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  1. I don't post here much but have been visiting regularly since 2006. I'm now in the process of buying a house so I thought I'd share an edited version of our story. I don't include this all to in some way justify our decision as I'm purchasing with my with eyes wide open; I just thought that as per the title of this board it might be of anecdotal interest to some. Firstly, on financials. STR 2007, mostly based on the arguments found here. Everyone we knew told us not to what with the house being in a 'nice' leafy part of East London, near Stratford and on the tube, bound to rise in value mete
  2. Mid-Wales. Sorry, In my excitement and haste my maths failed me rather embarrassingly. £6k = 1 year rent. That said my neighbours who rent the 2 bed place next door it is about 20 months.
  3. TMT, what's your feeling after today's news? I've decided to stay renting and buy land, at least that way I can literally put down roots. Who knows one day I may even be able to build a house on it, the assembly are pretty forward thinking re: lower impact developments.
  4. 345 User(s) are drinking champagne when reading this topic
  5. I prefer the new mobile theme as it's much easier to see the text when viewed on my phone but agree with others that the avatars will add quite a bit to the page weight. Any way to switch them off mobile only?
  6. I had this in 2009 in rural Worcestershire. House 'worth' circa £650K , dropped to £550k still wouldn't sell so they put it on @ £1600 PCM rental. We saw it, thought the area looked nice but didn't want to pay that much. 4 months later still empty and unsold we rented it for £900PCM for 12 months. This was a 5 bed house with jaw dropping views and a lovely garden. The landlord was living in Aus on a long term contract. What a t0sser. The loft was full of his crap. The cooker broke - cheap shite - and he refused to replace it. Luckily the boiler broke and it cost him a fortune to replace. I w
  7. Ok own up, which of you posted that. Homeowner LOL.
  8. Talk about splitting hairs. Watford is on the tube, it's plainly not London. Epping is on the tube, ditto. So is Heathrow. That said I lived in E11 for years and Ilford was next door, relatively speaking. Get a room or something.
  9. Website when viewed on mobile fail. Is it copy/pastable?
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