads on here are always seems so black and white... most posters on a site who's raison d'etre is the UK's infatuation with ramming all of their current and future wealth into a single asset class should have got the idea by now that spreading your eggs amongst many baskets is the best way to achieve stability and be prepared for many possible outcomes. On an individual and national scale. IMPO the following is a good way to spread any spare cash you may have... the split is down to how risk averse you are... Some money in index linked bonds Some money in cash ISA Some money in Med risk Stocks and Shares funds in ISA wrapper Some money in High risk international/emerging market funds in ISA wrapper some money in PMs Just don't let your savings sit in a bank earning zero point nothing percent worrying about what might happen if...
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