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  1. It'll be interesting to see what happens. With lots of stuff on the news lately concerning the country: Job losses, bankruptancy,debt... it just feels like somethings gonna happen sooner or later.
  2. Hey all, Been a lurker for a while and think its now time to get a bit more involved. I started to look into the madly overpriced property game about a year ago & am glad i found this site.. for once im lookin into something important instead of the usual car forums etc (Gettin older now ) I like this site because its an eye opener from the usual lies that I read & hear about. I dont think its fair that my generation (im 25) are now in a situation where most of us still live at home & struggle just to get our own roof over our head... & thats without kids,marriage etc etc etc..... Anyways have learned everything I know about property from this site & hope to learn lots more. keep up the good work & hope to contribute to the cause shortly.
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