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  1. I'd go as far to say she should go to jail! If I did anything like that in my job I'd end up behind bars....
  2. In a nut shell, it does not target the PE industry which were hauled in front of the select committee and which started all this off; with the unions at the helm. These large PE guys can, and will, just more off-shore, because they can do and it is cost effective to do so. As John Moulton said to the select committee:- "you are very luck that we (refering to the larger players) pay any tax at all!". It will however hit the mid market and VC markets very hard; particularly the VC market where the 10% CGT is (was) a fantastic carrot to get good people, who could earn much more staying wit
  3. I agree with your viewpoint; she can live in a bloody cardboard box! Asset rich, cash poor; my ar*s! She is an amateur and does not have clue about ROI, cashflow (contingency/reserves included) and risk/return, like most Muppets in the country who have piled into the great “get rich scheme”. The most worrying thing for me is that there are probably hundreds of thousands like her in the country, all of whom should take responsibility for their own stupidity. Absolutely no sympathy with her; it was her choice to get herself into this mess and the lack of a contingency plan synonymous of he
  4. Not surprised at all with Foxton approach and I think it is endemic across the industry. I actually rate a used car salesman much higher than an estate agent. Last Septmber I was called by a Foxtons tosser advising me that I should get into the housing market before the SIPP effect pushed prices even higher; also it would be a great investment opportunity!!! The tactic was clearly to frighten and bully me into a purchase. I asked if Foxtons would provide any warranties for giving me expert investment advice, which confused him somewhat. Who do these people think they are? I for one, woul
  5. Exactly, an exceptionally bad deal, however the initial impact for the poor sod who reads it is "wow, what a great deal, and I can park any further payments for 10 years... making it presently more affordable". I for one do not have any faith in "joe the public" mental capacity to understand the risks and many I suspect would look at it as a good deal, more fool them. For the avoidance of doubt, I would not touch it with a barge pole! What it also shows to me, is the shear desperation of the seller to shift stock, clearly because nobody is buying and they must shift stock! You are right
  6. Apologies if this is old hat and has already been reported. In Metro (London) today, not seen this one before, "pay 75% now! The deferred amount is paid back as 25% of the property's market value any time up to the resale or within 10 years, whichever is sooner" A structure such as this not uncommon in company M&A activity, but I suspect a first in residential housing. It is clearly stated that this is not a shared ownership scheme and the property is 100% owned by the purchaser. The property is River Heights, Purfleet, Essex, purchase price £134,996 (75%). I thought it was interesti
  7. Has anyone seen this? I occasionally go across to the other side for a spot of entertainment. http://www.singingpig.co.uk/discussion/forum/?f=25&m=39525 Maybe because many are scared s***less? Could not possibly talk about a possibility of the market going downwards!
  8. 1. Basic Salary (£65k, other half £15k) 2. Non-regular/other annual income - over 10% equity carry holder in a VC fund, which could potentially chuck out many £100s of k over the next 10 years. Could equally be nil, but signs are good - timing is everything in every market (invested during the trough 2002 & 2003 when nobody else was). 10. Cash in bank, savings, ISA, etc £10k (paid for my MBA!)
  9. 1) Market view (Bear -30%) 2) Market position (Prospective FTB - priced out of the market!! we'll not quite, but not prepared to pay the prices due to insufficient economic value to do so) 3) Area of Country (London) 4) Occupation and Employer (Venture Capitalist, tech mostly!!) 5) Highest Level of Education (MBA) 6) Age (32) I've been looking at this site for quite some time now and I find the discussions exceptionally interesting. My view is pretty simple, markets are cyclical and the UK public is herd like with the view that anyone can make money by just doing what everyone else doe
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