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  1. All I've got to say, is those clothes that fell off the washing line aren't going to dry properly on the grass like that. I always wonder why someone expecting to get over quarter of a million pounds for something wouldn't at the very least tidy up before having the photos taken. Having said that, I have seen worse and there was one for sale in bath a few years ago and they appear to have accidentally left something above the fireplace.
  2. Yeah I also saw that, I noticed how they have tried to be a little negative, but I guess they are agent biased and the negatives for most are in fact positives.. For me, having clear information is a plus. I hate the fact they can manipulate things to make it look more positive or do pointless price drops of £50 just to trigger email alerts or raise the price just to reduce it again. We can now see that.
  3. Is it definitely for the house? I saw one the other day for about £10k, turned out the house had been converted to flats and it was just for the freehold.
  4. Sales in the area I live dropped from over 70 to 30 in January, but even compared to the previous year sales are down by more than 25%. It's probably even lower sales now. Asking prices seem to have peaked July 2017.
  5. It's always funny reading the comments on that site. I love how everytime someone talks about regulating the rental market they say it will make things worse because they will all sell their properties. Surely if they sell, this doesn't in fact reduce the current housing stock, as they maintain it will.
  6. This has my vote, when can you get it implemented.
  7. Situated on 18 acres, oh no wait, 4 acres. We will sell the other 14 acres separately now. Still seems a tad expensive, maybe another £600k drop and it's getting closer.
  8. I live in Bristol and sometimes there is a whole road of campers and converted vans up the road from me (Clifton Downs). I lived in a Caravan for a while when I first moved down here, I setup a virtual address for £30 a month (for my post) and signed up to a 24 hours gym for £10.99 which meant I had access to a hot shower when needed. I imagine they will try and stop it soon and find some way of making it illegal.
  9. Quite a few banks seem to be introducing 95% - 100% mortgages too now. I don't need a smaller deposit, I just need lower house prices.
  10. A few banks are offering 120% mortgages to existing customers. Scottish widows is one. http://www.scottishwidows.co.uk/bank/mortgages/flex_interest_rates_existing.html
  11. People would probably find a way to use Capital losses (even if they are just paper loses) to offset this against income tax so that they effectively pay hardly any taxes on their actual incomes.
  12. This has also been done before, I've seen other sites offering the same services for £79. I don't think they lasted long.
  13. I guess the site was setup a while ago and they only recently created and incorporated a limited company. There are scripts and template sites setup for this exact purpose. I can't see how it can be worth £12million though.
  14. I think Bristol, Bath and southwest have also gone up massively recently. Purchased a house in 1998 in Bristol for £60k, sold in 1999 for £72k. The house sold again in 2013 for £180k. Similar houses sold for £250k and estimates now are closer to £270k. I owned a house in Sheffield in 2000, which I paid £131k, I relocated and tried renting it, but that fell through so put it on the market and eventually sold it for the same as I purchased it. I know it's changed owners a couple of times since then, but none of the sales have been recorded.
  15. It's okay, they can blame the pound being completely trashed on Brexit and the hung parliment. Soon we will probably see par or worse with the Euro.
  16. Well, that would be the ideal situation, but people seem to not worry so much about how much they are borrowing and more about how much the monthly payments are and how much money they are making as their property goes up in value, because they always go up in value.
  17. Of course, in this situation, you are best to just give it back to the bank and notch it down to experience.
  18. Can we vote for another system? or do we have to vote a different way.
  19. Kind of like buy one house and get another mortgage for another free + interest and fees. So you buy a house that really should be £100k and have to mortgage it for £200k.
  20. I spoke to RBS about a mortgage back before the financial crisis, after giving my details and being told what I could borrow, she then asked would I like to save the application. I said yes and she responded that the amount of children I have will impact how much I can borrow due to affordability and if I had less I could borrow more. I questioned what she meant and she then said, if I didn't save it and decided to apply later if I stated less dependents they could lend me more :-| She was basically telling me to lie on my application if I wanted to borrow more, this was RBS. Northern Rock on the other hand, didn't require me to lie, they were prepared to lend me more than I could actually afford to repay and also give me a 25% unsecured loan on top of that. Supposed to help me do work on the house, but in reality it would just be used to pay the mortgage
  21. A lot will depend on what is in the contract you signed with them. If it states, payable upon exchange, then as you haven't and aren't going to exchange, then it isn't payable. Read the contract, see what it says.
  22. The FTSE is currently at the price it was a week ago, most of the losses are caused by people selling their long positions they had on the remain vote. It's similar with the currency too. We won't really know for years what the impact is and then we won't know if the same wouldn't have happened anyway if we voted to remain.
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