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  1. Not to difficult to find out if client has correspondent address
  2. Home-owners who let out their properties for more than three years and who have ordinary residential mortgages face steep hikes in their repayments. Nationwide will be adding 1.5% to borrowers’ monthly payments, plus a £50 fee when they notify the lender that they are renting out their property. linketylink
  3. I dont know if you have been down there, but its a ******* disaster. Everyone is still using the pier to creatre the breaks. Most of the new huts pods are still unsold. This could have been fantastic for Boscombe and Bournemouth, instead we are a laughing stock. At low tide all the seagulls sit on their new mud bank. oh well ho hum its only money.
  4. We may even get more property coming to market, now that sellers don't have to fork out for a HIP. More supply equals.............
  5. Click Here An order to suspend HIPs has been signed, with the announcement of a suspension due this week as Parliament convenes. According to well-placed sources, the order was signed on Friday morning. The HIP industry is anxiously awaiting developments, and could mount a legal challenge to the suspension.
  6. Wrong, wrong, wrong anyone is allowed an interest only mortgage, you do not need to provide a suitable repayment vehicle. No lender has stopped interest only. Most of those documents you relate to can be download off the internetsee here
  7. Yep i was just about to post the same comment. BH9 Search 3 bed + 220,000 - 250,000 56 to choose from
  8. FTSE down 2% would this be for the same reason?
  9. And as if like magic Mortgage lending in steady rise according to banks
  10. maybe £175,000 tops as the road is very good if the base rate was not artificially low I think around £125,000
  11. Down to 199,999 must be some kind of Dutch auction
  12. 61% did he say 61% holy christ, thats some hair cut. I guess economics is not an Ivy League stong point
  13. Now down to 209K WTF http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-14653362.html
  14. Yes, so more drops to come as Halifax and Nationwide are down as well. This is starting to look promising
  15. Forex Calendar I dont care as long as it is down, this will then confirm the trend. A bounce in March could be a problem
  16. The Sun reported that he now lives above a cafe, but in true Sun journalism all is not quite what it seems Cafe Shore not sure they do eggy bread, you may be able to get French Toast.
  17. I am local and can confirm Richard Carr is well busted. Now living in rented
  18. Dont forget to include purchase price of car, insurance, tax, service, repairs........
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