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  1. LOL what a load of cr@p. A clear indication of a crash would be the monthly figures showing drops across the country month after month. Lets get something straight - This is not happening now. On this site it seems that any self-proclaimed "bear" who sees a house that has been discounted in the estate agents window immediately start claiming THE BIG ONE has started. Wake up morons
  2. This thread is hillarious, well done for bringing it back up. It just goes to highlight how confident these bears are in their bleetings yet how consistently wrong they have been year on year. Note to any noobs out there: housepricecrash.co.uk - not the best place for financial advice
  3. This has been around for a while and is a great use of the google maps api. Their data is most definitely not up to date though
  4. What part of "no punctuation whatsoever" don't you understand?
  5. The worst thing about Britain is the whining scumbags like the person who started this topic.
  6. "A Much Better Way To Influence Ftb's" This nicely encapsulates the bitter attitude of the hardcore on these forums. Formulating plans to scare FTBs only highlights what bunch of deperados you really are.
  7. This is classic stuff. The market is fine, its the price of your "friends mum's" house that's wrong
  8. Not rude at all Tara. In this specific example the poster is not talking about the property in a realistic and honest fashion and is trying to mislead those readers who do not know the development into thinking it is something that it really isn't Example: may be if I blow all of my savings the council will give me benefits and house me in the penthouse next door... Such bear-spun nonsense makes a mockery of the debate which is a problem the whole site suffers from. Posters should learn to be factual, honest and reasonable otherwise what could be a useful debate turns into a of waste of time and a misrepresentation of the real situation.
  9. Since when has life in the UK been such that you have to live 1 of the 2 ways you just described? I call you an idiot again for trying to make out that it is! You didn't state that you were talking about BTL investors in your original post so my response was to your general comment about home owners. I don't mind read you see, and can only respond to what you posted...
  10. You are a complete idiot if you think living on the dole is anything like a "good life" and has it ever occurred to you that those awful people who are "buying houses and watching them increase in price" just want somewhere to live.
  11. There is more to getting a good job than just getting the degree. Infact - and this may come as a shock - some people in good jobs on good wages didnt go to university! It's wingers like you that make this country shit. Expecting someone, anyone to provide you the good life... grow up
  12. Tahoma, I'll ask again: Who exactly are you talking about here? Perhaps you can specifically list those people who have commented on this thread who you know are public sector workers. Perhaps you'll answer this time as ignoring these questions yet continuing your rants makes you look like a complete tool
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