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  1. Which is exactly why the student ghetto around Hunter House/Hill et etc roads has so many for sale signs Why live there when the poly's off soon Students, like the rest of us, would rather not commute if given choice The more enlightned landlords are getting out wholesale the hilarious thing is that the Psalter Lan campus is being sold off for houses and more flats Eek I_Hate
  2. Terraces for 180k? Easy money Assume mortgage interest on 180 of about 825 quid a month Stick a student in each bedroom (assume 4) and let for 60 pounds a week each Thus you have a profit of about 200 quid a month From this allow a little for maintenance and costs and youre still winning Its easy money especially if you are one of the ******* parasites who bought up all the terraces in the late 90's up here If however you are a latecomer you may wish to consider the massive new build student flats, the huge university accommodation program on top of this, the closure of Hallam Uni at Psalter Lane and the wonderful HMO regs Ha ha ha ha ha Have any of you seen the number of forsale signs up in the student ghetto around Hunter House Road as the landlords bail out before the poly closes next year? cheers fellas I_Hate PS Metallic - do you post on sheffieldforum.co.uk? That bunch of misguided bears could do with someone else helping educate the masses
  3. By qualified I meant trained GP ie 3 years out of med school or consultant several more years out I accept junior docs have to make do with about 50k I_Hate
  4. Not in my experience <joke> Seriously you guys seem to be in the know as regards docs up here Most qualified docs are on in excess of 100k and all want to live in the same small area of town as the lawyers and the porn barons thus ramping prices there but not the rest of town which is as one would expect I_Hate
  5. Come on you lot Stop being so tight fisted Its interesting It is no longer on the agents website However there is still a for sale sign up Tumbleweed still blows outside It is completely not lived in The vegetation all around is overgrown To all intent it looks like they have withdrawn it from the market to save face Its empty They cant sell it WTF does that say about the other houses that sold for more than 850k 2 years ago? Exactly Every 'executive' detached on this development is now an overpriced dead duck Well I hope so.... Comments? I_Hate PS The old fire station across from this site, as well as another plot 300m away look about to be developed
  6. Hi this went on the market about 18 months ago Its been around that long I actually cant remember exactly. One thing that I do remember is the mass bloody hysteria in the local market 2 years ago despite sentiment everywhere else sagging. Honest guys you wouldnt believe me, places going under offer in days at 20% above asking. Anyway I digress. This gaff was the final release of a site of similar houses and four or five, I think, mass blocks of flats. All very nice but not my cup of tea at the asking prices. All of the other houses sold off plan, you can see that they all went for about 850k. This one was the final release and is a bit better, a bit nicer, a bit better located, has a bit bigger garden etc etc The local rag had it for its front page one night. It was officially our first ever newbuild to sell for a mill. Well if it sold it would be. It festered at a mill. Then 950 Then 900 Now its 850, be quick and grab it while you can. Or wait a bit and get it for 400 pmsl Serious point There are about 5 properties that arent as nice as this, if nice is the right word. As they sold for what this is now Id be worried if Id bought one. Interesting Oh and I love how it was originally marketed as 'plot 13' I wonder if Persimmon are supersticious???? I_Hate
  7. OK Im too traumatised to phone myself but the agent said it was going to closed bids yesterday. Anyone care to phone the shysters and see what it went for? I need therapy now, Im utterly disillusioned I_Hate
  8. OMFG! I just phoned the agent, Im obsessed with the stupidity here. They have had it ramped up to 420k and they are still showing new people round. Its utter madness. Especially when you look at what they sold for on the road recently. Im genuinely astounded. All of the bad press about the market and still people buy into the myth I_Hate PS Actually what bugs me the most was when I phoned up for a laugh last week, the day it hit the market, and was told they had offers already. There can be no hope anymore, at least not here
  9. Read this please A poor lambkin called 'lettings' is having trouble Please take time to read the whole thread then post as you feel fit I_Hate PS I suspect lettings is a wannabee landlord who has bought at the peak PPS I despair of the pig poster on that thread
  10. Hi this appeared on the agents website this afternoon As you can easily see its at double what anything else has ever sold for on this street. I just phoned the agent up to laugh at them but was told it is already under offer at asking and the vendor is keeping viewings coming over the weekend. How stupid do you have to be to not see what the going rate should be? How stupid is the agent in this valuation? Will the surveyor confirm its true value? I have now officially lost all hope. I_Hate
  11. Death and despondency Its under offer One born every minute I_Hate
  12. Joe Cocker lived in Slinn St His Ma still did till recently OK now for the science bit:) And I promise I havent done the sums till now Crookes is student central for those ho dont know Lots of nice terraces all sold to landlords whenever they come on the market Thus local population becoming more of a minority Thus student ghetto gets worse and worse as prices and bloody students drive locals away This house has no redeeming character features This will not bother a bunch of shower dodgers 3 beds and a living room = 4 students easy rent here is 60 nicker a room/week Thats 240 a week, and 12480 a year. If a fair yield is 8% then that values it at 156,000 squids. So it actually had an offer at less than market value but now the vendor is greedy. And I hope they rot in hell How are my kids ever gonna buy a place locally when a pile of carp like this is on for that amount of money. When the revolution comes.............. I_Hate
  13. Hi Check this out: Its on at offers around 395, which up here means they are expecting 10% over that to take it off the market. (The offers over thing wicks me off here and is another bugbear). It sold for 360 a bit over a year ago. We all know whats happened to the market since Yet the agent values it, with the vendor, at 10-20% over this. They have done nothing in this time. It was a refurb when they bought it. I cant wait to see what fool buys it. Oh and I have had my 3 monthly smug call to the agent, one of the many I hate here, to suggest its overpriced. Predictably they are bullish. tossers thats why.... ...... I_Hate PS (Edit) Hi again I forgot to make my point. Which is that the land reg data is available in seconds so what kind of mug will pay that now? And my call to the agent confirmed that the market is Sheffield is different than the rest of the country and that also all of their property is going for above asking. So if you fancy a laugh.... Ask em why these 2 alone have been for sale for a year The second was off the market for a month when it was on at 675, then they put it back at a higher price! Go figure Cheers I_Hate
  14. Well theres the old thing about Hallam having the highest disposable income. Im suspicious of this being ******** till you have a think about it. Most doctors and lawyers live in S10 and S11. Apart from a few students in S10 and a few football players and porn barons in S11 If you ignore these 2 postcodes there arent many aspirational yuppie bits of Sheffield for suits to live in. Most doctors and lawyers earn approx 100k. There is never going to be much new build as these areas are hemmed in by a national park. Thus there is always demand for "executive houses" <puke> And meeting a 300k mortgage is easy for some. Next?? I_Hate
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