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  1. Same thing has just happened to us and we are buying our rental house - got £15k off asking price (we wanted £25k but was a no go!) so we are buying. Like you, we were concerned we'd be kicked out anyway and have kids at the local school. Realise it's a shite time to buy but mortgage rate is good (less than rent) and there is literally nothing else to rent around here (you can imagine why no doubt!). Houses in the street have come down nearly £50k from their peak in 2007 - we have been watching the market really closely since we moved here. If it's a long term home then I guess it makes sense although I fully expect to lose money in the short term at least. Good luck with your decision fadeaway...
  2. Star - you have my sympathies and empathy as we are in a similar situation with 2 little kids. Also in a small village with nothing else suitable to rent. We are just hoping LL can't sell at the overinflated price he wants. Otherwise our school run could amount to 10 miles plus a day!!
  3. Yep - has given us 2 months notice but in the meantime is 'thinking about' the offer we have made. If he says no he will want us gone in 2 months because he's a property developer and is planning to do it up and sell it for even more. We don't know whether to take another rental or not. The situation is so unfair.......
  4. An independent valuation might be a good idea as I'm sure they will go for the highest valuation given by the EA. Unfortunately the market has started to pick up here again after months of being sluggish. However, it does need tonnes of work and the garden is a mess because the LL wouldn't allow us to do anything to it (!). Also, if we can't come to an agreement on price - does anyone know if we have longer than 2 months to find something else? A solicitor friend of mine said we could have up to 6 months as we have paid rent on time and have been there for so long. It would be a relief to know we might have longer as we could consider buying something else then.
  5. Ok, we really don't want to be having to do this at the moment, but our landlord has told us he's selling up and giving us first option to buy the place. We've been in the property for nearly 4 years and it is very, very dated (1980's). A lot of things are on their way out - cooker, bathroom, heating system and it needs more insulation and lots of work on the garden (a mess). He's done no maintenance for years as far as we can see. However, it is a good sized detached house with garage and as we have 2 kids at the local school it would be much easier just to buy it than have to find another rental. The thing is, a similar house went for just under £200,000 about a month ago but EA reckons this might be worth about £210,000 as it is a slightly bigger plot. Similar house was in better order though - new bathroom etc. Anyone suggest what we should offer? LL will be saving on fees and stress if he sells to us - is this a real bargaining tool?
  6. We've just come back from holiday in this area (this is how we spend our STR fund btw!) and have never seen anything like it. The house we were staying in was the only one in the street not up for sale - 3 bed house with pool for £85,000 and that was just the asking price!!!
  7. I am so pleased you are thinking of setting this up - am amazed that it doesn't already exist. We are forced to rent as have no chance of buying in our extremely expensive, small village. We rent a house which needs loads of work, a lazy shite of a landlord and two small children to worry about being kicked out at a moments notice. Tenantzone is good or what about Rights4Renters?
  8. Hi all, Was a member of HPC way back in 2006 but this is my first visit for a while I'm keeping an eye on the Clifton (although could never live in Clifton village - way too up itself) / Redland / Kingsdown through to Montpelier band of Bristol. After a surge of properties during 2008, we've had stand off and then for the past four months hardly any new supply and things have been selling quickly for high prices - although for how high we'll have to wait for the LR figures. In Montpellier things have been hanging around for substantially longer. But it feels like that phase is starting to end. A few auction properties are starting to crop up, and things aren't flying as fast as they were - but there remains a real lack of supply. At the same time there are a lot of people wanting to sell but holding off, postponing moving or renting out etc... Hopefully the positive patter on house prices will encourage sellers to chance their arm over the next few months. My hunch is that London money (hence Clifton faring far better than Montpelier) / cash buyer and at a slightly lower level public sector money is what is keeping demand up - but this should start to dry up. My game plan is to keep an eye out this winter but to aim for serious action once supply picks up in the winter of 2010 through 2011. The public spending cuts from 2010 on will be when Bristol starts to get real. Bristol's a great city, has a good housing stock (pity about the tiny gardens) and probably a good long term bet (given the demographic exodus from London) but its current economic base just doesn't support current prices. Glad to see there's a thread devoted to the place, let's keep it up Cheers JJ Just an anecdote really but my Mum lives in North Bristol and went to a neighbourhood watch meeting recently where they said Redland has one of the highest levels of multi-occupancy houses in the country which is causing a huge issue. Those rich enough to afford a house there are becoming increasingly fed up with all the rubbish, unmaintained houses etc. Wonder if they will all start to up sticks to Chew Magna and the like???
  9. Castle School is excellent but don't forget that some of the private schools have had to go 'academy'!!! Colston Girls and Cathedral School are non fee paying now - wonder what that will do to house prices in Bristol??? I used to work at Monks Park and will say no more........
  10. OK so why as a redundancy careers adviser am I busier than ever then??????
  11. The only way we've managed to stay financially solvent with 2 kids is to keep on renting! We have a big detached house at a low rent we could never afford to buy (yes it needs a lot of work landlord won't do) and can now live off 1 income if we are frugal. TBH if you start looking into childcare there is no point both of you working as it's completely eaten up with nursery fees (nearly £50 per day). You have to have 2 big salaries to make it worthwhile - madness!
  12. Is it just me or is HUTH now actually a bit immoral - surely there are now family repos going to auction and for the BBC to make entertainment programmes about idiot investors buying them is a tad unscrupulous??
  13. If you want a good deal try the new developments in Mangotsfield (should you want to live there of course!) 4 bed detached down from over 300K to 199K with one developer!!! Prices still aren't shifting our way (village just outside Bristol) - people renting out houses rather than selling them for anything less than they put them on for (greedy B****ards!). Thinking about a move back to Bristol as reality seems to have hit there in some parts of the city!!
  14. We're quite happily renting and I was with some friends the other day who all bought at the peak and are all in negative equity - daft thing is they are all estate agents!! Also the development where they have bought has now been mostly bought up by Housing Association so they are sticking all the council tenants in there that have had problems in their local areas and they are getting loads of anti-social behaviour at night. SO glad I found this website a few years ago or this would have been us!!!! They did try to say it would be a good time to buy now as developers are offering massive deals - think I'll sit it out a bit longer though!
  15. Where are you looking? Even my Mum who has been a staunch 'property always goes up' believer is having to admit that around her (St Andrews) is starting to come down - ha ha! I live in a really desirable village just outside Bristol and was amazed to see that nothing has been sold here all year according to Rightmove - good job we're holding out and renting!
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