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  1. here what does the panel make of this. [ Moderator: Corrected ]
  2. I had an enquiry for a remortgage this morning, so I checked the land registry for sold prices and oh my god 20% drop from last year. \link{http://www.houseprices.co.uk\e.php?q=ig6+3xq&n=10\here}
  3. land is in short supply, so the builder buys as it comes to market. When he finishes his other projects he will then start work on the land that he purchased previously. They raise the property to the ground to stop squatters. The other reason is that land is going up in value and they may have been siting on it waiting for the price to rise like trading stocks & shares and someone else may have now bought.
  4. Being a mortgage broker I meet a lot of wanabe landlords
  5. Hi Durch My girlfriend and I Did just this. We left the UK 2004 and sailed to the med, had 2 fantastic years cruising the Ballearics, Corsica, Sardinia, South of France. We came back through the Rhone, Soane, Inland Canals and conected with the Seine 100 miles south of Paris. I am a mortgage broker and with rates forecasted to raise through 2004 we thought we would sit the crash out some were warm. Anyway did not factor for the BoE to drop rates last August. So have large deposit for first purchase. Bring on the Crash.[/url][/img]
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