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  1. http://www.potato.org.uk/ A range of industry related information, including press releases, potato market reports, an events calendar, production issues, and information.
  2. Find your property bee tool bar click options drop down. tick work in a bee restart firefox As Gordon Ramsey says Done
  3. Its actually in charminster if you have a look at the map. But BH3 makes you think that its Talbot Woods/East Avenue. Also backs on to a nice housing association estate of about 50 propertys. In the summer they chuck all the bear cans over the wall into his garden, nice .Also the community police are stationed at the top of the road to stop all the kids from throwing empty bottles on the pavement.
  4. This Just came on the market near me 2 bed ground floor flat over 200K 200k For the downstairs oh my god.
  5. Yes and the fact that houses were 20% cheaper, now the bulls have pushed the price back up we are entering stage 2 of the drops
  6. The buy-to-let sector is a worry for lenders, according to the latest research published in the annual Moore Blatch 2010 repossessions report, compiling the views of lenders and asset managers. The research reveals that, despite figures published by the Council of Mortgage Lenders showing encouraging signs of growth in gross lending for the buy-to-let market towards the end of 2009, 65% of mortgage lenders are worried about an increase in buy-to-let repossessions if rental yields reduce; 61% are worried about an increase if there is a downward correction in house prices; and 56% are worried about an increase if there were to be an increase in interest rates. Paul Walshe, head of lender services, Moore Blatch, commented: “The fact that mortgage lenders are worrying for the future of the buy-to-let market is hardly surprising. The reduced cost of borrowing is a double edged sword; whilst it is true that it is cheaper for landlords, it also means that competition is greater, tenants may consider buying and, ultimately, rates will go up. All of this is common sense, but sadly this has been in short supply in the property market over the last couple of years. This is why we are still calling for FSA investment-style risk warnings for all buy-to-let loans.” link
  7. Hi Mason Are you using property bee
  8. A court has heard how a troubled estate agent driven to the brink by drink, debt and depression stole the identities of two homeowners in a massive mortgage fraud, totalling £2 million. Luton-based estate agent, Nadeem Sultan, has been jailed for six years for stealing the identity of a businessman to obtain an £835,000 mortgage on his Chelsea property Link
  9. Some of those comments are hilarious "fook the lot of ya boscombe rocks what other town round ere has got prosies on street corners drunks galore and drugs on tap.Viva la revolution hippys rule!" "I guess there isn't a Specsavers in this area then. Boscome must be where Dorset gets its enemas" "funny i was driving through boscombe the other day with my partner and we were saying we couldnt believe what a dump it had turned into! "even wikipedia refers to it as "Little Liverpool", "Bos Vegas", "Bosghanistan" and "The Costa del Dole"! " Wiki Link for Bos Vegas
  10. I love the smell of house price falls ....................
  11. Can we afford to make these people redundant, sounds like a lot to me
  12. Yay go Bournemouth Flat 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6, West Bay, West Cliff Gardens, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 5HL Fuvkinh hell some one lost their shirt on that lot Thanks for the link, will be to keep check on what is happening in our local areas.
  13. http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=12 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8519647.stm The number of people unemployed in the UK has fallen slightly, figures show. Total unemployment stood at 2.46 million for the three months to December, down 3,000 on the figure for the previous three months. The rate of unemployment was unchanged at 7.8%, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said. However, the number of people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance rose by 23,500 to 1.64 million in January, the largest increase since July last year. So not much change just a few temporary xmas jobs, next 1/4 figures just before an election will be interesting
  14. agreed I think people get a bit bored of me and Juvenal going on about the surf reef. BH9 prices are rising due to a lack of supply, hardly anything for sale. Still lots of dross left over from last year. BH8 is even worse, Charminster has about 5 houses for sale for less than 250,000 and most of them look like a good buldozer would be a better option. As an independent mortgage broker I cant believe what I am seeing, the mortgage market is screwed. There is no finance avaliable for huge chunks of society. but prices are still going up and at some point we will hit the tipping point and woosh we will be off again. I am glad to be out of the market, I think a lot of people dont get it and think we are back to the good times with a load of funny money that they dont understand or really care about. .
  15. I am in Bournemouth, nice to see lots of investment flats going to the hammer
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